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Ringworm is a fungal infection that affects the skin and can be transferred from animals to humans.
The infection generally affects the skin of hands and feet but can spread to other parts of the body as well. The leaves of basil herb are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and are popularly used for treating various forms of skin infections including that of ringworms. To treat ringworms with apple cider vinegar dip a clean cotton cloth into pure form of vinegar and apply the cloth over the ringworm infected skin for 15 minutes. Mustard is actually an herb that is popularly used as a spice and is therefore, available at all times in our kitchens. Turmeric is also commonly found in all kitchens at any given time since it is widely used as a cooking ingredient. Garlic is known for its excellent anti-fungal qualities and is therefore, used in the treatment of various infections especially of the skin. Tea tree is an essential oil that has excellent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that make it an excellent antidote for various infections. The extracts of the leaves of cassia are often used in organic sprays as they are very helpful in removing fungal infections in plants. Home treatment for eye infection (conjunctivitis) is very effective in reducing the pain, inflammation and drainage of the eyes. If you feel that your eye infection is due to allergy or dust as it usually happens, then you can use cold compresses to feel better.
If you feel that your eye infection is due to bacterial or viral infection, then you can use warm compresses to feel better and soothe your symptoms.
Place a clean, sterile and warm moist compress separately on the eyelids of each eye for six to seven minutes, three to four times a day. Honey contains powerful natural antibiotics compounds and soothing agents and helps in fighting the infection of the eyes. Take two cups of sterile, filtered or purified water free from any chemical treatment and boil it, and then allow it to cool. The nutrients, natural plant hormones and other compounds present in pure unrefined coconut oil help boost immunity and prevent eye infection.
Breast milk contains excellent antibodies and it is the natural means of fighting infections particularly of the eyes as it is soothing, pure and chemical free. Many alternative healthcare experts recommend chamomile as the best topical herbal home remedy for eye infection for both bacterial and viral conjunctivitis.
To use Chamomile to its maximum benefits, place chamomile teabags in hot or warm water for a few minutes and remove excess water by squeezing them, and then place as warm compress on the eyelids of each closed eye for three to four minutes and repeat this treatment three to four times in a day to get excellent outcomes.
If you wear contact lenses, do not continue their use until your symptoms and infection disappear as it may aggravate your problem further.
Itchiness, redness of the scalp, and irritation of the scalp are the irritating factors of a dandruff problem.
Since castor oil is a rich source of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it is highly effective in curing dandruff problem.

Castor oil is an excellent natural remedy in treating the scalp infections which are the main factors of dandruff. As castor oil is a rich source of amino acids, it is highly beneficial in treating the dandruff. Castor oil is a rich source of vitamin E which actually relieves you from dandruff problem. The fungus responsible for the infection is a low form of vegetable plant that results in appearance of red ring like circles on the surface of skin.
It is important to get effective and complete treatment for ringworms or the infection can recur time and again. There are some wonderful herbs that can help ward off the fungal infection without causing any side effects unlike some OTC and prescription medications. The specially crafted vinegar is available in almost all households and is an effective remedy against many other skin infections as well. Repeat the application of cider vinegar after every two hours to get rid of the infection quickly. The herb has fantastic antiseptic and antifungal properties that make it an ideal remedy against ringworms.To cure ringworms with mustard seeds soak the seeds in water overnight and grind them in the morning to fine paste.
The herb has excellent antiseptic properties making it ideal for treating skin infections and for repairing the broken skin tissues. The herb can be used for treating ringworms as well as its anti-fungal actions will not only eliminate the fungus but also treat the associated symptoms.Treat ringworms with garlic by placing 4-5 pods of peeled garlic on a sheet of aluminum and crush the garlic using a rolling pin. The oil is extensively used in the treatment of various forms of skin infections including ringworms. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Being sensitive, even a mild infection proves detrimental to their overall health and well being and more severe infection often creates havoc. A bacterial eye infection usually lasts for 2 to 3 days, whereas viral may persist for 3 to 5 days. If you wear glasses, clean, wipe it with disinfectant and avoid using contact lenses during eye infection and postponed its usage until the infection subsides.
While cleaning your eyes, ensure that you wipe them from the side closer to your nose towards the other side.
Place a clean, sterile and cool compress separately on the eyelids of each eye for six to seven minutes, three to four times a day to get soothing results. However, the honey which is used as eye wash should be free from lead, artificial sweeteners and it should be pure.
Similarly, it can also be used as oral supplement twice daily for a better and healthy outcome.
Therefore, experts and practitioners of alternative medicine often recommend breast milk as the best home remedy for bacterial or viral conjunctivitis. Similarly, chemicals, cosmetics and eye makeup should also be avoided during eye infection.
Just put a bit of castor oil on your scalp especially on the dry affected areas before shampooing.Hope this article is helpful and informative.

Let’s look at some of these herbs that are extensively used in ayurvedic medicine for treating ringworms. Wash the infected skin with warm water and without drying the skin apply the paste over it. However, the turmeric that is available commercially for cooking purposes should not be used for treating infections. Apply the sheet with crushed garlic directly over the infected areas with the garlic in direct contact with the skin. Simply rub a few drops of tea tree essential oil on the infected skin and allow the oil to work on the infection causing fungus.Repeat the application of oil every two hours but wash off the area with warm water before sleeping at night.
Therefore, the best thing one can do during such infections to get immediate relief is the home treatment. The following, natural, proven, simple but very effective home remedies will help you feel more comfortable until your infection vanish. Allow the mixture to cool and use this mixture two to three times in a day to wash your eyes. It helps to nourish the scalp by providing essential nutrients and also strengthens the root. To treat ringworms with turmeric buy organic turmeric sticks from organic food store and grind them to fine powder form in your electric mixer.
If undiluted tea tree oil burns your skin then mix a few drops of olive or coconut oil in it before application.
By regular application of moisturizer to the scalp, dry scalp problem can be easily reversed.Natural oils work as a moisturizer and help to prevent dandruff by reducing the dryness of the scalp. Repeat application of mustard paste at least three times during the day to get rid of fungal infection completely. Scoop a teaspoon of turmeric powder from the container and add sufficient quantity of spring water to make a paste.
The treatment will sting a bit because of the enzymes present in garlic reacting with the infection but regardless the treatment with garlic should be done thrice a day for at least a week or until the infection disappears completely.
These acids play a key role in nourishing the scalp and therefore reduce the risk of developing dandruff.
The herbal remedy will not only remove the fungus from the skin but also effectively deal with the symptoms associated with ringworms. One can even sleep on with the turmeric paste at night and wash it off with warm water in the morning.

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