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A lot of people are surprised when learning about home remedies for pink eye and initially they may not believe in these natural treatments.
Fennel seeds are also valuable ingredients for your health as it strengthens your digestion, reduces obesity, decreases some menstrual issues, prevents some cardiac problems, etc. Aloe vera is an useful ingredient to improve your skin health, especially; it can reduce inflammation, decrease itchy skin, and get rid of pink eye in some cases. If you are wondering how valuable chamomile is, I would like to answer that chamomile can relieve your stress, reduce pain, reduce inflammation, soothe your stomach, improve immune system, relax your muscle, and so on.
Garlic is an excellent spicy in your kitchen and it can help you improve health, boost immune system effectively. Lifestyle affects your health; especially it can cause some harmful problems from what you do every day. Licorice root extract is taken from the licorice plant, and a lot of people make use of this supplement to deal with some digestive problems. Your eyes already produce itself a natural remedy that can deal with a pink eye infection in a natural mechanism. You should better remember that if you want to try this remedy, you should consult with your doctor in cases that your pink eye can resist this ingredient. Lemon juice can help a lot with the pink eye infection; however, you should not apply it in the eye directly.
If you want to get more information about healthy foods that are good for your health and eyes, you should check out super healthy foods, delicious and healthy food recipes, and good meal plans.
You should get a cloth soaked in water, in which chamomile is boiled, then place it over the affected eye to clear the infection quickly.
To make use of honey, you just need to put a few drops of honey into warm water in the affected eye.
You need to distill water in which jasmine flowers had been soaked overnight and use this mixture as eye drops. You can also learn ways to get clear vision without wearing glassesA if you have time and wish to get improved eyesight. You can place humid tea bags placed on the eyes to relieve the discomfort of allergic pink eye. Boric acid eyewash can help to reduce the discomfort due to pink eye, as it will clean and soothe the infected eye area. A lot of homeopathic home remedies which were designed to eliminate pink eye contain Belladonna, Pulsatilla, and Euphrasia officinalis (eyebright). If you wear contact lenses regularly, when you get pink eye, you need to stop wearing the lenses till the infection is gone and your eyes feel better. Over-the-counter eye drops called a€?artificial tearsa€? can help to reduce the symptoms of pink eye. To make a compress, you should soak a lint-free, clean cloth in water and wring it out before gently applying this compress to closed eyelids.
Finally, before ending the article with useful home remedies for pink eye, I will give you some important considerations that you should not neglect. You should never place supplements or herbs directly in your eyes if you do not get the direction from the doctor. Immunoglobulin A, a special antibody found in the breast milk, can thwart the pink eye bacteria from reaching the mucosal surface of your eyes. Silver nitrate is made by combining silver with nitric acid whereas colloidal silver includes only silver particles suspended in water. Probiotics are awesome because they can strongly resist and eliminate bad bacteria that result in the eye infection by increasing the sum of good bacteria in the infected spot. Goldenseal is a perennial plant that has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent functions.
Besides, to get healthy eyes and improved eyesight, you should learn some real treatments for eye related diseases that you may stuck on in the future.
All of the 23 natural home remedies for pink eye in toddlers and adults are what I have used to get rid of this terrible condition, and now, I am glad to share my very own experiences with anyone who desires to get rid of pink eye within a short time. VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. Pink eye is an irritable condition for human being, which is mainly caused by the viral or bacterial infection in the eyes. This infection can easily spread in the whole eye area of the sufferer and the eyes become pinkish red. If the affected eye feels itchy or the color of eye becomes red then it is probably caused by bacteria. A fine mixture of chamomile and oregan grape root is one of the best home treatments for infectious pink eye. To get better relief from conjunctivitis you should make a solution by adding 2 to 4 tsp turmeric powder to a cup of fresh boiled water and use the solution as a warm compress over your eyes. Rinsing your infected eyes with a liquid that is made by boiling some fennel seeds with clean water, can be very helpful to reduce burning sensation, inflammation and swollenness of your eyes.
