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Dog Skunk Odor: all dogs love the outdoors, from simply playing in the grass, sniffing new smells to exploring new places and making new encounters. Because of the dog’s inquisitive nature, every skunk encounter very likely ends up with a dog getting sprayed. Tomato juice has been thought to work for some years but in reality it does not help much, the dog ultimately will end up smelling like a skunk sprayed tomato.
Other than the terrible smell, if the dog is sprayed in the face, which is the most likely scenario, the dog may experience nausea and eye irritation.
Skunk smell can be really horrible, nauseous and offensive, but skunks have been able to save lives as well. On the other hand, doggy smell could be a reflection of accumulation of toxins inside the body.
If the odor persists after you have bathed your Schnauzer, or it returns quickly, it could be a warning sign of more serious problems such as infections, tooth decay, kidney diseases or cancer. When the body odor of your Schnauzer persists and comes back even after bathing, or it's getting worse, or the odor sometimes smells wet when he is not, it is advisable to take your Schnauzer to the vet.
Your vet will determine what underlying problem of doggy smell is and have it treated accordingly. Herbs such as barley grass, wheat grass or chlorophyll are effective detox and can also be used to cleanse your Schnauzer's body from the inside. DetoxPlus, consisting of burdock, dandelion and alfafa, which are known to be natural detox and body tonics. Many holistic vets suggest adding fatty acids to your dog's diet can help eliminate the smelly toxins in the body. Dogs with smelly odor caused by yeast infections should use different types of doggy shampoo.
Grooming your Schnauzer regularly by trimming his coat can prevent a lot of coat and skin conditions, especially during the wet, hot seasons.
Like salt, baking soda is one of those household ingredients that can cure and clean almost anything around your home.
Instead of throwing shoes out or into the wash, dust the insides with baking soda, then shake it out before you wear them again. In order to get rid of a bad odor and extend its kitchen life, place the sponge in a baking soda and water mixture. Perfect for both white and dark loads, add a cup of baking soda along with your detergent for cleaner, fresher-looking clothes.
Shake a little baking soda onto a wet sponge, scrub your shower door and admire the sparkling results. To get rid of pet accidents and any other unseemly smells, sprinkle baking soda over your carpet, let it sit overnight and vacuum it up in the morning. To increase the strength of your grill cleaning brush, add some baking soda to get your grill extra sparkly and sanitary. How many of us had a grandparent convince us to mow down on the undesirable brown bits of bread if we lusted over Shirley Temple’s locks?
Moistening bread with milk or water and slapping it on your skin seems like something only an infant could teach us to do. Regular sufferers of nose bleeds have likely been advised to up their intake of vitamin K-rich foods like spinach, due to the nutrient’s role in blood coagulation.

