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Black spots are actually a nuisance and most of the people are concerned about their beauty.
Combine sandalwood oil with equal quantity of olive oil and massage this mixture on your face. Massaging with honey on the dark spot is a good option to make the dark spots to fade from your skin as well as to remove white heads present on your skin.
Lemons have vitamin C that can lighten dark spots and also acts as bleaching agent on your face.

Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with one teaspoon of curry powder and make a paste with some water. Or you can combine a pinch turmeric powder with lemon juice and apply on the black spots to get rid of the spots.
Here are some remedies to get rid of these black spots from your face and thus helps to regain your beauty. Similarly you can also make a paste out of turmeric powder and basil and spread on the face.

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