Applying some poultice yogurt on the inflamed area of your eye is very beneficial as it can treat the itchiness especially for those eyes that have the yellow discharge. As vitamin A is very essential for healthy eye, you should include yogurt, butter, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, papaya, almonds and milk in your daily diet to enrich this vitamin in your body. Pink eye or conjunctivitis is known as an uncomfortable and irritating condition accompanied with symptoms such as inflammation, redness, burning in the eyes, itching, tearing, or the sensation of a foreign body. The aloe vera provides astringent & antibiotic properties, which can help you in reducing conjunctivitis quickly. You soak some chunks of the fresh aloe vera gel that is peeled from leaves into 1 cup of cooled and boiled water till it turns into pale green. In addition, you can put one drop of the mixture into the eye; however, it is possible to sting.
A lot of people have used a cold compress to relieve the itching & swelling that are caused by the pink eye condition, particularly by allergic conjunctivitis.
You should not place on both the eyes with the same cloth, especially in case just 1 eye is infected.
The boric acid is often used for treating a wide range of eye problems such as dryness, redness, tearing and a burning sensation thanks to its mild antibacterial & antifungal properties.
Calendula is a well known herb that has antiviral & antibacterial properties, which help you in fighting infection as well as healing conjunctivitis. In addition, you can dip your clean washcloth into this herbal mixture when it is still hot & use it like a hot compress. Saline solution works like a natural disinfectant , so it is one of the best home remedies for pink eye relief.
There are a lot of other effective home remedies for pink eye in adults presented in this article, so continue reading!
Eyebright is one of the effective home remedies for pink eye and even eye problems, including sties, strained and bloodshot eyes and weeping eyes. A combination of eyebright tincture (two drops), boiled water (lukewarm) (one tablespoon), and rose water (two tablespoons) can be applied in a compress.
Vegetable juices are also one of the helpful home remedies for pink eye in adults, especially the combination of carrot juice and parsley. Alternatively, you can dilute raw honey (one teaspoon) in a cup of cooled and boiled water.
You had better follow this home remedy about two to three times per day in order to hasten the healing process. Oatmeal powder mixed with cold water will not only help eliminate the bacteria causing the infection but also bring down the inflammation.
Onions are a nature antibacterial; hence this makes them useful and effective in dealing with infections caused by bacteria consisting of pink eyes. Apply the onion juice solution over your infected eyes with the help of clean cotton cloth. Regular splashing your eyes with cold wateris known to reduce the discomfort and pain caused by the infection. Garlic is one of the other great home remedies for pink eye due to its inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial properties.
Neem contains anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties which proven effective in curing pink eye. Holy Basil also contains anti inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial properties which prove useful in treating pink eye.
You prepare the fennel seed eye wash by boiling slightly crushed fennel seeds (two heaped teaspoons) in water (half a liter). Coffee is a nonetheless and an unconventional effective home remedy to cure pink eye condition. This remedy will help you get relief from the unpleasant symptoms which are linked to pink eye.
You can mix goldenseal in water to make a useful mixture which will combat with pink eyes and get rid of germs from eyes.
Dry with soft towel and then rub another half of this lime with a Q-tip, clean the inside part of the eyelids and tear ducts but not touch the eyeball.

Repeat the Q-tip process but remember to use the new Q-tips at least three times within about 10 minutes. If you want to know more about natural, at home remedies for other diseases and conditions, go to our main Home Remedies page.
Pink eye, also known as Conjunctivitis, is an eye condition that is associated with inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the eyelid membrane. It is extremely important to avoid using this medicinal drug, if you suffer from an allergic reaction to any of its components. Alrex drops are considered an effective medication for reducing pain, itchiness, as well as inflammation associated with eye conditions such as pink eye.
If you wear contact lenses, or have suffered from herpes simplex virus in the eye, it is important that you seek medical approval before using this medication. If you are currently taking any other medication or suffer from diabetes, seek medical approval before utilizing this medication for treating pink eye symptoms. This medication is not administered to children below the age of 12 months, therefore, it is imperative that you seek approval from your physician before using it. Triamonide (triamcinolone) is a medication that is also used for treating pink eye symptoms. Mild side effects of triamcinolone include nausea, loss of appetite, excessive sweating, thinning of hair, headache and stomach pain.
