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In one of our previous blogs we discussed exactly what gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is and the symptoms to watch out for, but we didn’t really go into exactly how to treat your GERD.
Since GERD is a condition that involves the stomach’s gastric acid, much of what you eat can have a substantial effect on the severity of your GERD.
Other foods like cheese, avocados, and nuts can trigger GERD or heartburn, as well as substances such as peppermint, carbonated beverages, caffeine, and alcohol. When simple dietary and lifestyle changes, nonprescription medications, and even stronger, prescription medications can’t effectively control acid reflux or GERD, surgical treatment is available. Your doctor will determine if one or both of these tests are necessary components in your decision to have surgery based on your individual symptoms. Patients undergoing either of these surgical procedures are likely to experience mild to moderate discomfort, difficulty swallowing, and sore throat. Yet, these are just general food suggestions for those who suffer from GERD; therefore, it’s best to keep a food journal and figure out precisely which foods are your triggers and which are not. Combined with medication such as antacids and H-2 blockers, these treatment options prove to be very effective for many GERD sufferers, but sometimes surgery is necessary when all other methods have failed.
If the decision to have surgery is made, there are two surgical options available at our Caldwell hospital.

These symptoms are temporary and respond well to the pain medication your doctor will prescribe for you. It’s best to take things slow, avoid eating right before bedtime, and make an effort not to overeat.
Patients will be asked to restrict physical activity for the first two weeks and will be given specific dietary guidelines to help maximize their success while their new anti-reflux valve heals. Steer clear of rich, fried, or high-fat foods and choose foods with high-fiber content that are heavy on whole grains, lean meats, and fruits and vegetables. With all surgical procedures involving general anesthesia, there are risks that should be discussed with your doctor. The main suggestion is that cranberries prevent bacteria (particularly E.coli) from adhering (sticking) to uroepithelial cells that line the wall of the bladder. They concluded that “Consumption of 50 ml of cranberry-lingonberry juice concentrate daily reduced recurrences of symptomatic urinary tract infection by about half compared with the control group. The addition of 14 further studies suggests that cranberry juice is less effective than previously indicated. Although some of small studies demonstrated a small benefit for women with recurrent UTIs, there were no statistically significant differences when the results of a much larger study were included.

Could a higher dosage work better (does 50 ml contain sufficient amount of beneficial elements)? Can the nature of intake (whole cranberry fruit, juice, concentrated powder) make a difference? Can the frequency and duration of intake impact the results (how many times a day and for how many weeks or months on continuous basis)?
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