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Garlic has tremendous antibiotic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which get rid of the ear infection and the ear pain rapidly and effectively. Ginger too has potent antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which expel all the harmful free radicals from the body and reduce the inflammation. Being one of the major indications of coronary artery disorder, Angina pain is a kind of intermittent chest pain that feels like fullness, pressure or squeezing sharp pain in the heart.
Angina pain may be a cause of inherited condition but most of the time it is a result of fat enriched diet, lack of physical activity, overweight and smoking.
The antioxidants rich Hawthorn acts on the cardiovascular and circulatory system and helps in dilating of the vessels of coronary arteries causing reduction of pressure of the blood.
Arjuna or Terminalia arjuna is a cardiprotective botanical herb used widely for its cardio properties in ayurveda system of medicine. The camp-elevating ability of the forskolin relaxes the arteries and improves cardiovascular functions as well.
These two herbs together have been used since ancient times for Angina, heart repair and circulatory correction in America. This common complaint affects men and women between the ages of thirty to seventy who are very active.
Turmeric has great healing powers and is an excellent remedy for reducing pain and inflammation.
Tooth damage may cause from trauma occurred long years back or due to sudden and sharp blow or due to a fall. People suffering from abscessed tooth feels a throbbing pain and excessive pain on chewing, biting and even touching. However the good news is that you do not have to worry as there are plenty of home remedies to treat tooth abscess very effectively right from the comfort of your home and with simple and natural ingredients. Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash to sanitize the affected and inflamed area. Since tooth abscess is one of the serious oral infections, a general immunity boost is vital. Take three tablespoons of activated charcoal powder, one third teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder, half teaspoon of clove oil, half teaspoon of olive oil and half teaspoon of yellow root tincture or powder (golden seal). The pain caused by the common cold is sharp or dull or it can be a burning kind of pain ranging from mild to acute pain. It not only gets rid of the infection quickly but also lubricates the ear canal and stops the buzzing sensations in the ear. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Agar dard hone ka karan koi gambhir bimari na ho kar samanya hai to vyaym yogasana tatha Gharelu Nuskhe se bhi theek kiya ja sakta hai. To bas der kis baat ki agar aap gardan ke dard se pareshan hai to jaldi hi in upchar ko apna kar swasth rahiye.

The pain can radiate to the left shoulder, neck, jaw and left arm followed by difficult breathing. Medicinal herbs have been used since ages to relieve the symptoms of Angina pain and regulating the flow of blood to the heart as well. It is a healthy heart herb with plenty of bioflavonoids like quercetin, vitexin, hyperoxide and oligomeric procyanidins beneficial for the cardiovascular system of the body.
Forskolin, the extract of the plant Coleus has been proven very effective in maintaining blood pressure and increasing the circulation of blood in the heart. It forms the arch of the foot by connecting the heel bone to the toes.When this tissue gets inflamed due to overstretching or overuse then plantar fasciitis occurs which makes walking extremely difficult and painful. This common remedy is very useful for plantar fasciitis and can be used as frequently as you wish to or whenever the pain becomes intense and unbearable.Apply an ice pack on the foot, heels and toes and keep it for at least twenty minutes. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties remove the stress and swelling from the tissue and reduce the pain considerably.Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of warm milk and drink once in the morning and once in the night before going to bed. An abscessed tooth is quite painful and can also cause the loosening of the affected tooth. People who fail to take appropriate dental care or do not often visit dentist suffer from tooth abscess. Face may also become swollen if the infection spread to the surrounding tissues and fever may arise. These remedies can aid to burst out the tooth abscess, clean and even disinfect the surrounding areas. You may support your immunity system by taking a 1000 mg of Vitamin C two times a day and continuously for three days. The trapped fluid even if it is not infected, exerts a lot of pressure on the ear drum and causes it to swell and throb with pain. Put the juice directly into your ears with the help of a dropper to get relief from the ear pain.
Jab chhot ki sikhai hoti hai, to khoon ka dour us jagah par tej hota hai, jise chhot jaldi theek ho jati hai. When the walls of coronary arteries are thickened and fail to deliver the required amount of oxygen to the heart, it gives rise to Angina pain.
Saponnins, anti-oxidants like gallic acid, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, phytosterols and ellagic acid are useful in preventing symptoms of Angina pain. A native plant to Northern America and Jamaica, Night blooming cereus is rich in alkaloids like cactine and flavonoids like isorhamnetin which help in relieving Angina symptoms.A healthy and well balanced diet, regular walks, smoking free lifestyle and fit body will help in keeping heart healthy along with these effective herbs.
The tissue can be overstretched due to sudden weight gain, long distance running or running on uneven surfaces or downhill, tight Achilles tendon, improper shoes which do not support the arch and flat feet or high arches.
It worsens when you stand or sit for long periods, climb stairs or take your first steps after long inactivity.
Frequent short rest periods will not only reduce the swelling but will also heal the irritated tissue.You should be particularly mindful of not standing for long periods or walking too much.

Keep them in place for ten to fifteen minutes.The toe separators will gently stretch the muscles of the foot and reduce the pain considerably. Poor oral hygiene leads to the growth of cavities in teeth and if these cavities are not attended in time, it leads to severe complications called tooth abscess. Tooth abscess can cause serious problems in other body parts such as inflammation in the joints and also in the heart.
You may also take 1 to 3 garlic capsules of 300 mg (Allium sativum) continuously for five days. Sometimes the trapped fluid gets infected with the same virus as that of the common cold but often a secondary infection takes place. Lekin koi baat nahi agar aap bhi is problem se grasit hai, to chaliye aaj hum aapko batate hai, Home Remedies for Neck Pain. Liquid extracts are easily available in the market but to be taken after taking professional’s advice. Often there is a constant burning and aching sensation in the heel and it becomes extremely stiff. Move the toes of both your feet forwards and backwards.Your heels should be firmly planted on the mat and do not lift your knees when moving your toes. If you are overweight you should immediately adopt a fat free diet to reduce your weight to lift off the pressure from the heels.
Continuous stretching in this manner will strengthen the muscles, remove the stiffness from them and will gradually increase their flexibility.
There is a feeling of bitter taste all over the mouth and often there is release of pus in the mouth. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint oil will kill the infection and will heal the pain quickly. Old fillings or leaking sometimes allow the bacteria to damage the nerve fibers and delicate pulp of a living tooth.
You can also place a teabag in the similar way against your sore tooth for similar results.
The sensory nerve endings inside the eardrum respond with acute pain to the uncommon pressure on the eardrum. Mustard oil and radish have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which will not only combat the infection but will also mitigate the pain and swelling. Ear pain can cause fever, irritability, poor sleep, drainage of fluid from the ear, mild hearing loss and loss of appetite.

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