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Catching a cold is the most prevalent cause for sore throats, but they may also be the manifestation of other diseases.
Combine one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and three tablespoons of clover honey in a glass of warm water.
Chamomile tea Make a tea adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile blossoms to a pint of boiling water; steep and drink a cup every few hours. Grapefruit seed extract This extract is a powerful all-around antimicrobial product and is an excellent disinfectant and antiseptic.
Hyssop Steep two teaspoons of dried hyssop in one cup of boiling water, covered for ten minutes; strain and drink cool for an expectorant or hot to relieve coughs, congestion, and sore throat. Licorice Either suck licorice candy or drink licorice tea made by steeping one teaspoon of licorice root in a cup of hot water for three minutes.
Consumption of honey (2 teaspoons) with a glass of lukewarm water can reduce the burning sensation in the stomach resulting from stomach ulcer. An individual can also consume honey (2 teaspoons) empty stomach everyday to treat the problem of stomach ulcer. Cabbage is considered as one of the most effective home remedies for treating the problem of stomach ulcer. Consumption of tea prepared with fenugreek seeds can also provide relief from the problem of stomach ulcer. Another option is to soak fenugreek seeds (2 teaspoons) in water before going to bed. Drinking aloe vera juice on a regular basis can reduce irritation in the stomach resulting from the problem of stomach ulcer. Drumstick has healing properties and its regular usage can help an individual in obtaining quick relief from the problem of stomach ulcer.
Drinking a glass of water containing barley grass powder (1 teaspoon) 5 to 6 times in a day can help an individual in curing the problem of stomach ulcer. Cayenne pepper is considered as one of the most effective remedies to deal with the problem of stomach or peptic ulcer. The sinuses are air filled spaces located behind the forehead, nasal bones, eyes and cheeks. Conditions such as the inability of the cilia (small hair) to function properly due to some medical conditions can contribute to the mucus build up.
Another symptom can be nasal stuffiness caused by a large amount of mucus that is commonly causing pain when discharged.
Sore throat and postnasal drip can also be felt which can make the person feel weak and unwell. So for better result, chop the onions into tiny pieces and place it in a pot of boiling water. The flavor of the horseradish moves up to your sinus and eases and dissolves the mucus formed in the sinus.
If your infection has already irritatingly grown and becomes Chronic in nature, the patient can use Grapefruit Seed Extract to treat it.
Drinking water regularly can keep a person away from any forms of nasal and sinus infection.
Lessen the intake of infection causing foods such as fried and starchy foods, rice, meat and strong spices. My case is very chronic, I started having sinus in 1996 and my ENT doctor performed an operation to take them out in 2001 but the relief was for only a month then I experienced the same till today. Neil-med sinus bottle fill it up with warm water two bag of salt that comes with it and add betadine solution to the water a lot to make it powerful, then wash your sinus like the instructions from neil med.
I have chronic sinus and had surgery & tried all possible remedies at this point is like nothing is helping anymore. I’ve had chronic sinus infection for since 1997, had a surgery to remove polyps back in 1999, but the infection came back over the next year and has been affecting me since. Since winter of 2013, i have been boosting my immune system with magnesium, zinc, echinea and goldseal extract, and Norweigian Fish Cod Oil (all cheaply bought from Walmart). As an side but relevant anecdote, this woman is a very good resource to learn health from too: Dr. I used to have sinus infection all the time and was overloaded with antibiotics until I had to go to the emergency room for neurotoxicity because of so much antibiotics.
I can say that I haven’t taken antibiotics for a while and I am looking forward to get completely healed! I have just written a blog for my website ( it’s a tarot website) but my blog is specifically about how I cured my own sinusitis naturally.
I am 24, and suffering from sinus since last 16 years, i have wasted more than 100 thousand of rupees in medicine and consultant fee but nothing make me get rid of from them.
I’d much rather treat what I believe to be chronic sinusitis due to the duration of my symptoms.
Hello,, I m 30 yrs guy from delhi,,, I m suffering one side nasal congestion during sleep only ,dauring day time when I wakeup i dont hv any problem in nose but when I lie down in bed then one side nose or is left or is right side is going blocked, thise happne with me since 5 years and bcoz of that I cant sleep deeply, ,, mouth breathing and drink water between sleep problem I m suffering bcuz of nose blocked,,, one year before I had done .nasal septum surgery.
I have sinus for the last 10 over years and what experiences I had was much different that alot of people. Sleeping or laying my head down is the worse as the thick mucus just goes from side to side clogging up either nostril making it so hard to sleep. Well after 30 years of trying different remedies and almost giving up I hit the jackpot today! Arthritis is a kind of joint disorder experienced mostly among older people in their late 50s. Irritable bowel syndrome is a recurrent abdominal disorder that is accompanied with pain and diarrhea or constipation.
Just like any other functions of the body the digestive system too becomes weak and vulnerable with age.
Appendix pain is also called as appendicitis which is a serious disease in which appendix of the body is seriously affected.
