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Contrary to popular belief, keeping foot odor under control is actually much easier than you think.
Typically, most of us don’t pay much attention to our feet when we take our shower but those of us who suffer from foot odor, you should spare a minute or so to thoroughly wash your feet every time your shower. Other Posts You Might LikeAnxiety Treatment Without MedicationGetting Rid Of Acne, Zits and Pimples Forever!
It is a well known fact that there is a direct co-relation between our emotive states and our health. The word ‘posture’ probably brings back loads of childhood memories where the last time we heard that word was from our 3rd grade teacher. While feeling angry is a very natural human response, uncontrolled levels of rage and anger, whether expressed or suppressed, can cause serious problems to various aspects of your life.
Improve Everywhere is one of my favorite YouTube channels and THIS is one of my all time favorite videos. Before I became a full time blogger, I would have never have thought that having good discipline would be one of my biggest challenges for my work. Using online paid traffic can be the fastest and most effective way for you to obtain paying customers, if you know what you are doing. In my psychological thrillers movies I always try to put that little bit more, do not limit myself to play with the mystery . You can rub vanilla extract on your feet with the help of a cotton swab 2 to 3 times on a daily basis to treat the problem of smelly feet. You can apply a mixture created with the use of eucalyptus and lavender oil on your feet to reduce the odour resulting from smelly feet.A mixture created with rosemary and tea tree oil can also be applied on the smelly feet. You can use a mixture of turnip and radish juice for washing your feet on a frequent basis to reduce the problem of smelly feet. It is interesting to note that tea can also be used as a home remedy for curing smelly feet. Wash your hair only a couple of times a week if you have normal to dry hair and thrice a week if you have oily hair.
A messy braid, a loose ponytail or short hair is ideal for keeping your hair under control and minimising exposure to the sun. Another way to protect your hair is to run your hands lightly through your it after applying sunscreen to your body.
Avoid pulling anything through your hair when it’s wet, since that’s when it’s most susceptible to breakage. Sleep on a satin pillow when you go to bed at night, to minimise tangles and reduce the pull on the hair.

Almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, spinach, coconut oil, hazelnuts, olive oil, safflower oil, olives, papayas and broccoli are rich in Vitamin E. Another home remedy is to use your fingers to apply a thin coat of aloe vera gel to your hair when it emits odour.
The bacteria count on your feet is higher than usual and hence warrants the extra wash time. After washing your feet, make sure that your feet are completely dry before you put on your shoes.
Prepare large tub of warm water and add in a generous amount of salt, baking soda and vinegar. OFFER a BLACK TEA at YOUR FEET – tea contains acids help shrink pores, thus reducing the production of sweat.
STOCKINGS are important-avoid nylons or synthetics: do not breathe your feet, trapping moisture between the skin and the sock. You can also soak your feet in warm water containing vanilla extract for 20 to 30 minutes to reduce the smell. Direct application of this solution (after straining) on the feet on a frequent basis can provide excellent results.
You can also create a paste with the use of baking soda powder and vinegar.Applying this paste on the feet area on a daily basis can reduce the odour resulting from smelly feet within a short span of time.
Placing feet in this solution for a period of 15 to 20 minutes can help in reducing the problem of smelly feet.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Summer especially can wreak havoc on the scalp and hair, causing dry hair, split ends, smelly hair, dandruff, itchy scalp and hair breakage.
Tight hairstyles can be damaging because they tend to pull and tear your hair, especially if it is dry from the summer heat.
It is already exposed to a significant amount of heat on a daily basis in the summer, and it will probably air-dry quickly anyway. Wide-tooth combs are the most gentle for untangling hair, as brushes can pull and tear when they snag strands. Pour this solution in a surface cleaning bottle and spray it on the roots of your hair after a workout or when your hair emits odour.
It helps eliminate excessive oil, boosts hair growth, treats dandruff and protects the hair follicles.
The bad smell comes from bacteria that multiply more than usual in either your shoes or your socks.

If you have the time you can use a hair drying to dry you feet under a cool temperature setting.
These three ingredients will help kill off any bacteria build-up under the skin of your feet. The feet that stink are not only an embarrassing problem, but they are also a sign of excessive perspiration that favors the proliferation of bacteria, fungus, causes warts and other annoying drawbacks.As explained to Fox News Dr. Expect to knock them: use a spray disinfectant containing alcohol, which can kill the bacteria. You can also soak your feet in warm water containing epsom salt for atleast 30 to 45 minutes to treat smelly feet. The oil is a pre-conditioner that will give your hair some shine and, if you have wavy hair, it will create natural, air-dried curls. To make it, take the white of one egg and mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil, lemon juice and one tablespoon of yogurt.
For some aromatic therapy, add in a couple drops of your favorite essential oil such as lavender or orange. Rondrick Williamson , Podiatrist, the problem can be solved without effort and with ingredients that we find in our kitchen.
Then boil two tea bags in a quarter of a liter of water, then dilute it with half a litre of cold water. After having sprayed well inside, spray on a clean cloth and leave it in your shoes all night. Common causes of smelly feet include poor feet hygiene, inadequate air ventilation and so on. Jojoba oil has a similar molecular structure to sebum (natural scalp oil) and thus it works as a natural moisturiser for your dry scalp. The talcum powder helps absorb excessive moisture and sweat that would in turn help keep your feet dry.
The excessive sweat build up in your socks and shoes create a perfect environment for those odor-causing bacteria to multiply. Now that you know what causes it, here are some simple home remedies that you can make use of to get ride of smelly feet forever.

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