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The first way, you need ? teaspoon of olive oil, 2 or 3 drops of clove essential oil, and a cotton ball. The second way is to mix clove oil with black pepper and then apply it on the affected area. Another option is to apply the clove oil directly on the affected area to reduce the pain and swelling rapidly. Ginger is also known as one of the good home remedies for swollen gums around tooth that you can try.
With this solution, you can prepare a one-to-two piece of ginger, a pinch of salt, and water. Turmeric contains curcumin with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are very good for reducing pain, swelling and inflammation. With this solution, you mix ? teaspoon of turmeric powder with a little water to get a paste. Some nutrients in lemon like pectin fiber, vitamin A, and C, potassium, calcium, along with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and alkalizing properties are very useful for curing swollen gums. Salt water is considered as one of the oldest and most effective home remedies for swollen gums around tooth. Baking soda has a natural alkalinity that can help to remove the bacteria and other microbes in your mouth.
Or, you can mix turmeric extract with baking soda and use this mixture to massage your affected area. This is also considered as one of the effective home remedies for swollen gums around tooth that you may try.
With hydrogen peroxide, you need to mix the equal parts of 3 % hydrogen peroxide and water together and use it to swish around your gums and teeth. Alternatively, you can mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with enough hydrogen peroxide to get a paste. Most of us are very familiar with honey as an excellent ingredient in a lot of beauty recipes since it is full of vitamins and minerals necessary for our skin and body. Like other oils, mustard oil also has excellent anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. Firstly, you need to have 1 to 4 drops of myrrh oil and 1 tablespoon of water or carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil.
Along with mustard oil and myrrh oil, there are many other oils are also one of the great choices among home remedies for swollen gums around tooth. You need 2 drops of each oil are clove oil, oregano oil and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or other carrier oil that available. Alternatively you can add some drops of tea tree oil in your toothpaste and brush your teeth daily.
In order to cure swollen gums, you need 1 to 2 teaspoons of ajwain seeds and a few drops of mustard oil. With its antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiviral properties, castor oil or castor seeds are one of the excellent home remedies for swollen gums around tooth. With castor seeds oil, you can cure swollen gums by mixing castor seed oil with camphor powder to get a paste. In case camphor is not available, rubbing the castor oil on your affected area for a few minutes is impossible. Babul tree or called acacia nilotica, vachellia nilotica, gum Arabic tree, thorn mimosa or prickly acacia is also a useful tree with a lot of health benefits and other usages.
In case bark of babul tree is available, it can be used as one of home remedies for swollen gums around tooth.
Hot and cold compress is also a good remedy for many conditions related to swollen and inflammatory problems. And if you want to have a cold compress, you have to have ice cubes and clean cloth or towel. If you like drinking black tea, you can make use of black tea bags for treating swollen gums.
Now you need to bring a glass of water to a boil and steep a tea bag in it for about 3 minutes. A diet with proper and balanced nutrition is also necessary for your healthy teeth and gums. Beside the above home remedies for swollen gums, you should pay attention to some protective measurements in order to keep your gums and teeth healthy. The above are 20 home remedies for swollen gums around tooth that we want to share with you. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water is the most effective home remedy for swollen gums. The high concentration of vitamin C in lemon juice makes it the ideal remedy for treating swollen gum. There are various potential reasons for swollen gums and some of the major contributing factors are allergies, dietary habits, injury, lifestyle changes, and lack of oral hygiene or infection.
There is also scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of clove oil in killing bacteria.

