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We have an collection of Natural Flea Treatments For Dogs And Cats Vetlordorg in various styles. Treatment options for pets with bladder stonesIt is important to treat your pet's bladder stones to prevent recurrent, uncomfortable symptoms and urinary tract obstruction. Here is some inspiring pictures about Natural Flea Treatments For Dogs And Cats Vetlordorg. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn't show up. If the stones are large and unlikely to plug or obstruct the urethra, medical management of stones using prescription specialty diets or home recipes may be tried.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Natural Flea Treatments For Dogs And Cats Vetlordorg interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. I've heard Vetisse products are amazing for natural remedies, what do you think of them?

Many of these diets promote increased thirst, which encourages a more dilute urine that could potentially dissolve the stones. Special homemade recipes for dogs and cats are available, including those described in a book by Donald Strombeck, PHD. Antibiotics are often used during the treatment period for bladder stones as well, while waiting to see if the stones slowly dissolve. In most cases, bladder stones are best treated surgically by a cystotomy, which is an opening of the bladder.
Stones lodged in the urethra can often be flushed into the bladder and removed, but other times, a urethrostomy is needed. While there are no specific supplements that reliably dissolve bladder stones, certain supplements may improve and increase urinary tract health. Canine and Feline Renal Support and Immune Support from the company Standard Process are also helpful in many cases.

Preventing bladder stones in dogs and catsTo prevent recurrence of bladder stones, special diets can be used for each type of stone.
Increasing your pet's water consumption dilutes the urine, which is helpful in preventing crystal formation in the urinary tract. Eliminating bacterial urinary tract infections and having your pet's urine checked twice a year may help prevent recurrent bladder stones from forming. Additionally, adding a small amount of salt to your pet's water bowl will often increase the amount of water your pet drinks.

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