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Usually millet is a simple and really amazing remedy you could use to treat kidney disorders. In the evening prepare another portion for the next day, following the same steps of preparation. This food products is quite cheap and easily available to everyone, and it definitely protects the kidneys. It is efficient in treating kidneys, helps in their detoxification, cleans sand and small stones. Drink it during the day without a limit, meaning you can drink as much as you can and whenever you want.

Prepare yourself a healthy millet porridge for breakfast (1 cup of millet, 3 cups of water – you can prepare it in 15 minutes). The body will eliminate it through the urine, and the kidneys will be completely cleaned from all the sand. In the folk medicine millet is used as a natural remedy to treat urolitiasis (creation of kidneys in the urine). It cleans kidneys efficiently, eliminates sand and mucosa (lining), helps in treating female diseases and cures cystitis. Both websites are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world.

Millet is one of the most widely used grains with high nutritional value and healing properties.
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