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Feeling green and anything but lucky, it’s no secret that many can expect to wake up on March 18th with a hellacious hangover. Fun Fact: The "why" behind what makes a hangover so horrid can be chalked up to a depletion of nutrients and hydration. For some, a deliciously greasy meal can be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to kicking a hangover. Although "doctors" warn against the dehydrating effects of caffeine when you're hungover, a tall cup of caffeine-rich coffee is a century old cure for hangovers. Saving the best - and most obvious - for last, we strongly suggest that tried-and-true remedy: rest. After a little too much Irish whiskey or a forgotten number of Guinness mugs, this affliction is an undisputed fate.
Replace last night's green brews as you replentish at Liquiteria with fresh pressed juices or smoothies.
Umami Burger blends the satisfaction of a down-home burger with the quality of a high-end experience. So if you are considering this classic tactic, you'll want to fill up with a quality cup and Madman Espresso makes for an excellent option.

If you can afford the luxury of lying about and snoozing the day away as you swear off alcohol forever, this remedy is a sure-fire success. While a miracle hangover cure-all is not yet on the market and time is the ony tried-and-true remedy for this (self-inflicted) epidemic, here are several suggestions to make the recovery just a little more tolerable. A popular (and all too appropriate) option is their "Mean Green" juice, which is full of flavor and refreshing vitamins. The venue is best known for its truffle burgers and well stocked bar (a little "hair of the dog" never hurt anyone right), they offer exactly what you may need to make it through this trying time. Starbucks has become a signature staple, making local coffee houses a rare yet revered quality find.
There is nothing better than a tall glass of water and the best movies that Netflix has to offer when it comes to recovering from a holiday hangover. The eatery is also no stranger to those in our your predicement as they also offer the aptly titled, "Hangover Cure" smoothie. With two open locations in the city and a Williamsburg one in the works, this well-known eatery is ideal for the occasion. With small plate hors d'oeuvres and high-grade brews, this venue is your best bet for combating that hangover.

Both enjoyable and therepeudic, treat yourself to a pyjama party for one and some much needed me-time. These delicious selections as well as several others should have you feeling significantly less awful and well on your way to a successful St.
While we can't vouch for the medical impact a cup of coffee may or may not have on your ailment, we can certainly vouch for the excellent taste delievered by Madman Espresso. Your diagnosis is a hangover and overwhelming sense of regret but the best perscription is an afternoon of rest and House of Cards marathon.
Make the stroll of shame to your local Liquiteria the shortest distance possible by checking their website for several convenient locations throughout the city.

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