The resin of asafetida is from a pungent plant, which is used in treating gum and tooth aches. The main functions of saliva are to kill bacteria, break down food and in general maintain the hygiene of your mouth. Hydrogen peroxide is a potent antibacterial agent, which helps in promoting healthy gums and kills germs. A mixture of table salt and baking soda along with turmeric is an excellent remedy for swollen gums. There is gum recession when parts of the gum tissue around the teeth pulls back or wears away. Factors that cause receding gums may include periodontal disease, genes, hormonal changes, aggressive tooth brushing, tobacco products, grinding and clenching of teeth, and not sufficient dental care. Some symptoms to look for that cause receding gums are cavities, sensitivity of teeth, bad breath, swollen gums and gum bleeding. This has an antioxidant in catechin that effectively fights bacteria off that are causing periodontal disease. This is also another natural numbing solution that acts as antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, natural fungicide and stimulant. Remember: It is not recommended to have direct use of lemon for the reason that tooth enamel may be corroded by it. Eugenol with its excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties is a volatile oil found in the clove can be useful for getting rid of swollen gums and toothache. Now, you need to mix clove oil with olive oil together and soak the cotton ball in the mixture. These compounds named gingerols in ginger are the anti-inflammatory agent with its antioxidant properties can be effective in limiting the production of inflammatory compounds.
It has the antiseptic and excellent astringent properties that can help eliminate the germs as well as shrink your skin tissue.
Then you grind the alum to the fine powder and take about 1 teaspoon of alum powder to mix with a glass of warm water. In addition, it is also used in cooking, making a drink so as to make the foods or beverages more delicious. In addition, it contains glucosinolate, one of the components makes mustard oil an antibacterial agent. Now you simply need to mix myrrh oil with water or the carrier oil and place it in your mouth.
Some common oils can be used for treating swollen gums are peppermint, lemon, cinnamon, thyme, eucalyptus, rosemary, clove, lavender, chamomile, and tea tree oil. With this recipe, you simply mix all the oils together and use it to swish in your mouth for 5 to 10 minutes.
Thymol is found in the oil of these seeds also has antifungal, antibacterial and anesthetic properties. With this solution, you only need to add a few drops of ajwain oil to a glass of water and take it to rinse your mouth for about 2 minutes.
Then you can use this paste to apply on the affected area and rubs gently for a few minutes.
In order to do it, you need to add aloe vera gel in a glass of water and use it to rinse your mouth. All the parts of the tree from the pods to the leaves or young shoots of young pods are used in different manufacturing processes.
You can get a cold compress by wrapping the ice cubes in the cloth and apply it on your face at the point of swollen gums. A healthy diet for gums and teeth should provide you adequate amounts of folic acid, vitamin C, and calcium because deficiency of any these nutrients can cause the problems related to gums.
Firstly, you should avoid stress, very hot or cold foods and beverages, alcohol, and tobacco products, and brushing too roughly. When you ignore your oral health tartar builds-up on your gum line, which invites bacteria to thrive on your gum, leading to swelling of the gum. Besides looking unpleasant, the gums become very sensitive and if ignored it can cause further complications. However, many of these remedies give only a symptomatic aid for both gum swelling and gum pain. In a clinical study, researchers found that the clove oil exhibited antibacterial action against different strains of (almost ten) gram-negative bacteria.
The assistant clinical professor, Erica Shapira (Pacific School of Dentistry) claims that the gel of aloe vera acts as a therapeutic agent and also has plaque-reducing properties.
This mix is applied to the affected part two times a day with the aid of your finger and cotton mop. Stir and place this mix in the mouth holding it on the affected part for as long as you can. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
So drink a cup of green tea in the morning to help reduce some gum infections and improve your overall oral hygiene and health.

For a few days, this should help get rid of that ugly, pale color in your gums and restore new healthier tissues. There are a lot of common causes that lead to swollen gums including gingivitis, periodontitis, allergy, nutritional deficiency, mouth infection, gum injury, pregnancy, and so on. Then, dab it in your swollen gums and hold it for some time to cure swollen gums and toothache. All these properties are very significant when it is used for treating swollen gums because it can be effective in relieving the pain and reducing the inflammation. It is also a great source of minerals and vitamins for the deficiency of nutrients of your gums.
It contributes to removing the microbes in your mouth, especially the microbes cause inflammation. Notice that you should massage it with a gentle pressure because too much pressure may make your swollen gums worse. Besides that, myrrh also contains many other compounds that are good for treating many problems related to teeth and gums. Using castor oil can help boost the lymphocyte count, the disease-fighting cells and increase the process of eliminating the toxins out of your tissues. Moreover, with its excellent antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and antioxidants, this is really a wonderful herb for beauty and treating different diseases like oral diseases.
So using the bark of babul tree as one of the effective home remedies for swollen gums is not strange. In case you are suffering swollen gums, you need to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of this condition. Some vitamin C-rich foods are kale, cantaloupe, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, bell peppers, pineapple, kiwi, berries, oranges, lemon and so on. Plunging in the world of writing and reading, could be her genre to impress the spectators..
If you want to understand the main cause of this problem, then a dental examination is inevitable. Swishing the solution in and around the gums and teeth for about 30 seconds will provide relief from pain.
The antibacterial property of this solution will help in fighting infections and also prevents further infection by getting rid of the bacteria. Tooth sensitivity is the initial sign and sometimes your tooth becomes longer than the normal ones. Or you also pay attention to other common causes like smoking too much, sensitivity to mouthwash or toothpaste, injury brushing, or poorly fitting dental appliances.
Use a paste of salt and ginger to rub directly on the affected area and massage gently for about 1 minute.
With its natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties, honey is also a good choice for swollen gums. Using mustard is also a good choice for relieving inflammation and stimulates blood flow if you are suffering swollen gums.
Gargle with it 3 or 4 times a day to treat the inflammation from swollen gums and you will get the desired result.
Some foods rich in calcium are collard greens, cereals, soy milk, salmon, tofu, and sardines.
Apart from gum infections, deficiency of vitamin C and certain B vitamins and hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy, can cause gum swelling. The anti-inflammatory property of turmeric helps in reducing the swelling and its antibacterial property helps in killing the germs that cause the swelling. Nevertheless, some of these proven and effective home remedies do not cause any side effects like the other medications. The common symptoms are inflamed gums, rolled margin along the teeth, pain in the gums, increasing interspaces between the teeth, and bleeding from the gums. You can rinse your mouth with plain water after a few minutes in case you don’t like the taste of lemon water. Other foods high in folic acid include avocados, lentils, beans, peas, asparagus, broccoli, dark leafy greens. The antiseptic property of lemon helps in treating the underlying infection that causes swelling. This will also allow the increase of moisture or saliva in the mouth that eliminate bad breath.
If there is the pain, warm compress is better because hot compress is more effective in relieving the pain.
And now, AllRemedies will show you some useful home remedies for swollen gums around a tooth.

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