If symptoms worsen or remain the same after using this medication for three days, consult your physician. Normally, doctors recommend patients using prescription medicine for treating the condition. This ingredient is beneficial for you health because it will support your bone, heart health. Along with other health benefits, fennel seeds have another advantage a€“ cure pink eye in adults.
This is a modern herb and it contains a lot of benefits for health such as fighting inflammation, healing wound, supplying vitamins, antioxidants, removing warts, treating arthritis, detoxing, bathing, etc. Do you know that boiling a cup of water with a teaspoon of dried chamomile flower can help you cure pink eye well? This herbal ingredient can help to reduce inflammation linked to pink eye, as well as relieve the redness and other stubborn symptoms. The extract taken from the root of turmeric can aid you in fighting infections, including pink eye.
It will help to protect your eye from the conditiona€™s damage, especially for the eye which has yellow discharge. To do this, you need to boil 2 tea bags and let them cool before putting them on the infected eye. You just need to apply a warm compress to the affected eye to relieve the discomfort effectively. Homeopathic eye washes and eye drops can be made from Matricaria recutita (chamomile) or eyebright.
The time you will need to go without using eye contact lenses depends on what causes your pink eye infection. Some eye drops include antihistamines or other medications that are helpful for allergic pink eye sufferers. Until the conception of an antibiotic ointment, erythromycin, silver nitrate drops were applied to newborna€™s eyes to thwart types of bacterial infection.
In the goldenseal, there is berberine that can fight the eye infection and kill the bad bacteria that lead to conjunctivitis. The medical term of infectious pink eye is conjunctivitis and it is also known to us as eye flu. This condition results in inflammation or swelling of conjunctiva, the thin tissue covering the outer surface of the eye, and simultaneously leads to sore eyes. To make this mixture you should take 2 tsp of chamomile flower and 2 tsp of oregan grape root, boil it in a full bowel of fresh water and leave it to strain.
To perform this application you should dip a clean cotton ball into half cup of fresh lemon juice and apply the liquid on the outer area of the infection, especially on the white part of your eyes. Again, to heal the problem, you can give a lukewarm water compress that is boiled with some marigold, on your affected area, as it is famously known for having the anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Again, you can soak some jasmine flower into a cup of distilled water overnight and put 2 to 4 drops of this liquid on your eyes for three times everyday until the redness in your eyes last. Make a decoction by adding a cup of fresh juice of Indian gooseberry with 3 tbsp of honey and consume it for 2 to 4 times daily.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Apple cider vinegar that helps you improve your health also helps you to treat the problem of… Click To TweetThis vinegar provides antimicrobial properties, which can help you in fighting an infection that causes pink eye.
In addition, calendula is an anti-inflammatory, so it will help you to soothe eye discomfort & irritation.
In addition, the bioflavonoids found in the black tea can combat the viral & bacterial infections. Breast milk contains healing properties that can help treat minor illnesses, including ear infections and pink eye, possibly because it has certain antibodies (particularly immunoglobulin E).
Honey contains antimicrobial properties and milk calms the inflammation and has a soothing effect. It contains an antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and anti inflammatory property which proven helpful in dealing with pink eye effectively.
Cold water will not eliminate the infection causing bacteria but will definitely treat the symptoms associated with pink eyes. In addition, it also offers sometimes-damaging prescription medicines and a non-toxic alternative to powerful. Fennel seeds have specific compounds that can be used to deal with numerous eye conditions including pink eye or conjunctivitis.
After reading the article of top 27 at home remedies for pink eye in adults, hope that it can help you find out the best solution to alleviate pink eye quickly and easily. This condition is considered contagious, hence, appropriate measures need to be taken to prevent it from spreading.
