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Babies grow in spurts just like older children, but when is being smaller than normal a cause for concern?
This common childhood virus gets its name from Coxsackie, New York, the city where it was first identified.
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If your baby has nappy rash, leave the nappy off for as long as possible in order to let air circulate round the infected region. If nappy rash is left untreated there’s a danger that a yeast infection called Candida can spread, giving babies a darker, red rash around the nappy area, sometimes called nappy thrush. You can share your experiences and thoughts with other Embarrassing Bodies site-users below.
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Hi my daughter is the same and has had it diagnosed at Lichen Sclerosis go and see your doctor, i know it is scary but they can help. My 8 year old daughter A gets burning red skin around the vagina sometimes after having a wee, we use nappy rash cream and this seems to calm it down but why is this happening, could it be something in the diet or too many acidic drinks? My daughter is 6 months old, and has TERBBILE nappy rash, It bleeds all the time, but she also Has atleast 5 Soiled nappies everyday, I have taken her to the Doctors, And she has been Referd but nothing is happning!
I Think the fact that she is pooing SO much is making the nappy rash worse, I only use warm water and cotten woll to clean her at nappy time anyway, and i have yoused Sudocrem,and every single over the countor cream i could buy, And all of the perscribed creams, They even prescried the thrush cream canaston Duo, And nothing has worked.
It looks like no one else has asked this question, so please fill in the rest of your details below. Nappy rash is a common condition thought to affect up to a third of nappy-wearing babies at any given time. By Rebekah Hoffer 16 Comments Does your baby have white patches on their tongue or the inside of their cheeks?
I called my lactation consultant and vented about my frustrations with the antibiotics and the thrush that just wouldn’t go away. So if gentian violet works after just 3 nights (unlike the antibiotics I was battling with for weeks), why don’t more people choose to use gentian violet right from the start? At first I was scared of the mess, but in the end it was much easier than coating my son’s mouth with antibiotics several times a day. Gentian Violet saved the day for us since we, like you, had no success with the medicine route.
Me n my 4 month old baby is fighting with thrush from 3 months after trying nystatin and diflucin now want to try gentian violet but scared as pharmacist told me its for external use only .
Plz help n if i try it is safe for my baby n how to apply directly in babies mouth or on my nipples then breastfeed her.
If you are nervous about using gentian violet after talking to the pharmacist, then certainly talk to a lactation consultant and see what they have to say. This article includes a list of references, related reading or external links, but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Overactive let-down (OALD) is the forceful ejection of milk from the breast during breastfeeding. The forceful spray of milk can cause the baby to consume too much milk too quickly as well as to swallow air during the period of rapid swallowing following the let-down.

Overactive let-down can be a part of a constellation of symptoms that make up Oversupply Syndrome or Oversupply Colic.
There are effective remedies[examples needed] for overactive let-down, and oversupply syndrome, however aggressive treatment should be watched carefully by someone familiar with the condition as the mother is at a higher risk for plugged ducts, mastitis and other breast infections. Overactive let-down can take a long time to control and can be frustrating for the mother and baby, but when controlled effectively a long and satisfying breastfeeding relationship is possible. When preparing to nurse, mothers should allow the initial letdown reflex to occur and then subside before beginning the nursing session. Pumping off milk should be done only with the guidance of an experienced breastfeeding counselor, as part of a unilateral ad lib protocol. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Comments & Questions are reviewed by moderators, but if you see anything on the site that worries you, please report it and one of our moderators will look at it as soon as possible. If you have any concerns, you can check out NHS Choices, but ultimately it is always best to check with a health professional.
When it happens it is very painful for her and keeps reoccuring probably once every 2 weeks. She cries in so much pain each time i do her nappy, And the bleeding is horrible, it happens each time. Ellen Kim is now accepting patients who wish to enroll in the Medifast Take Shape for Life Weight Loss Program. It is actually a dye that I spread all over the inside of my son’s mouth, his bottom, and my nipples. However,  you should make sure you know what you are doing before you get started with gentian violet. Consult your Doctor or Lactation Consultant – I am not a lactation consultant or a medical professional. Dilute – Gentian violet can be picked up over the counter at most pharmacies or on Amazon. Watch for a Reaction – Even with properly diluted gentian violet, some children will have a reaction.
Use a Disposable Cup – Dilute the small amount of gentian violet that you need for each application in a disposable cup that you can throw away. Have Help – If your newborn is battling thrush, you might not need an extra pair of hands to help. Have Everyone Wear Old Clothes – This is the time to put your baby in an ugly onesie.
My lactation consultant recommended it, but you should only use it if YOU feel comfortable.
Doctors wil also prescribe in the case of trush for babies and for mothers a solution named glycerine borax which is very effective.
In some women it occurs only with the first let-down in a feeding, occasionally women may have multiple strong letdowns during a feeding. The speed of the flow of milk into the mouth can cause the baby to react with reduced nursing times and aversion to nursing often described by mothers as "fussiness", "colicky", "dislikes nursing", or "is weaning". Babies coping with OSS, gain weight quickly in the early months, even while nursing for short period. Mothers with this condition are often given various incorrect rationales for their concerns such as "having weak milk", or "bad milk", it's "just colic", the baby will "grow out of it", or the child is "allergic to your milk", or a food in the mother's diet. Avoid using warmth for more than a few minutes as the warmth can increase swelling and inflammation. If the pattern is interrupted and it sounds as if the baby is struggling to swallow, gently slip a finger in the baby's mouth and remove the nipple until the baby is able to swallow and breathe.
If baby is very sleepy: wake baby to nurse every 2-3 hours, allowing one longer stretch of 4-5 hours at night.
Thrush looks like cottage cheese or milk curds on the sides, roof, and sometimes the tongue of a baby's mouth. If this happens and a baby boy appears to be in pain when urinating, or if the foreskin seems tight, he’ll need to be treated by a doctor, as balanitis may eventually cause a narrowing of the urethra in the penis, through which urine passes. Medifast is clinically proven and you will receive individualized coaching and support directly from Dr. Gentian violet worked for my son, but there may be reasons why you should avoid using it with your baby. Find out from a professional exactly how to use gentian violet safely. Make sure you get it everywhere: roof of the mouth, under the tongue, inside of cheeks, the gums, and as far back on the tongue as you can.

