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Turmeric is a very common kitchen ingredient known to have natural healing and antiseptic properties. Aloe vera is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and is therefore one of the best home remedies for swollen lips. If the swollen lip is caused due to some cut, applying salt on the affected area will alleviate the swelling considerably. These are some of the effective home remedies for swollen lips that will give instant relief and reduce the pain and swelling considerably. Home Remedies For Swollen Lips - How To Treat Swollen Lips - How To Reduce Swelling On Lips? An essential part of facial features, lips adds attractiveness and glamorous look   to one’s personality. Lips are more prone to an injury because of their exposed location and vulnerable nature.  A slight hit may cut or crush inside layer of the Lips against teeth.
Beside cold applications, hot packs contribute to control swelling as heat decreases circulation of blood to injured cells. Application of Aloe vera gel is effective home remedy to soothe and treat swelling of lips.
Cold compresses can be regarded as one of the significant home remedies in the case of swollen lips.
Hot compresses over the affected lips are also found to be incredible in curing the swollen lips completely. Hot compresses can very effectively help in enhancing the blood flow and hence reducing the problem absolutely. Applying a layer of lip balm over the inflamed lips can be regarded as a tremendous home remedy for the problem of same.
Spreading a little of freshly extracted juice of aloe vera or aloe vera gel over the affected lips can very effectively help in reducing the puffiness as well as burning sensations.
This is one of the excellent as well as anciently used herbal cures in the case of swollen lips. Applying this paste over the affected lips can be useful in reducing the pain as well as tenderness.
Honey has both antibacterial as well as healing properties, which can help to heal the lips. Cold compress is a process of reducing swelling in the lips that is caused due to various reasons. This abnormal swelling is caused when the soft tissues of the lips undergo some form of trauma.
Some of the main reasons behind this problem include allergies, nutritional deficiency, injury, infections, cold sores, angioedema, insect bite, dehydration, chapped or sun burn lips. You can make an excellent herbal ointment at home by mixing turmeric with fuller’s earth in cold water.

Salt is a very common ingredient of your kitchen shelf that has disinfectant properties and also helps in eliminating germs from the affected region. Practicing few home remedies provide excellent help to relieve discomfort and swelling of lips. Swollen lips can be caused due to several reasons like lip edema, insect bites, allergies, oral herpes etc. Cold and dry weather conditions can also trigger the problem of swollen or peeled lips.
A few effective home remedies for the problem of swollen lips are mentioned below which can be practiced to cure the trouble entirely.
Applying cold compresses are found to be helpful in reducing the pain and swelling caused by the problem very effectively. Applying hot compresses using a cotton ball can be useful in reducing the pain as well as inflammation of lips.
Using lip balm is proved to be valuable in keeping your lips moisturized and hence helps in reducing the swelling. Moisturizing your lips can be considered as an excellent method to prevent the trouble of swollen lips. Aloe vera gel is proved to be valuable in treating swollen lips caused mainly due to insect bites like bee stings or mosquito bites.
An excellent ointment can be prepared at home by mixing a pinch each of turmeric powder and fuller’s earth in a little of cold water. The antiseptic properties of turmeric can very effectively help in preventing further infections due to the problem of same.
Consuming Vitamin C rich food items can be valuable in repairing the ruptured skins over your lips. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
The inflammation that is caused in the lips due to infection or other reason can be well treated with aloe Vera. If the swelling of the lip is due to some cut, then salt helps as disinfectant to cure the problem. Applying warm compress on the exact area will help to increase the blood flow to the swelling area and thus reduce inflammation. Sometimes, it can be even more than a physical trauma and can be caused due to allergic reaction to aspirin or peanut for instance. It is essential to identify the exact cause of swollen lips to cure this problem effectively. You can also massage the affected area gently to ensure that all the medicinal properties of aloe vera is absorbed in your lip’s skin. Swelling of lips due to food allergy is an adverse reaction of immune system towards a particular substance available in eatable and is triggered by intake of that substance. Having cold compresses several times everyday can be advantageous in curing the illness efficiently.

Vitamin B is also found to be useful in reducing the swelling as well as burning sensation caused due to swollen lips. In some people, it may also start as some kind of syndrome and later take the form of swollen lips. After some time, resume this process again until the swelling has subsided and you get some relief from the pain and discomfort.
If in the meantime, you feel that the cloth is no longer warm, you can even soak it again and re-use. Take 1 tbsp pure honey and dip a clean cotton ball in this and apply directly to your swollen lips. Use of tea tree oil will reduce the swelling, infection and also naturally moisturize the lips. Swelling of lips due to allergies from certain food substance is accompanied with swollen tongue, irritating lips and rash around mouth. Take notice of food allergens and preferably avoid such foods responsible for swelling of lips. People with swollen lips find it very difficult to talk, eat, drink or just open their mouth.
It is important to note that ice cubes should not be directly applied on the swollen lips as it may cause soreness or frost bite.
Just after application, there will be a burning sensation that subsides gradually as the remedy begins to work. Intake of sufficient liquids, water and fresh fruit juices protect lips from dryness and keeps lips moisturized. There are various kinds of reasons for the formation of swelling in the lips such as dryness, allergies, dehydration, and weather condition or virus infection.
Take a look at these common kitchen ingredients and use them to get rid of swollen lips completely.
The use of compress on the swollen lips improves blood flow and thus reduces accumulation of blood in the swollen area.
Refrain from sugar, cheese and caffeinated drinks instead consume diet rich in vitamin B and C.
It will be better to apply some genuine home remedies in order to avoid the condition and heal it fast. Since honey as moisturizing property, it will also prevent any infection and even reduce the pain. Application of the mixture on swollen lips results in termination of swelling as fuller’s earth possesses healing properties while turmeric powder is natural anti- septic.

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