This medication is primarily used in reducing inflammation triggered by eye conditions, such as pink eye. Before using Alomide for treating pink eye symptoms, inform your doctor if you suffer from an allergic reaction to any substance, wear contact lenses or take other medicinal drugs. Alrex drops (Loteprednol) are classified as ophthalmic corticosteroids, which help in decreasing the production of chemicals that trigger pain and inflammation in the eye. Blurred vision and eye pressure are common symptoms associated with the usage of Dexasol drops. This medication is classified as a fluroquinolone antibiotic, which helps in reducing the levels of certain proteins needed for survival of bacteria. Mild side effects of this medication include blurred vision, eye discharge, skin irritation, and dryness of eyes.  If you experience side effects such as swelling of eye, tightness of chest, facial swelling, or persistent eye redness, seek medical help immediately. This medication helps in deterring the production of chemical substances inside the body, which are responsible for inflammation. Serious side effects of this medication include vision problems, seizure, muscle pain, swelling, irregular heartbeat, depression, and swelling of eye.
This medication is classified as an ophthalmic corticosteroid, which helps in decreasing inflammatory responses inside the human body. This medication is classified as an ophthalmic corticosteroid, which helps in reducing inflammation around the eye. The pink eye is a clear membrane, covering the outer layer of the eye as well as the eyelidsa€™ inner surface. Additionally, potatoes can help you reduce inflammation, blood pressure, reduce risk of cancer, and boost immune system very effectually.
This is one of the most helpful home remedies for pink eye and you can do it easily at home. For pink eye, marigold has the same benefit and you can use a compress of marigold to apply it onto pink eye to reduce infection as well as inflammation and swelling.
Use chamomile water to wash your infected eye and it will heal the problem fast and naturally. For example, you should touch your eyes with hands before washing them carefully, use clean towel, do not share personal things to other people, do not use too many chemical things in your house, etc. If you want to use eyebright, you should initially consult with the doctor to make sure that you do not take medicines that can react with eyebright. Towards pink eye, the inflammation on the eye surface typically causes the irritation and redness associated with the infection, as well as eyelid swellings.
If you are suffering from pink eye and if you want to use an herbal remedy to deal with your infection, you should talk with your doctor about the potential advantages that this natural ingredient provides.
To make use of this natural remedy, you need to mix 2 teaspoons of cooled or boiled water with a drop of lemon juice.
You can also make a stronger tea and then use an eye cup to hold the lukewarm tea in each eye.

For this, you should ask your doctor if you should leave your disposable contacts away, as well as your lens case and cleaning solution. Thus, you should not apply an herbal remedy without consulting with the doctor since the treatment is determined appropriate for your pink eye.
However, most doctors would prefer the ointment since silver nitrate can lead to irritation. To create a warm method, you need mix 2 teaspoons of goldenseal and a beaker of boiled water. Or else, you can also learnA how to get clear vision naturallyA because no one among us wants to look everything with poor sight!
This bacterial infection commonly affects children, but due to present atmospheric pollution, adults and aged people also suffer from this eye ailment. After that, you can put this mixture on your eyes as an eyewash as it can reduce the inflammation from your eyes. If you get an eye infection due to pollutants and allergies, then you can use calendula mixed with warm water as a compress on your infected area to reduce the viral infection quickly. After preparing this, you should rinse your eyes twice in a day as it can help you to keep your eyes clean.
The juice of some fresh vegetables such as parsley, carrots and spinach is very beneficial in the treatment of conjunctivitis. When having a problem with your eye, you should consult a doctor for the proper diagnosis & treatment of your eye condition. Moreover, the malic acid found in the unpasteurized apple cider vinegar can aid you in fighting bacterial infections.
To use it for treating pink eye, you should wipe neem oil around your eye and eyelid before going to bed.
However, the article is only for the informational purpose, thus, you should meet your doctor to get advice before applying any at home remedy. In certain cases, this medication may trigger certain mild side effects such as dry eyes, stinging, headache, or blurred vision.
Abstain from using this medication if you suffer from an allergic reaction to any of its components.
Sore throat, increased tearing, blurred vision and swelling of eye are common side effects associated with this medication.
This medication is classified as a corticosteroid, which helps in decreasing pain and inflammation. However, if you experience severe allergic symptoms, worsening of pain, inflammation and eye discharge, it is advisable that you stop using this medication immediately. Prior to using Zymar for treating pink eye, it is imperative that you inform your physician if you suffer from any allergy, taking other medications, wear contact lenses, or suffer from any health problem. You should not take Maxidex if you suffer from an allergic reaction to any of its ingredients, or any other eye condition. If you develop allergic symptoms, changes in vision, eye discharge, eye pain, swelling or itching of eyes, seek medical help immediately.
