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In most first and second degree cases, home remedies for burns are very helpful and easy to apply. Home remedies for burnsVinegarDiluted vinegar works as a painkiller and relaxes your skin tissue. Home remedies for burnsTea bagIn case of first degree burns you can immediately combine the cold water burn treatment with tea bags.
Home remedies for burnsLavender essential oilYou can also immediately put lavender oil straight onto the burned skin.
Home remedies for burnsSoy sauceA surprisingly effective first aid for burns, especially the smaller 1st and 2nd degree household burns, is soy sauce. Home remedies for burnsTooth pasteCoat the burn with a generous amount of toothpaste (not gel or liquid) and leave it on for at least 24 hours. Home remedies for burnsTomato or grated PotatoPut a slice of tomato or some grated potato or on the burn.
How to treat a burnsGet help!Do not hesitate, somebody with third degree burns should immediately be taken to a hospital to receive professional medical care. How to treat a burnsCold showerPut the person under a cold shower or apply cold wet cloths or in other ways soak eventual clothes with cool water.
First of all drink a lot of fluids, water preferablyEat a high Protein, high calorie diet which is rich in vitamins and minerals.
Home Remedies for Burns There are several degrees of burns, ranging from the least severe first degree burn, to the major third degree burn.
Minor cuts and burns are part of your everyday life and they generally do not require much treatment.
A natural soothing agent, application of cool milk too helps in cooling and soothing the hot skin after a minor burn. Minor burns that can happen in the kitchen like a burn form a cooking appliance, steam etc. Mustard paste is known to be an instant remedy for taking away the pain and the throbbing sensation when you have burnt your skin.
The tannic acid in tea bags is anti inflammatory in nature and helps in treating minor burns easily. The juice of potato has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in treating pain and redness on the burnt skin. Application of toothpaste is known to help in the healing process and mask the pain and burning sensation from a burn. Salt is a natural healing and antimicrobial agent that will help deal with small cuts and burns. Home remedies for burns are great in a pinch, especially if you are camping and far from medical help. First and foremost, ita€™s very important to know how to classify your burn so you know when you need to seek professional help.As most people know, burns are classified in terms of degrees, first being relatively harmless and third being very serious. Treatment for a first degree burn is all about relieving pain because there is little risk of infection. For less serious burns, what you do in the first few minutes after the injury can make a huge difference in how long ita€™s going to take to recover.Your skin continues to burn even after youa€™ve removed it from the heat source, so immediately run it under cool water.
After the water treatment, you need to put something on your burn to cool it and keep it from getting infected. Treating burns at home, if the injury is not too severe, can be the quickest way to relieve suffering. Even the simplest activity such as lifting a plate too hot can cause a superficial burn on the skin of the hand.
The first thing you should do in case of a minor burn, is run some cold water over the burn. Potato is known to possess excellent anti-irritating and soothing properties, which makes it another prime remedy for curing superficial burns. Yogurt possesses excellent cooling properties which helps reduce inflammation and decrease the chance of blister formation. Black tea is rich in tannic acid, which draws heat from burns and thus, makes them less painful. Oats have been found to possess outstanding skin-soothing properties, which helps in reducing the inflammation. Another astounding remedy is coconut oil, which is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids such as lauric acid, myristic acid, etc. Burns can basically be divided into three levels namely the first degree, the second degree and the third degree burns. The first degree burns are the ones that are found to affect the outer covering of the skin such as scalding through steam or hot water and sunburn while the second degree burns produce blisters and are very painful. Ice only needs to be used for keeping the water cold so that the pain can be subsided by the use of the cold water.
Vinegar is one of the best natural cures for burns because it helps in doing away with the sting of the burn and heals the burns very quickly.
The essential oil of lavender that is quite pure and unadulterated can be used on the burns because this oil not only helps in relieving the pain caused by the burns but at the same time it also stimulates the healing process of the burns. After handling most of pain that is caused due to the burn, aloe Vera can be used on the burn which would help in doing away with the damage caused by the burn.
The ones that are found in the leaves of the plant can be taken and then peeled to expose the part that is gooey which can be directly rubbed on the burn. Noni juice is one of the most effective natural cures for burns that is not very well known to people.

