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The whole subject of parasites is something that many people don’t seem to have considered or thought about very much.
Perhaps it is something that we think just affects the unfortunate people living in harsh conditions in certain parts of the third world, such as Africa or Asia etc.
Whilst parasites and human worms can be a big problem in these places, it can also affect you no matter where you live.
Parasites that inhabit the body have adapted to this over thousands and perhaps even millions of years.
They are masters at invading a body (including human), breeding and then carrying out their life cycles. They rarely show themselves physically as they inhabit the internals parts of the body such as the intestines and the colon.
The digestive tract is the most common place to find them, but they can  work their way into the kidneys, liver, brain, blood and in fact almost anywhere in the body.
It is hard to imagine how they can travel throughout different parts of the body, but they can.
They can travel through the bood in the form of tiny eggs or larvae.  This basically means they can pretty much end up anywhere in the body where they feel most secure and that has nutrition for them.
Adults can also travel throughout the digestive tract and can enter muscles and other tissue areas. A strong immune system can help you keep things under control but it isn’t a guarantee, especially if the infection is severe. Then you need to get educated about what may have caused the parasites or worms to be there in the first place and eventually to ensure  that they can’t come back.
This website aims to provide a number of potential solutions for you to try and to also give you the information about this hidden and growing problem in all societies. As people become more aware of the issues surrounding parasites they start to realsie that parasites may be the cause of many health complaints and ailments.
If you do nothing, you may get lucky and your body may handle them on its own accord if the infection is mild. Only by actually doing something about it will you effectively increase the chances of getting rid of them and moving your health and wellness to an optimum level.
Have you ever had a wonderful relationship with a pet, either a dog or a cat, that extends the animal’s status beyond pet to family? For most pet owners, such a situation is associated with their beloved pet family members having one thing; parasites. It should be explained that a parasitic relationship is when one organism benefits from the relationship while the other one suffers. The list of symptoms of possible parasite infection includes repeated diarrhea or constipation, chronic nausea, fatigue, weakness, intestinal cramping, dizziness, foul-smelling gas, indigestion, bloating, food allergies, loss of appetite, itching, difficulty sleeping, difficulty maintaining healthy weight, coughing blood, palpitations, anemia, wheezing, coughing, and facial swelling.

Before you panic, be aware that one of the primary causes of parasites and a whole host of digestive problems plaguing Americans is the simple fact that most of us have terrible diets full of junk food, processed food and chemicals. When it comes to domestic animals, many people think that fleas or ticks are the only big issue. If a dog eats something, which has been bitten by a worm-carrying parasite or is directly infected by worms, the chances are big that they will catch worms too. Ascaris can also attack adult dogs if they feed on the bodies of deceased animals that had worm infestation during their lifetime.
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Avoid eating sugar and foods that are high in starch as it may cause more damage to your issue. Eating a couple of cloves of garlic daily will help to rectify the problem as well as prevent worms from increasing. I am not an animal lover and I got rid off all pets to keep my child free of all the diseases that pets can transfer to humans.
If you notice your child complaining of an itch or pain in the tummy then they may be suffering with worms. Boosting your immune system is part of the solution, but you also need to get rid of what is already there.
However it is possible that you will need to carry out some active effort to get rid of them.
Have you ever frantically feared for the worst when your pet suddenly starts to dramatically lose weight despite eating the same amount or even more? But we, just like animals, are similar that we are living organisms that require food, water, shelter, air, and the other necessities needed to live. A lot of those symptoms are also associated with other diseases so it is always advisable to see your doctor if you are suffering from one or more of these problems. That is definitely a pandemic or a plague if more than three out of four people have a parasite. Probably the reason why we don’t know much about this is because conventional doctors are not trained in the treatment of parasites.
The first and most important step toward good digestive health is to change your eating habits and learn to follow a healthy diet. When the consumed item enters the digestive tract of the dog, the worms or the carrier parasite are transferred to the intestines of the pet and affect him. Dig up the potato chunks each evening if you can (but do it before dinner or it will put you off your food!!).

Replace the potato on the end of the skewers and repeat until you have successfully rid your garden of wire worms. If your house pet is suffering from worms, then there is a very high possibility that your child too will get affected. Make sure that you follow instructions carefully especially if you are medicating your child. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Flukes usually reside in the liver whilst tapeworms are most often found in the small intestines.
Somehow an adult invades, then it lays eggs at some point and these eggs hatch and form larvae. If we can be vulnerable to diseases such as dengue fever and the bubonic plague, we surely can be infected with parasites. However, a parasitic relationship usually has the life-sucking parasite taking away from its host without the host’s knowledge.
As the creatures live deep in the internal organs of dogs, it becomes hard for their owners to identify the presence of the worms until any sign becomes visible in the pets. It is basically a round worm that resides in the uterus of an adult female dog and gets transmitted to the body of the foetus during the pregnancy.
Place the pieces of potato in the holes with the skewer sticking out and fill the holes with earth.
All it takes is the consumption of certain natural ingredients which include black walnut hulls, wormwood, common cloves, pumpkin seeds (pumpkin oil is fine too), garlic, thyme leaf or seed, marshmallow root, and neem (which should not be taken if pregnant or planning to become pregnant since it works as a natural contraceptive).
Let’s hope that changes in the future very soon so that more people will know about this serious medical issue.
A common belief is they infest the body if you consume too many sweets; but that is untrue. Apply this paste to your buttocks and wash it off after a few hours to get rid of all the worms that may be infesting your rectum. Therefore, if you want to prevent such infections, you have to know the basic reasons lying behind it.

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