You should abstain from using this medicinal drug if you suffer from any other infection of the eye or an allergic reaction to any components of this medication. Less serious side effects of lotemax include blurred vision, runny nose, sore throat, eye stinging, and headache. Like a lot of other eye conditions, pink eye can be very uncomfortable and even extremely painful.
This infection can be terribly irritating, causing oozing, itching, swelling, and redness of the eye.
For pink eye problem, you can slice raw potatoes and put into your infected eye for 20-30 minutes. With coconut oil use, you can use a cotton ball and soak it into coconut oil, apply it over your eyelid and it will reduce itchiness and swelling well. Try to do this method because garlic is good in antibiotic and it can fight infections effectively. By that, you will be able to determine a proper dose of eyebright and am effective way to use this ingredient thanks to the doctor.
Remember that if you get pink eye from a fungus, chemical, or allergic reaction, your doctor will not recommend this remedy. Then, you should close the eyes and swab with a sterile and fresh cotton ball dipped in the mixture and squeezed out. If the infection only affects one eye, you should not touch both of your eyes with just a cloth.
Berberine and isoquinoline alkaloid are found in root, rhizome, and stem bark and they can efficiently battle with bacteria, fungal, viral, and piratic infections.
For this aim, have a washcloth, put it under warm water and put on your eye for about 5 minutes. The solution of barberry is very helpful for pink eye because it contains berberine, which has the antibacterial properties. You can also apply some drops of 2 tsp of honey and half a cup of fresh warm water to your affected area to get an instant relief. Again, you can add two tsp of salt into half a liter of fresh water and boil it for 10 minutes.
You must add chamomile and comfrey as well when you are willing to make drops for your eyes.
If you have any question, or you know other at home remedies for pink eye condition, please leave them below. However, it is important to seek guidance from  your physician prior to using any of these medications.
However, if you experience severe allergic symptoms or burning pain in the eyes, it is important to seek medical help immediately.
Seek medical help if you experience eye pain, swelling, itching, worsening pain or severe allergic symptoms.
If you suffer from an allergic reaction to any component of Dexasol, avoid using this medication for treating pink eye. Serious side effects of lotemax include facial swelling, severe redness, eye pain, vision problems and tightness of chest. You should make a powder by grinding some root bark of the barberry, boil the powder into half a glass of fresh water, let it to cool for 10 minutes and then use the solution as eyewash or with a compress. However, keep in mind that, the application will give you a little discomfort for few minutes after taking, but relieves you for a long time. When its temperature becomes tolerable, dip a cotton swab in the solution, place it over your face for 10 to 15 minutes and remove it. Thereafter prepare a mixture by mixing 250 ml of spinach juice with 400 ml of carrot juice and drink it twice everyday. It is suggested to use these drops in your eyes regularly and remove the problem of pink eyes in a natural manner. However, it is thought to deter the production of chemical compounds in the eye that are responsible for inflammation. If you suffer from any of these serious side effects, seek medical advice from your physician. However, this eye infection is very contagious and you need to diagnose and treat it as fast as possible. It is good that there are many natural remedies for this popular childhood illness that we can catch as well.
You need to pour several drops in the area where your eyes feel dried out from pink eye as a natural treatment.
Sterile gauze steeped in the water and left in the freezer within 30 minutes will bring about a soothing effect. Scratching the eyes, medical irritants, lack of proper rest, and close contact with an affected person can also be the causes of your bacterial conjunctivitis. This writing listed the best treatments to relieve the pink eye condition from reliable sources. Here are 31 home remedies for pink eye in toddlers and adults that will really work for you.
250 ml of the juice of parsley can also be used into the mixture instead of spinach juice as it can help you to remove the pink eye symptoms in a short time. Nevertheless, it is only for the informational purpose and it is not aimed to give medical advice. Continue reading this writing to discover these 27 at home pink eye remedies in more detail!

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