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Normally, when we breath, the sacs in our lungs fill with air, but during a case of pneumonia, they fill with fluid and pus, making it difficult to breath. Pneumonia usually lasts 2-3 weeks, but for young children, people over 65, and others with weak immune systems, it can become chronic and even fatal. You’re about to learn several methods for treating the symptoms of pneumonia and strengthening the immune system to help fight it off.
These methods use simple, inexpensive ingredients you probably already have in your home, and they do not cause the unwanted side effects that come with commercial remedies. You can use other essential oils like lavender, lemon or camphor essential oil in the place of tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil. Astragalus or Huang qi strengthens the immune system and relieves inflammation in the lungs. Pour this mixture in a container with A? cup alcohol or cloves and cinnamon to preserve it.
Fenugreek seeds reduce mucus in the lungs and promote perspiration, which reduces fever and detoxifies the body. Add 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, 1 minced garlic, 1 teaspoon minced ginger, 1 teaspoon honey, and a pinch of cayenne pepper to a cup of hot water.
Echinacea kills bacteria and boosts the immune system to help fight off pneumonia, and it reduces mucus in the lungs. A Mullein treats respiratory diseases and it has expectorant properties which loosens the phlegm to relieve chest congestion.
Goldenseal strengthens the immune system, clears up mucus and congestion, and soothes irritated throat muscles. Cayenne pepper contains high amount of capsaicin it breaks up mucus in the lungs to relieve chest congestion. Pleurisy root contains resin and asclepiadin, which reduce inflammation of the lungs and promote perspiration, which detoxifies the body. Coltsfoot relieves inflammation of the lungs and irritation in the throat, and it reduces mucus to relieve congestion.
Organic, fresh-made beet, cucumber, carrot, and parsnip juice boost the immune system, detoxify the body, and reduce mucus and lung congestion. Turmeric kills the bacteria that cause pneumonia and it clears away mucus to relieve lung congestion. Stir A? teaspoon of turmeric powder and A? teaspoon of black pepper into a glass of hot water. Oregano Oil has antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which thins mucus and kills the bacteria that cause pneumonia. Lemon juice has vitamin C, which boosts the immune system, and it is antibacterial, so it fights the bacteria that cause pneumonia.
Add 1 tablespoon of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and a pinch of rock salt to a glass of water. A very painful condition, gout is caused by deposits of uric acid crystals around the joints.
It is advisable to wash the soaked area with fresh water and wipe it off with a towel. Epsom salt comprises magnesium and sulphate, used to alleviate the symptoms of gout. Drinking the juices of the dark colored fruits decreases the chances of flare-up by lowering uric acid levels. Most of the gout patients get immense relief from the pain when they undertake alternating treatments of hot and cold therapy.
Though alkaline, it does great help in gout by making the uric acid more soluble, thus it becomes easy to flush the uric acid out. It may have some side effects like  high blood pressure, headache and vomiting.
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Inflammation can be caused by burns, physical injuries, stress, intake of alcohol and so on. An individual can consume fresh pomegranate juice on a daily basis to deal with the problem. An individual can consume green leafy vegetables to obtain omega -3 acids which are anti-inflammatory. Acute bacterial prostatitis is a severe urinary tract infection which causes fever, chills, painful urination and pain in the lower abdomen, lower back and the pelvic area. Chronic pelvic syndrome is associated with pain in the genitals and pelvic area, pain and burning during urination, frequent and urgent need to urinate and pain during ejaculation. An enlarged and infected prostate gland presses on the urethra and causes a lot of pain and burning while urination. When one is suffering from prostatitis there is difficulty in starting urination and even if on is able to start it, it just dribbles despite the urgent need to urinate. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!
Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method.
It’s caused by bacterial, viral, parasitical, and fungal infections, and the inhalation of toxic gases or chemicals. It also becomes difficult for our vital organs to get the oxygen they need to function properly, which means pneumonia can affect many of the body’s systems. If you experience symptoms of pneumonia, see a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis and to determine the severity of your case.
It contains allicin which is anti a€“ bacterial and anti a€“ viral helps to strengthen the immune system to fight off the illness. If you are pregnant, or if you’ve suffered from diabetes, heart disease, or stroke, consult a doctor before using this treatment.