Colitis described as inflammatory disease of lower intestine is associated with pain and blood in the stool. Acidity is also commonly known as heartburn and occurs when there is excessive formation of acid in the stomach. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a chronic condition that affects the median nerve present in the hand, which enables the movement of fingers.
Epstein Barr virus (EBV) is also widely known as mono (mononucleosis) or chronic fatigue syndrome. This herb has shown tremendous promise in the initial phase of medical testing for natural treatment of EBV.
If you are showing up the symptoms of EBV than start taking the lemon and garlic juice to prevent virus for further infection.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid which can be converted into monolauric acid inside the body and act as antivirus to kill Epstein Barr virus. Herbal tea also protects you from viruses by keeping your body system immune, this herbal tea is prepared by adding burdock, ginseng cayenne pepper and Goldenseal root in 2 cups of boiling water.
Licorice roots can be taken as a hot tea; it not only relieves the sour throat but also fights against the Epstein Barr virus. It is an inflammatory soothing agent as well as strengthen the immune system of the human body .You can take ginger with soup, juice and hot tea as per your personal preference. Home Remedy for Cough Coughs can be acute as those that accompany a flu or cold, or chronic and usually bring discomfort and distress to the sufferer; frequent or severe coughing typically comes with an underlying medical condition.
Chronic cough has various causes like respiratory tract infections, excessive smoking, sinusitis, medication side effects, and other similar acute disorders. For this home remedy, take 2 or 3 black peppers and grind them into a perfectly fine powder. The next home remedy uses a half ginger, peeled and grounded, a teaspoon of honey and a spoon of Holy Basil juice. For millions of people every year, sore throats serve as the major warning signal that they are about to be hit with the flu, common cold or a bacterial infection like strep throat.
While there are lots of over-the-counter medications that can treat aching throats, none of which I recommend there are countless home and natural remedies to sooth your sore throat. Over the past year, my friend Dave at PaleoHacks has been working on a secret cookbook with world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu chef Peter Servold.
In the years running Healthy Holistic Living, I have come to the realization that empowering yourself with information is the key good health. On a monthly basis, I will be updating this list in an effort to provide you with resources to help you along the way.
About Latest Posts Follow meMichelle TooleMichelle Toole is the founder and head editor of Healthy Holistic Living. Jarvis in his classic Folk Medicine, the remedy to use to get rid of a sore throat is to gargle with ACV. Regular intake of spicy food, excessive alcohol, heavy smoking, weakening of mucosal lining and so on are some common causes of stomach ulcer. The problem of stomach ulcer should be treated in time in order to avoid further problems like internal bleeding or hemorrhages.
Some of the most effective home remedies to deal with the problem of stomach ulcer are mentioned below. Drinking a mix of carrot juice (200ml), cucumber juice (50ml) and beetroot juice (50ml) can help in treating the problem of stomach ulcer. Chewing raw garlic (2 – 3 cloves) with honey (1 teaspoon) on a regular basis can treat the problem of stomach ulcer.
Consumption of this water on a daily basis before breakfast can also help in the treatment of stomach ulcer. Applying fresh aloe vera gel on the belly and rubbing it over the stomach area for 5 to 8 minutes may also give effective results. Consumption of coconut water on a daily basis can provide highly effective results. Further, an individual should consume food prepared with the use of coconut oil to obtain relief from stomach ulcer.
Consumption of drumstick leaves with yogurt everyday can also help in the treatment of stomach ulcer. Regular consumption of water can also help in obtaining relief from the pain resulting from stomach ulcer. An individual can consume powdered slippery elm bark (1 teaspoon) with a glass of warm water 2 to 3 times in a day to treat stomach ulcer. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. When mucus builds up and blocks the opening of the sinus, bacteria can easily penetrate and multiply causing sinusitis infections. The patient may also experience fever and pain behind the eyes and near the gums when there is sinus infection.
When the flavor has evaporated, swallow the grated radish to eliminate the mucus from your throat.
The patient should know what to take when experiencing this extremely irritating infection. He can mix 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey with 8 ounce of water. The grapefruit has antifungal and antibacterial components that can effectively cure sinusitis.
Also, i use a Neti pot to flush my sinuses, eat garlic on a daily basis, and have started using Apple Cider Vinegar too.
I feel i’m only a few more months left to be entirely cured, because i can see my polyps are nearly gone and my mucus is becoming more clearer everyday. After that I decided I was going to try natural treatment instead of so antibiotics, and I can say I feel much better and almost cured too.
I also drink a tea made with turmeric and honey (I found in the internet a great recipe called golden milk, an ancient Indian recipe that I’m going too). I have sinus problem … and dont have to breath properly coz of my nosel block and sometimes my cough block in my neck . I have been suffering from sinus infections my whole life and when I get a cold, watch out!
The concentrated leaf resin of Larrea has shown high amount of antioxidant and anti-viral activity.
