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However, she then had to be readmitted on April 2 and was kept in for six days while she was given antibiotics through a drip. Ms Nickson has raised concerns about the treatment her daughter received from the tattoo and piercing studio.However, Danny Kynaston, master body piercer at Beauty Spot, the piercing and tattoo parlour that Destiny visited, said his team carry out hundreds of ear piercings every week without any complaints and had followed stringent guidelines. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Aftercare: Because the hands see so much movement and traffic, a finger piercing will take a little longer than average to heal, with initial healing at closer to twelve weeks and substantial total healing at around six months to a year. I find the finger placement to be bad, I have yet to see anyone with a healed one that hasn’t migrated or rejected. It's not the first piercing that has caused the real damage.a€?I know there is a risk with ear piercing. After that she was on an IV drip of antibiotics.a€?They put two drains in it because the blood was collecting in her ear and the infection had rotted her cartilage. And while many people just have a dual stone belly button bar, others are taking their individually to the next level.
Check out these mesmerizing piercings for a bit of inspo.Belly button piercing is one of the most common types of piercing that a person can opt for. In fact, in many cultures, belly button piercing can symbolize a variety of different things as well such as strength, courage and fertility.
In the American culture, it has become a fashion statement that both men and women enjoy showcasing.

While it is more popular amongst women, many men are also getting naval piercings to accent their washboard stomachs.There are several different ways that you can pierce a belly button.
Traditionally, naval piercings are done through the top of the belly button, placing a curved barbell through the naval, usually with a studded end.
However, many individuals have taken this art one step further by adding lavish charms or jewels to the end of their barbell as well.In honor of many ancient cultures such as the Egyptian and Arabic cultures, many individuals are getting the bottom or sides of their naval pierced, using various jewelry or dermal piercings as well. This creates a unique look that, while covering the belly button completely in some cases, it generates an entirely new sense of awe to those gazing upon them.When looking to get your belly button piercing, you should always accent the form and shape of your own body. Those with outter belly buttons may opt for a piercing through the center of their belly button since there is not enough room to go through the top or bottom of it.You may often see belly button piercings that incorporate chains or band around the entire waist line as well.
Since belly button jewelry comes in all different shapes sizes and designs, it gives you the ability to create your own sense of individuality perfectly. While many people opt for simple jewelry that accents their body shape more than their fashion sense, it is not uncommon to see studded jewelery that is relatively small in size. While Claire's may be reliable for the basic ear piercing and maybe a second hole piercing, they are not reliable for any other piercing. Since the belly button is one of those body parts that is often exposed and deemed as a sexual desire for many, you will often see women get really creative with their belly button piercing choices!Common Things To Consider When Getting Your Belly Button PiercedYou should always consider the amount of skin and cartilage that you have around your belly button before you decide to get it pierced. The stronger the cartilage is around your naval, the less issues you will have when getting it pierced. A person should know this before choosing if they want their piercing done with a gun or needle.

Many people often find that without this, the piercing will not stay in and can often rip out, so to speak, most commonly when they speak.
While it sounds like a painful thing to happen, you often do not even feel the piercing remove itself from the skin.You will also want to ensure that you are getting the right jewelry.
However, if you at some point will want to dabble with the more lavish types of jewelry, such as bigger barbells, hoops or crossway jewelery, you will want to get your original piercing with a larger gauge needle to accommodate your jewelry choice.Body piercing such as naval piercings can often help you develop a strong love for piercings. It is not uncommon to base your belly button piercing around tattoos or other forms of piercing such as dermal piercings.
Tissue is forming around the piercing and while you are taking it out and putting it back in is irritating the piercing. Since women love to wear bikinis in the summer months, you will often see the most creative piercing designs that are unlike anything you will ever see. Even if you get your cartilage pierced with a needle it could still shatter your cartilage. Hates it so after 7 months of bagging the last week I bagged I showed them this video and they said ok .

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