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Home Remedies for Fleas in HomeIdeas for the Home: Regularly vacuum the carpets, under the furniture, floor boards and even curtains if necessary and dispose of the vacuum bag straight afterwards. If you or your pets are having a problem with fleas, it might be a good idea to use some natural flea remedies. Using these natural flea remedies, you can finally banish these stubborn little insects forever. This entry was posted in Natural Flea Remedies and tagged flea treatment, getting rid of fleas, home remedies for fleas, natural flea control, natural flea remedies. Borax and diatomaceous earth can be added to carpets before vacuuming - although ensure that all pets and children are out of the house whilst this takes place. In case you didn’t know, fleas are wingless, brown insects, and these insects survive by drinking blood from their host. To treat your pets using this method, you need to pour the apple cider vinegar into whatever size spray bottle you have. While using this method, it is recommended to add three tablespoons of vinegar to very gallon of water your pets will drink.

Natural fleas control with dish soap is very easy to accomplish, and it is still a natural way to remove the fleas.
By using natural remedies, you do not have to worry about subjecting your pets to harsh extremely harsh chemicals. Below you will find a couple of different home remedies for fleas that include supplies you probably already have lying around the house.
Some say that garlic and onions can be detrimental to your pets, and others say that they may be okay in small doses - but it’s always wise to get a professional’s opinion.
Ensure you pet is building a strong and adequate immune system (you could enquire further with your Veterinarian).
The odor your pets’ skin emits can attract fleas if they are unhealthy so look at ways to remedy this.
You could add natural ingredients to your pet’s food and drink, each day as one of your homemade flea remedies. Large quantities of raw garlic are said to be toxic to cats, but a minimal inclusion in the diet is said to be a good repellent to fleas - as is Brewer’s yeast.

Another idea is to be place a tiny amount of apple cider in the pet’s water bowl (good for their immune system). Natural sprays are good homemade remedies - these can be made from lemon and water or white vinegar and water, flea collars (not for cats or kittens) with essential oils (geranium, lavender, cedar to name a few) and flea dip baths (using peppermint or rosemary) are all also reported as good flea repellents for house pets. Chamomile near the cat’s basket and Fennel near the dog’s basket are also meant to be good repelling remedies. Herbal shampoos which include lavender, eucalyptus lemon or geranium are meant to be good for dogs as is a dry shampoo consisting of bicarbonate of soda with a few drops of lavender oil massaged into the fur before brushing off. However, with any of the above remedies, always check with your vet first.Home Remedies for Fleas on Dogs and CatsThere are many types of home remedies for parasites.

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