Small sun burns, steam, a hot iron, or hot coffee on your skin, these burns can be treated right there at homeHowever whenever the burns are more serious you might be dealing with a third degree burn. Cover the burned area with a cloth which is soaked in vinegar diluted with cold water; doesna€™t matter which sort of vinegar. For second degree burns wait until the wound starts to healSoak some black tea bags in cool water for a few minutes. Lavender has painkilling properties, promotes healing and gives you less chance of scarringWhen the burned area is bigger you can pour Lavender oil onto a gauze or clean cloth, and apply it directly to the burn. When you get burned you lose (trace) minerals like copper, selenium, and zinc etc, these need to be replenished to speed up the healing process.
However, if you are troubled by these burns, there are a few home remedies that can be easily applied in order to prevent any infection even though the chances are very rare for an infection to take place when the burn is minor. The use of baking soda will also restore the pH balance of the skin, removing the pain and burning sensation immediately. Apply virgin coconut oil on the affected skin to prevent infections and also for healing the burnt skin. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. A first degree burn, which will appear red but involve no blistering, is typically not something to worry about.
A second degree burn involves blistered or oozing skin.These kinds of burns are usually not serious as long as they are confined to a small area. You should never run a burn under water near freezing or put ice on it because cold temperatures can cause as much cell death as hot ones.
Aloe vera is a good choice for this purpose.If youa€™re using your own plant, pick an outer leaf and remove the skin.
More severe burns require immediate medical attention; therefore, no home remedy for burns should take the place of proper medical care.
Most common are what could be called “kitchen accidents” – touching a hot pot or a stove top leads to a first-degree burn.
It is one of the most majorly faced problem among all sections of people, causing pain and sometimes, scarring.  Minor burns damage only the top layers of the skin, making the area red and painful.
Its astringent and tissue-healing properties render it to be excellent in treating first-degree burns.
You can either use the raw potato by applying the slices on the skin or by grating the potato and the applying the grate, ensuring that the juice from the potato is in direct contact with the affected skin. It also has excellent antiseptic and painkilling properties, which makes it an excellent choice for treating minor burns.
The first and the second degree burns are quite minor and they can be handled very efficiently even at home by trying out the natural cures for burns but the third degree burns are quite painful and severe and they require the attention of an experienced doctor. The third degree burns are destructive for the tissues of the muscles and they require to be treated at the hospital. The burn needs to be soaked in water along with some ice cubes and doing this might provide immediate relief from the burns.
Constant flow of water on the burn might also help in moving away the heat from the burnt area. Cold and fresh vinegar should always be used for this purpose because the pH factor that vinegar consists of helps in healing the burns very fast. Burns ARE serious injuries, so we wona€™t be beating around the bush, this might be an emergency and wea€™ll get right to it!
As soon as you have burnt your skin, apply an ice cube on the area so that the burnt area is cooled immediately.
Cool vinegar not only treats the burnt skin, but also cools and numbs the pain and burning sensation associated with the minor burn.
The scraped pieces can either be squeezed to remove the juice or made into a paste and applied on the burnt skin. Never use coconut oil that is refined and bottled as it may contain preservatives and fragrance, which may cause irritation on the burnt skin. The numbing sensation of toothpaste due to the presence of mint will help in masking the burning sensation and pain. Once the butter starts melting, reapply fresh chunks to keep the skin cool and also to create a barrier for the germs from entering. Skin will soon start regenerating and there would not be any blister or scar formation a well associated with the minor burn.
However, it is always a good idea to have a doctor take a look afterwards to make sure that they are healing properly! Burns are one of the most common small injuries out there.
The swelling and reddening of the typical first-degree burn present, but blistering appears as well.
It is very painful, but in some cases nerve damage may be so extensive only numbness is felt. You can also use a cold compress over the burn for a few minutes to ensure it settles down. The affected area should be cleaned with cold water and the toothpaste can then be applied to the affected area immediately after the burn occurs. The gel from the aloe vera leaf can directly be applied to the affected area for instant relief.