Yeast loves warm, moist places, so make sure you get in all the cracks and creases around your baby’s bottom. His face still got purple, but I could tell it was worse on the night that I forgot to put the olive oil on first. However, my son was over a year old and he definitely knew how to fight back when I came at him with the q-tip. You can buy that in farmacies in my country but you can find online how to prepare yourself, it contains just glycerine and borax.
OALD can make breastfeeding difficult and can be the source of some breastfeeding complications. Some babies, especially those of approximately 2-4 months of age, become increasingly upset with the spray of milk which may increase their aversion to nursing to the point of refusing the breast (a nursing strike).
Some OSS babies sleep for surprisingly long periods of time and depth, possibly due to an over-full feeling, while others have very disturbed sleep, possibly due to gastrointestinal pain. It's most common in babies 2 months and younger, but it can appear in older babies, too.What causes thrush?
Make sure your baby’s bottom is patted completely dry before putting on a new nappy, and always change nappies as soon as they are soiled. Washing the penis with saline solution and then following a course of antiobiotics should be sufficient to see balanitis off. It is possible that you and your baby have thrush, a yeast infection that is easily passed back and forth between mom and baby.
It works after just one application, but my lactation consultant told me that we should use it for three nights just to be sure we got all of it.
It was extremely helpful to have my husband there to hold back my son’s little hands. Make sure everyone involved in the process is wearing clothes that you won’t mind being stained purple. Paint the GV on my nipples before tha last feeding to ensure that baby got it all over in the mouth. I mix gentian violet also with glycerine and use it like it is said here, I also mix metilen blue with glycerine for all troat infalmations, I also dilute a bit of blue metilen in water and drink for kidney infections, and dilute violet in water mix with a bit of sugar and drink for candida intestinal or synus infections ( also ears) where candida can also be a factor. It can be easily tucked into the bra to absorb the overflow of milk when waiting for that letdown reflex to subside.
Plastic pants can also exacerbate nappy rash, as they keep the infected area warm and moist – the perfect conditions for generating nappy rash! The pharmacy can give you a small syringe to help you measure out the dye and then add the correct amount of water.
I figured that if things got super messy, I would rather have a stained laundry room floor than a stained kitchen or living room floor. To make a long story short, two rounds of medication and two months later, we were still battling thrush.
Not to use the Lanisol beast pads because they have a plastic backing that traps moisture and makes the yeast worse.
Whether mothers with OALD have a higher overall milk volume - or a strong reaction to the hormone Oxytocin (which causes the let-down reflex) also remains to be seen.
Thrush can develop when hormonal changes right after birth trigger an overgrowth of yeast in your baby's mouth.After your baby is born, antibiotics taken by you (if you're breastfeeding) or your baby can trigger a case of thrush. And you can trigger a case of thrush in your baby if you're breastfeeding and you develop a yeast infection on your nipples from taking antibiotics. But infants who breastfeed exclusively and don't use pacifiers can also get it, so it's hard to pinpoint any one cause.
Some babies (and some moms) are simply more susceptible than others to yeast.How can I know for sure that it's thrush?If you think your baby has thrush, look for the characteristic white patches. If it is thrush, it probably won't come off very easily, but if it does, you'll find a raw, red area underneath that may bleed.If you notice a white coating on your baby's tongue but nowhere else, it's probably just milk residue (especially if you can wipe it off).
Thrush patches can appear on your baby's tongue, but are most often found on the sides of the mouth. These spots can be painful — you may first suspect thrush if your baby starts crying when nursing or sucking on a pacifier or bottle.

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