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Everyone went through this phase and for some, they still tuck their legs up under the blanket and pull their arms from the edges of the bed when they go to sleep out of an ancient unchallenged fear. Sometimes referred to as the Bogeyman, Wikipedia has this to say about the legend, “The bogeyman (also spelled boogyman, bogyman, boogieman, boogey monster) is a legendary ghost-like monster. Although I was over the monster fear by the time I was about seven, I had a lot of friends who held onto the monster longer. Eventually, we get rid of the fear of the monster under the bed or in the closet, but we might just transfer that to fear of a burglar while we’re sleeping.
We have it when we are usually 2-3 years old and possess an imagination at that point, but too young to understand that imagination isn't real. I am a paranormal investigator who grew up in a Civil War field hospital where many unexplainable occurrences changed the course of my life. The ten-minute eye liftby HILARY FREEMANLast updated at 10:59 02 August 2007Dark hollows under the eyes canmake you look tired and are veryageing. I don't spend a lot on skincare, although I do use concealer.Recently, a couple of incidents made me feelvery self-conscious about the circles. I've always had dark shadows underneath them, but recently theyhad got a lot worse and people kepttelling me how tired I looked.
A boy meets the monster under his bed and makes friends with him, joining him and a world of monsters that exist under the beds of children.
The bogeyman has no specific appearance and conceptions of the monster can vary drastically even from household to household within the same community; in many cases, he simply has no set appearance in the mind of a child, but is just an amorphous embodiment of terror. The more I imagined the flick of a claw against my ankle when I was sitting up, I would eagerly dive into the covers and pull them up.
I spent my childhood digging up relics and helping my mother to uncover the history of the estate. A new non-surgicalprocedure called tear troughrejuvenation promises to restoreyour looks quickly.
First, myboss asked me if I'd considered having ahealth check-up because he thought I lookedreally tired and feared I was ill.A couple of days later, I showedsomeone round an acquaintance'shouse.

Sometimes,I'd look in the mirror and Ifelt I resembled one of the zombiesin the Michael Jackson Thrillervideo - like death warmed up.No concealer could concealenough, so however nice my clothesand make-up, I never thought I looked good.
Bogeyman can be used metaphorically to denote a person or thing of which someone has an irrational fear. The rest of the monster to me was something I never imagined because all I could concentrate on was the kinds of hands that would grip me, not where they would take me or what I would encounter below.
Sometimes, a bit of air was necessary, and that was allowed from the top near the headboard.
A respect for man's history, archaeology and a curiosity about the unexplained universe rule my passion for my study and my theories on this site. During the night, if I awakened with a hand draped over the side of the bed or a foot dangling, I’d have to bring it back up. The goal of this blog is to open minds and get people excited to seek that which they cannot explain.
Thefact she'd noticed the hollows undermy eyes and thought them seriousenough to do something about itvalidated my concerns - I wasn'tjust being vain.I'd probably have had cosmeticsurgery, but I consider this drastic.
I also lined up my stuffed animals around the edge of the bed so they looked outward and protected me all night while I slept. Iwas delighted that a non-surgicaloption was available because in mywork I see all the things that can gowrong under anaesthetic.The procedure was surprisinglyquick. Haveyou ever thought about doingsomething about it?"He said that hollows under theeyes are very common in women myage and that he was using a new,non-surgical procedure called teartrough rejuvenation to treat them,which research has shown to bemuch more effective, safer andquicker than surgery.The surgeon uses Restylaneinjections to fill in the hollows underthe eyes, which deepen when fat islost as you age.
At the point that the monster died for me, I had become so frustrated by accepting that there was a monster down there without question, that I climbed out of bed, crawled under it and laid there waiting. She says:For as long as I can remember,I've had a tendency todevelop dark circles aroundmy eyes, which worsenwhen I'm tired. The injection undermy right eye didn't hurt at all, butthe left side was a little painful andit did bruise quite badly - I lookedlike I'd been punched.
Nothing happened except I found out the underneath of my bed was dusty and made me sneeze a lot.

I shoulddrink more water and domore exercise, but I'm a workingmum and never seem to have thetime.
The areaaround my eyes was red afterwards.By the time I got home,however, the redness haddisappeared. In retrospect, that might have been the first sign I would hunt ghosts and do a lot of debunking in the future. The darknessunder my eyes was apparent and Ifelt very self-conscious.My husband Pete and I agreed Ishould try it. I would never haveconsidered anything as drastic asplastic surgery, but this procedure istested, reversible and there are fewpotential side-effects - just slightbruising and lumpiness.From my research, I found that MrMalhotra is the most experienceddoctor using this technique in theUK and even teaches others to doit, so I knew he was reputable. It took about a week for thebruising to vanish, and I usedheavy concealer to cover it up untilit healed.There's still a little bit of darknessunder my eyes, but it can now behidden with concealer, unlikebefore. I'd been told that, becauseI've had dark circles underneath myeyes since childhood, it must begenetic. The surgeonused more filler to plump up myfrown line and nose-to-mouth lines.Afterwards, one of my eyes wasslightly more bruised than theother, but that lasted only a fewdays. My boss noticed an improvement, and mysisters - who hadn't seen me for acouple of months - confided thatthey'd been worried about melooking exhausted but nowthought I looked much better.I can't say I look ten years younger,or that it's changed my life, but Iwas told the results wouldn't bedramatic.
I look after myself, butI'm not interested in spending lotsof money on my appearance - Ihave other priorities. I'm happy togrow old gracefully.Christine Barbosa,45, lives in Horley, Surreywith her husband Manuel,a 51-year-old self-employedbusinessman. She says:I'm particularly consciousabout my eyes because I spend myday in an operating theatre, wearinga mask and hat, so my eyes are theonly visible part of me.

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