Basil has long been regarded as a natural laxative and home remedy for constipation, but most modern holistic websites just tell you to chew and eat the stuff.
Tradition holds that when your baby runs a fever, just slip a slice of onion into their socks and let the onion “absorb” the ailment through their little feet. Apparently First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s routine to improve her memory included eating three chocolate-covered garlic cloves each day, assumedly related to the brain-supporting antioxidants in both foods. How clean pet stains household products ehow, How to clean pet stains with household products. How remove pet urine stains sisal rug ehow, How to remove pet urine stains from a sisal rug. These representatives of the Mustelidae family may be reluctant to release the offensive smell they are famous for (after all, it will take another 10 days to produce another dose of eau de toilet!) but when feeling threatened enough they will do what instinct has taught them to do. The sulfur contained in this mist is what gives it the particular rotten egg smell that seems to linger forever on clothes or pet’s fur.
Fortunately, there are some more effective home remedies that can help remove most of the offensive smell.
As a matter of fact, Mercaptan, a chemical present in the skunk’s spray is added to odorless cooking gas so that people can smell it and detect leaks before they become fatal. Make sure fresh and clean water is always available for your Schnauzers, the lack of which can be a contributing factor of body odor. The kelp and red aloe content can promote healthy metabolism and break down dietary fat respectively. The earlier you start grooming your Schnauzer by yourself, the more likely he will get used to and enjoy being groomed, and the less likely you will have to resort to professional help every time.
Consult your vet before applying any of these remedies or making any dietary changes to your Schnauzer. Inspired by a few more uses discovered by Popular Mechanics, we rounded up a few of our favorite ways to put this magical ingredient to work. After a few hours, wipe the mixture off with paper towels and rinse with vinegar to prevent leftover baking soda residue. Submerge jewelry (make sure jewelry doesn't have gemstones or pearls), add a tablespoon of baking soda and stir together, allowing the jewelry to "stick" to it. It may sound like a sneaky picky eating parenting trick, but historians relate the association to class as historically, both curly hair and bread were associated with prosperity. But seriously, there are full-grown educated people treating their boils this way today, too. But some families figure, why bother eating it when you can just hang it like a dangling pair of slimy spinach bangles behind your ear? Some homemakers, on the other hand, swear you need to insert the fresh leaves up through the back door and let it sit there until something comes out. You can apparently run off those calories and then keep yourself from eating them by rubbing your favourite licorice candy sticks onto your callused feet. This old wives' tale stems from the early 1900s when families claimed they survived the influenza by placing cut onions around the home. Apparently next time you have the runs, you just cut the lining out of a standard chicken gizzard and then let it dry out. After a nasty fall, the standard suggestion is to mix Ouzo and grated onion into a paste and bandage it onto the swollen area to sit overnight.

Owners can tell from quite a distance if their dog has encountered a black and white stinker. The good thing is that most ingredients can be found in most homes without the need to a trip to the supermarket.
You can help by flushing the dog’s eyes with water but if the dog rubs continuously and the eyes appear irritated let your veterinarian know. If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems please refer to a professional pet behaviorist. Dogs known to have other medical conditions should only receive alternative treatments or supplements under the supervision of your vet. Ladies, go ahead and eat those delicious crusts right up, but we wouldn't toss your curling wands just yet. While the sap from the marshmallow plant originally used to make the candies has been praised for its anti-inflammatory properties, people continue to believe that the gelatin-based sweets we see in stores today still offer relief.
Poultices (that is, any soft, moist substance used for healing) come from the word for “porridge,” which is likely where the idea to transform day-old bread into a skin remedy originated.
Asian tradition states that you should slip an old silver coin into a freshly peeled warm hardboiled egg, wrap it in a thin cloth and then rub it into the bruise until the coin “absorbs” the purple hue. Well, we all had plenty of opportunities as kids to hide our greens in unforeseen places, it’s probably time we stop pretending this magically could work. I can’t imagine how this awkward trick would work or who thought to test it out, but on the bright side, your bowel movements will smell like pesto! For decades, women have sworn by this natural boob job — there are full blogs solely devoted to this technique!
The theory goes that licorice supposedly contains an estrogen-like substance that can soften tough skin, especially when mixed with a little oil or jelly. And while there is no doubt that onions have powerful health and nutritional properties when consumed, feet don’t have mouths and are putrid enough as is. After it’s dry, you can pop it into a pot of boiling water and drink the tea until your diarrhea disappears. In any case, supplements should be introduced gradually and, preferably, only one new supplement at a time.
No intell on the financial value of the smelly violet coin after the procedure, or how long your face will smell like a bad 90’s perm.
The theory: milk supplies a hit of protein, while papaya’s unique enzymes help digest and absorb that protein to help bulk up those pectoral muscles. Honestly, just the thought of gizzard tea makes us want to rush to the bathroom, so it may have the opposite effect.
The only problem with this mixture is that due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide it may slightly bleach the pet’s fur. All that sugar sounds like any other classic weight-gain cocktail to us, so you may get bigger boobs, but don’t be surprised if they comes with a matching belly.

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