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Angular Cheilitis is the most chronic skin infection that many people struggle with worldwide.
Natural Honey contains anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti septic properties making it the best home remedy. It fights and kills microorganisms causing this infection.
Lemon helps to kill harmful infection that cause microorganism because of its powerful antioxidants. Applying petroleum jelly all over the affected area will help relieve the pain and moisturize the region.
Applying the Unscented and unflavored lip balms on the affected area will reduce pain and moisturized the cracks. Crush fresh neem leaves to extract the juice and then apply it on the affected parts in order to eliminate infection cause by microorganisms.
Keep yourself well hydrated all the time by frequently drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily. Coconut oil is a moisturizer, which helps in prevention of harmful microorganisms causing the infection. Listerine contains antibacterial properties so applying a few drops of it over the lesions and sores will dry them out.

It causes inflammation to one or both corners of the mouth leading to cracking, splitting, dryness and eventually red lesions at the corner of the mouth.
If you infected with angular cheilitis, rub the lemon slice gently over the infected parts. Use this remedy as many times as possible during the day and before going to bed for better results.
Eating more vitamin complex rich food like carrots, spinach, legumes and tomatoes will make you less prone to angular cheilitis.
Applying it all over the infected area, three to four times a day, will heal painful sores and further prevent it. Alcohol is the best remedy because it prevents symptoms from aggravating by moisturizing your lips hence preventing it from drying.
Use cotton ball to apply some Listerine over the lips and wait for 15 minutes before washing it with cold water.
The infected area feels inflamed and itchy.  Angular cheilitis is not a serious health condition. It will cover the affected area and eliminate air contacts hence prevent growth of bacteria.

High iron content is good for your health so balanced diet is a great home remedy to prevent the infection.
It will cure painful slits at the corner of the mouth which one of the symptoms of angular cheilitis.
Washing lesions and sores on the lips with soap dish will prevent angular cheilitis and alleviate painful symptoms. If an individual develops this condition on one corner of the mouth, it is advisable that they cease from touching that region with their lipstick or fingers. Apply gently quite amount of Liquid dish soap on the sores and wait for 15 minutes to wash off your lips with cold water.

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