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Sinus congestion is one of those symptoms that can throw off your balance and general well-being. Whenever your sinuses are bothering you, hold the handkerchief up to your nose and breathe in deeply.
The spiciness of cayenne pepper can cause your sinuses to release all of their excess mucus and irritants. Sinus congestion is the blockage in the passage of the nose that occurs due to the swelling of the inflammated blood vessels.
In children if the sinus congestion is due to the enlarged adenoids then it develops into chronic sleep apnea and lack of oxygen and hypoxia in the body occurs.
This herb has antiseptic properties which help to clear off the mucus and swelling in the air passages of the nose.
To make it an effective remedy mix some drops of peppermint oil into the vaporizer or hot compress that you have made for the eyes and forehead.
The strength of the immune system increases with the intake of this herb and it also acts as a pain killer and accelerates the process of relief from the sinus congestion. The sinus congestion caused by the bacteria can be successfully treated with the intake of this herb.

Blood pressure is the force that the flow of blood exerts on the arteries and thus, the heart. Congested sinuses may make your head feel heavy, make it difficult to smell, and even make you feel drowsier than normal. This saline nasal wash is one of the fastest working home remedies for sinus congestion, as it offers immediate relief from symptoms. Apple cider vinegar works by thinning out mucus, so it is one of the most effective home remedies for sinus congestion. This tea recipe is the quickest way to enjoy the benefits of cayenne pepper, but you can also use it in or on food to help your sinuses. The steeped eucalyptus in boiling water when inhaled will loose down the mucus of the nose and helps to give relief from the sinus congestion.
This can also be taken by steeping some leaves of this herb in boiling water and inhaling the steam coming out of it. This herb gives strength to the immune system, relief from the pain and inflammation of the nose. Elderberry helps to reduce the swelling in the membranes of the nose and throat and drain out the excess mucus from the nose.

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From pharmacological decongestants to homemade remedies, there are several options for treating the congestion and opening up the sinus passages. This problem gives rise to various kinds of problems especially in the infants as the congestion makes it difficult for them to take their milk from the bottle and breast. The gentle pressure applied to the sinus points helps in draining the mucus and provides fast relief from sinus congestion and discomfort caused by blocked sinus passages. The video below demonstrates the process of doing a therapeutic self massage to relief sinus discomfort. This natural drug free remedy is a safer alternative to conventional pharmacological drugs used for treating sinusitis.

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