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Change your baby more frequently. Use a light dusting of Natural Powder after bathing Baby and at every nappy change time to assist in the absorption of excess moisture. Check your baby’s diaper after he or she wakes up from sleeping as many babies will urinate after falling asleep. Use disposable nappies, which absorb the urine quickly and leave the surface of the nappy (that is next to the skin) dry. If your baby has developed a diaper rash using disposables, consider using cloth diapers with a breathable wool or cotton cover to see if the rash improves.
Apply barrier cream such as zinc and castor oil cream a few times a day, especially before long sleeps – or at every nappy change if baby’s bottom is slightly red. Make sure you change cloth nappies often and, whenever possible, do not put plastic pants over them. If it is feasible, letting your baby go without a diaper during the day will allow a rash to heal faster.

Remember to see your family doctor if your baby’s nappy rash looks severe, is hurting your baby or doesn’t clear up within a few days.
OrganicPassion is your trusted source for the latest clean beauty tips, home-made skin care recipes, natural and organic product reviews, and healthy lifestyle how-to’s. Diaper rash babycenter, Red, irritated skin in your child's diaper area probably is diaper rash. How treat skin yeast infection naturally: 8 steps, How treat skin yeast infection naturally. CHAFING RASH TREATMENTRub together, the lotionscream available for chafing and faecal incontinence. Your heart also ache when your baby is unsettled, especially when they pass wee that comes into contact with rash.

Many people believe that babies who wear cloth diapers get fewer diaper rashes because cloth diapers allow more air to pass over the skin thus keeping it drier.
If this does not clean the skin well enough, try sorbolene cream – a simple and soothing cream. Then, if possible, dry them in a tumble drier – this makes them much softer than drying them in the sun. It is a pure and natural edible grade cornstarch powder which is completely talc free and contains only pure essential oil of Organic Chamomile and Calendula to soothe and soften Baby’s skin and refresh the nappy area.

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