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Lady’s finger is known to be mucilaginous in nature and helps in removing mucous from your system. For treating leucorrhea you have to take one tablespoon of amaranth root and soak it in one ounce of water for eight to nine hours. Aziote is a seed that is obtained from the Amazon rainforest and is used for treating infections and urinary problems and also for treating abnormal vaginal discharges like leukorrhea and cystitis . An ayurvedic preparation which is a combination of several potent herbs, Lukol is known to provide complete relief from the symptoms of leukorrhea in most of the cases.
These treatment methods are very simple and do not cause any side effects as in the case of conventional medicines.

Eating one banana a day will not only prevent as well as treat the symptoms of leucorrhea, but will also help you gain essential nutrients in your body. The herbal preparation can be obtained online from ayurvedic stores and also available in ayurvedic shops. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. While leucorrhea is very common during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause, its occurrence at other times can mean sexually transmitted diseases and other infections and diseases of the female reproductive organ.
Lukol has to be taken in adequate doses every day until the symptoms of leukorrhea are completely put to rest.

Leucorrhea that is foul smelling and with a change of colour, ranging from yellow, green, brownish or bloody could be serious and requires medical attention.

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