These vegetable juices (including parsnip juice) are rich in chlorine and phosphorus which are good for lungs and bronchial system. Black pepper expels the mucus from the air sacs and dries up the fluids which cause pneumonia infection. Symptoms frequently include acute pain, swelling, intense tenderness and inflammation in the joints.The exact cause is unknown, but a high amount of uric acid in the body is one of the reasons. Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar, which is used to treat headaches and acid stomach, also helps treat gout and arthritis.
These sulfates help not only to remove the toxins out but also aid in the protection of joints by increasing the joint proteins. For this soak you need half a cup of finely ground charcoal and mix it with hot water and the soak is ready. If you are not able to consume enough vitamin C rich fruits and foods, then you need to add some supplements.It is advisable to ask your doctor about the dose.
This will help in increasing the urine output, thereby flushing out some uric acid along with it. These can be taken  in the fresh, frozen or canned form, though they are best if consumed fresh. Blackberry contains high amounts of potassium and  anti-oxidants.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. When these glands become clogged or irritated due to some kind of infection, it triggers inflammation. It is frequently used to deal with the problem of inflammation by Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners. Applying a hot pack or taking a bath with hot water can improve flexibility and reduce muscle stress. Pomegranate contains anti-inflammatory polyphenols which can help in reducing the swelling by shrinking the tissues saturated with excess fluids. It can also provide relief from inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Many men suffer form this disease and it is classified into several types of prostatitis such as acute bacterial prostatitis, asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis and chronic pelvis syndrome. Cranberry juice helps to flush out all the bacteria from the prostate gland and the entire urinary tract and keeps them in good health. Symptoms of pneumonia includes fever, cold, cough, shaking chills, shortness of breath, diarrhea, loss of appetite, sweating, headache, fatigue, vomiting and nausea, tiredness, chest pain, and muscle pain. If it’s not severe, you may be able to avoid doctor and hospital bills by treating it at home.
Some other possible causes are genetics, excessive consumption of alcohol, lack of physical exercise, excessive protein intake and too much stress.Gout is linked to other types of health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, and uric acid kidney stones, so it is important to get proper medical treatment. All the patients of gout treat themselves with some or the other of the home remedies listed below. Put your affected joint in epsom water for fomentation and keep it there for about 20 to 30 minutes or till the water is cool.
Magnesium looks after the nerve functions, thus reducing pain and swelling.Warm soaks help dissolve the uric acid crystals.
Otherwise, the reverse will happen and the result will be the raised level of uric acid. The fruits containing vitamin C are lemon, orange, and grapefruit – basically all the citrus fruits come in this category. This will reduce the build up of uric acid. This recommendation comes from The National Institute of Arthritis, Muco skeletal and Skin Diseases. The best time allotment is that hot compress should be for 3 minutes and cold for 30 seconds.
It does not let the uric acid get deposited  in the joints and stops it from forming stones in the kidneys. This is known as blepharitis or, in simple terms, eyelid inflammation.There are two types of eyelid inflammation – anterior and posterior.
Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments. It is interesting to note that turmeric can provide relief from medical conditions such as uveitis and arthritis.
Green tea can be consumed multiple times in a day as it may not result in any side effects. It can be used to cure injuries and deal with the associated inflammation.  It is essential to note that comfrey is toxic in nature. On the other hand, application of ice pack on the affected area can decrease pain and acute inflammation associated with medical conditions involving the muscles and joints. Asymptomatic prostatitis is without any symptoms though the prostate gland does become swollen and inflamed. Once the infection causing bacteria is eliminated then the swelling will automatically subside and with it, the pain and burning felt during urination. Heat a griddle and when it is quite hot place one heaped tablespoon of water melon seeds onto it.
Tomatoes cleanse the prostate gland and the urinary tract of infection and increase the flow of urine. Pregnant women and those with liver and kidney illnesses should not use this remedy long term.
In addition, some easy-to-follow home treatments can promote healing and provide symptom relief.
Anterior eye inflammation occurs on the outside of your eyes, while posterior eyelid inflammation occurs in the inner corners of your eyes.The exact cause of blepharitis is not yet known, however certain factors definitely increase your risk. It is important to take appropriate rest and practice different forms of mild exercises to control the inflammation. Therefore, an individual can consume breads prepared with whole wheat, cereals and pasta. Regular intake of berries can also reduce the problem.

Bladder infections, sexually transmitted diseases and injuries are the main causes of prostatitis.
