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Of course, for a smoker it is hard to stop smoking and it is often too difficult to do it alone.
Of course, there are always those phlegmatic people who claim to have stopped smoking without any help. It is certain that ear-acupuncture generally removes all the withdrawal symptoms such as trembling, nervousness, aggression, circulatory disorders, nausea, etc., and it has been proved that the patient has no physical need to smoke.
From the first day of treatment on the patient has to realise that he or she DOES NOT SMOKE. The permanent needles should be used as follows: in case of a right-handed person the first puncture has to be made in the left ear.
If there is no indication for using the permanent needles, the following points should be punctured in addition to the initiatory basic-treatment, if these are virulent. If there are any withdrawal symptoms after completion of treatment, then supplementary therapy will be required. Depending on the symptoms the patient shows, the most important homeopathic medicines are Staphisagria D 30 or Tabacum D 30.

The hands, often symptoms of insecurity during a conversation can be kept busy holding a cigarette.
After two weeks, the needles then have to be inserted in the right ear, and finally, after another two weeks the procedure has to be repeated in the left ear again. The first reason is that patients will experience the feeling of release that the acupuncture provides, since they can probably feel the first withdrawal symptoms. Treatment should take place once a week, and at least five treatment sessions will be necessary.
If some other supplementary help is needed, the patient can chew a mixture of calamus roots and liquorice.
It should be kept in mind that a sensitive and nervous individual (even after a brief time as a smoker) can be far more addicted to nicotine than a strong person. In my experience it has been of help to conduct an initiatory pre-treatment in each ear before puncturing commences.
A virulent point has to be found in the area between the pharynx-point and the entrance to the stomach.

If the patient has smoked before treatment he or she will have just eliminated the very symptoms that are reflected in the important points in the ear, and which will consequently be very difficult to find. Heavy smokers are highly sensitive at this point and usually you will find it displaying noticeable indentations. If the person has not been smoking for a long period of time, the point will be located nearer to the pharynx-point.
They must realise that (in spite of all the help we can provide) they must have the will to stop smoking.
The point is located closer to the stomach area underneath the crus helix if the person is a long term-smoker.

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