A few drops of lavender oil should be mixed with water and a cloth soaked in this mixture is applied to the burn and repeatedly. However, it should be noted in this respect that ice should not be applied directly on the burn because it can turn out to be a shock for the skin that is damaged or burnt.

All that is needed to be done is a compress that is soaked in water and vinegar needs to be used on the burn. Second degree or partial thickness burns affect both the epidermis and dermis layers of skin. Apply on the burn and leave it on. This is also an effective protection against germs, and prevents them from entering the burnt skin. Allow the mustard to dry and reapply as and when needed to prevent scarring and blistering. The soothing properties of butter will soon heal the burn and prevent scarring and drying of the skin as well due to its fat content. If an infection occurs, you need medical attention.The final kind of burn is a third degree burn. You can repeat as needed.If you dona€™t have an aloe plant growing at home, the store-bought gel is an acceptable substitute. These are all great natural remedies for quick healing.If you dona€™t have your own personal stock of herbs and oils at home, there are a couple of other things you can do. Do not use ice because it not only restricts the blood flow but will also cause damage to the delicate tissues.
Also, the gel can be mixed with turmeric in equal parts and the mixture can then be applied.
Aloe vera reduces burn damage, prevents infection, and promotes skin growth, as well as providing a a€?coolinga€? sensation on contact. Applying toothpaste (the white paste, not the gel) is a great burn soother, as is a paste of baking soda and water.Soaking a burn in milk is another great remedy because you keep it cold in the house (soothing), and the fat content of the milk helps your skin heal.
While not life-threatening, first degree burns are annoying, and they can cause discomfort for several days. If clothing is smoldering, hot to the touch, or on fire, remove it by cutting it away if necessary. Here are some of the home remedies that are available in the cabinets of every home that will help in healing these superficial burns. Apply the mixture to the burn and air-dry it to allow a thin layer of oats to rest on the affected area. A third degree burn is the worst, and is characterised as a full thickness burn, or a burn which extends into deeper tissues than the dermis.
Ita€™s everything a burn needs, and everything you need to live with that burn until it heals.
Burn relief home remedies for these burns are myriad, but most effective is to first apply a cold compress or plunge the area in ice or cold water. If the skin is charred into the clothing do not attempt to remove it as the peeling action will cause more damage. Your skin may turn white, or it may appear charred.These kinds of burns require immediate medical attention and should never be treated from home. Similarly, if the victim has hot tar or wax or some other sticky substance on the skin do not attempt to remove it. Any burn that exceeds the first degree must be treated professionally soon after the burn is received. Additionally, bacteria love to congregate in things like butter: youa€™re probably going to give yourself an infection.
The mildest burns can be treated effectively with the juice from a household aloe plant (and many people grow these at home for just such emergencies). It is important to do one’s best to not break blisters as these become sources of easy infection. There is always the possibility that they go into a state of shock, which means fainting, pale skin and sweating. Home remedies are only a suitable recourse for first degree burns, and should significantly minimise the symptomatic effects.Home Remedies for BurnsTea bagsThe tannic acid found in black tea helps to draw heat from a burn. If you get a third degree burn, or if you have a chemical or electrical burn, go to the hospital immediately. Regardless of how much of the body’s surface is involved, all third-degree burns can lead to infections and should be properly given over to professional medical care immediately. Dab mixture on burned skin with cotton or wash cloth.VinegarThis works as an astringent and antiseptic on minor burns and helps to prevent infection. Dilute vinegar with equal parts water and rinse the burn site with the solution.SaltRelieve mouth burns by rinsing with brine, every hour till better.
Make brine with ? teaspoon salt in 8 ounces water.HoneyHoney will draw out fluids from the tissues, effectively cleaning a minor burn wound. The honey can be applied to a gauze bandage, which is less sticky than a direct application. Place a dollop of honey on a piece of sterilised gauze material and apply directly to the burn site. Rinse the ice cube with water first so it doesn’t stick to lips or tongue.Cool WaterIce can restrict blood flow if applied directly to a burn site on the skin, and further damage delicate tissues. Do this within seconds of receiving the burn, it will soothe the area and prevent the burn from spreading.MilkSoak a minor burn site in milk for 15 minutes.

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