They also contain large amounts of zinc which is a crucial mineral for the health of the prostate gland. When fresh corn is available you can use the fresh corn silk and at the same time dry enough of it to last you the whole year. Ginger RootThe anti-inflammatory properties present in ginger root can be very helpful in relieving pain and inflammation.
Such factors include dandruff on your scalp or eyebrows, eyelash mites or lice, allergic reactions to eye makeup, side effects of medication, certain types of bacterial infections and malfunctioning oil glands.
Scrub Your EyelidsYou need to scrub your eyelids often to prevent accumulation of oil residue and scaly patches on the eyelids.
Further, comfrey should not be applied to broken skin and should not be used for a period of more than 10 days. Intake of water on a frequent basis can help in keeping the body hydrated and cool which can provide relief from inflammation. There are many ways to use ginger root in the treatment of gout.Mix equal amounts of fenugreek powder, turmeric powder and dried ginger root powder (sonth).
This will prevent crust from forming on the lashes, as well as oil residue and scaly patches on the eyelids. Tea Tree OilBlepharitis caused can also be treated using tea tree oil as it helps treat the underlying cause and relieves the symptoms, such as inflammation and itching.A 2012 study published in the Journal of Korean Medical Science reports that blepharitis caused by demodex mites can be treated with tea tree oil.
Drink this solution at least once daily.Another option is to make a paste of ginger root with a little water and apply this paste on the affected area.
Baking SodaOne significant factor contributing to gout is an increase of uric acid in the body. Lemon JuiceTo get relief from gout pain, it is essential to alkalize the body and neutralize the excess uric acid in blood stream.
Along with lemon juice, also eat other fruits rich in vitamin C to strengthen the body tissues.Mix the juice of one lemon with one-half teaspoon of baking soda. Him twy bacon sota and wata and him betta now tank youThyra October 27, 2015 at 8:51 pm ReplyHi, I am glad to hear that your brother is better now!
CherriesCherries, whether sweet or sour, can also be very helpful in treating gout due to their antioxidant properties. Cherries also contain anthocyanins, which can reduce inflammation as well as minimize gout flare-ups.For gout patients, eating 15 to 20 cherries a day is highly recommended.
For better results, start your day with some cherries.Another option is to drink a glass of black cherry juice daily.
Epsom SaltEpsom salt is another useful ingredient for home treatment of gout and other forms of arthritis. The high amount of magnesium present in Epsom salt will also improve the condition of your heart and lower high blood pressure.
Soaking the affected body part in warm water mixed with Epsom salt relaxes aching muscles and relieves pain. Saturday woke up with gout, evening i saw this page and i ate lot of banana,lime juice,ginger and water now Sunday eve.
Shobhna Yadave August 17, 2013 at 11:04 am ReplyI have very severe gout at present and am find it diffiult to walk been for xray said its gout. I am scared to eat to much lemon or cider drinks as have had open heart surgery to replace my mitral and atral valve and have now got mechanical valve replaced.
Dan September 16, 2015 at 7:28 pm Replyacid levels in your body are creating the salts from your liver in turn uric acid Jon .
I have tried Colchine as prescribed by a doctor and also Alopurinal but they did nothing but increase the pain . Granted the remedy might make your blood pressure go up a little bit, but so is the pain your already in. Abhi April 5, 2014 at 10:10 am ReplyHi all, I am also a sufferer of gout since many years but it is under control now. One thing is that if you have an acute attack of gout, then take a medicine called colchicine 0.5 mcg 2 tablets immediately and two before bed. Dean September 22, 2014 at 3:01 pm Replyi Used concentrated pure black cherry juice (oz), Juice from half a lemon and ginger root shaved with a microplane or lemon zester stired into a half glass of water. When it started hitting me (mainly on my feet), I brushed it off and just took ibuprofen 800 mg 3 times a day, cool saline soaks which would give me relief. Oftentimes I would just dip my dish on ACV 2-3 a day, then take vitamin C (also a uricosuric) caplets 500 mg twice a day as well. I am in no way connected to any apple cider vinegar manufacturing company or any vitamin C company.
I am writing this because just like what I want my patients to feel in the hospital, I want people here to find relief in that very physically limiting condition. Thanks for sharing your info btw he’s already on 400 mg of Allopurinol and Uric acid still running high.
I live these natural home remedies which can help to prolong peoples lives better than using harmful drugs that damages our inside organs.

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