Hence try to take one glass of carrot juice every morning and increase your immune system against EBV. The continuous flow of water in and out of the body is very essential even for a healthy person and more so for the ill one’s.
Garlic is always has a medicinal quality as well as the lemon has vitamin c which provide immunity to body. Hence the use of coconut oil in place of vegetable oil is suggested for people suffering with the EBV. If you are undertaking any allopathic medication for chronic cough, there are a few home remedies which you can also try, besides the allopathic medication, to make you feel better giving you some relief when you experience a coughing fit.
The best part of garlic is that it can be utilized in any form that helps ease the pain which occurs when the chest pains while coughing. To get rid of the chronic cough, take a glass of milk and add some turmeric powder to the glass of milk.

I encourage all of you to take back your power and gain the knowledge you need to live the fullest, healthiest and happiest life possible. The main indication of a sore throat is pain when swallowing and sometimes a burning sensation and a tightness in the throat.
To this formula you can add 4 parts echinacea, 1 part garlic bulb, and 2 parts peppermint leaves to 1 part cayenne. Hyssop contains marrubiin, the same compound that makes horehound an excellent expectorant. Consumption of lemon juice is also recommended for an individual suffering from the problem of stomach ulcer.
Further, it is advisable for an individual suffering from the problem of stomach ulcer to increase the intake of food items containing garlic.
After that, put a portion in a bowl or mug and inhale the scent to relieve the clogged nose.
Regular intake of foods rich in Vitamin A can help a person build a strong defense against sinus infection. I also drink at least 6 cups of water per day, which is three full 16 oz water bottles – it makes a huge difference drinking enough or more water because it replenishes all your lost water from mucus drainage.
15 minute procedure of breathing in boiled ACV fumes and a netipot rinse saves me a month of misery!
This virus belongs to the herpes family of viruses and is entered in cell of the body and gets replicated causing mononucleosis or chronic fatigue syndrome. We just have to keep running around and the immunity of the body is getting weakened due to it. The pepper powder has a strong taste so swallow it down quickly as it might not taste very good.The black pepper can be very spicy for people who are unaccustomed to it, however the honey brings down the level of spicy flavor with its sweetness. However, the best method is to prepare a delicious soup of garlic and onion.All you need to do is peel the garlic and onion, and put them into boiling water, let the onion and garlic boil for a short time. The amount of turmeric depends on what you can actually be comfortable with consuming it.When you place it over the stove make sure you bring it to boil. Now, add a quarter teaspoon of finely grounded cinnamon powder with honey and pour it into the lemon juice bowl. Mix all the ingredients to get a paste and swallow it down for perfect relief and a soothing throat.
Close the jar and place it in a fridge overnight where the ingredients will turn into a jelly like consistency. Slippery elm lozenges may also be used and are much more convenient if you are going to be away from home. However, it is important to note that best results can be obtained with the consumption of raw garlic. Fifty percent of ACV plus fifty percent of water can be an extraordinarily powerful mixture, heat it and inhale the steam with your mouth. A change in diet helped me alot too, and no I’m not a vegan or vegetarian (no offense to people who are).
So have patience people and i hope my own experiences written here will others be cure of their illness too. I have even blown my nose so hard and extreme that I have caused my nose to swell for days, noticeable on my face…looks like I broke my nose.
The EBV or Epstein Barr viruses are now found throughout the world infecting infant, teenagers and adults. The Larrea is available in oral dietary supplement, spray, and lotion forms for the usage of the patients. Consume this daily before going to bed at night to get a comfortable night without coughing fits. Remove it from the heat and add sugar to taste, drink it before bedtime before it gets cold. I just wanted something to get rid of the blockage…maybe a vacuum cleaner to the nose? The turmeric helps in relieving the cough while the milk gives you a perfect night’s sleep. I could feel the fumes going into my nostril and burning…it was a good burning sensation.
So just to prevent these viruses from entering your body refrain from using utensils, glasses, or clothes of any infected person. Besides these preventive measures here are some natural remedies which will prevent and cure Epstein Barr viruses or (EBV).
After you sip it, gently clear your throat.This tea also works for trying to get your voice back after a cold. People suffering from EBV can have different symptoms, and those symptoms can be severely sore throat which seems hard to recover, other symptoms include weakness and fatigue. The acid in the ACV is very helpful in soothing and minimizing the sore throat, and, if you swallow it, the extra potassium is also beneficial. Note: After using this remedy be sure to rinse your mouth with water to prevent the acid from eroding the enamel on your teeth. I sat down in a relax sitting and lift my head upward and open my mouth to breath from thereon. Since my nasal passages were clear, I thought this was a good time to do my netipot with saline rinse.
I could easily (and that is the key word here) easily blow my nose and all the junk just came out. Consume ample amounts of grapes for a few days to help build the lungs and breakup mucus, or combine honey with grape juice. Gargle with warm spinach juice or warm salt water to help sooth the throat and eliminate dry cough. However, the symptomatic effects of the virus infection can be alleviated temporarily with medication or natural home remedies.

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