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If a hedgehog is spotted, it should be approached as calmly as possible with no sudden movements.
It seems there are a lot of people out there wondering how to get rid of snakes, mostly without handling them. Apparently things are different now, and getting rid of snakes is priority number one, and it isn’t easy. If you want to keep snakes out of your yard, you’ll want to make sure that shrubs, bushes, and thick gardens are kept away from your home.
Piles of wood, compost heaps, and mulch should be kept a safe distance from your home if you’re getting rid of snakes.
If you want to get rid of garter snakes, then keeping insects like crickets, grasshoppers, and other small bugs out of your yard is a good idea. It should be obvious that if you see a snake of a species you don’t recognize, you should get your children away and call animal control immediately. If it has triangular jaws or rattlers on it, either take a very clear picture of it or chop it’s head off and throw it in a bag and bring it with you to the hospital so they can pick the right anti-venon. Hedgehogs' eye sight is not particularly good, however they are able to notice quick, jerky movements rather well; such movements may startle the hedgehog, causing it to flee.

As you might imagine, snakes are always looking for places to hide or cool off during the really hot days.
If you have snakes consistently slithering through your yard, chances are they’re chasing a meal. Animal control officers are trained to remove snakes from yards or hard to reach places; unlike your husband, who makes a better victim than an expert. It gives them a place to hide and hang out while they wait for the next meal to come along.
Not only that, but tall grasses host a number of the snake’s favorite meals like crickets, grasshoppers, mice, and a plethora of other small rodents and bugs. The gaps between logs provide the perfect cover for snakes, as do compost heaps and piles of just about anything. This is why we find snakes in our garage, under our porches, and in our gardens: those are all places where rodents like mice, squirrels, and other furry like to find a meal or make a nest. It’s all natural and they claim that it uses nothing but bad smells and tastes to keep snakes away.
I remember many a fine day grabbing garter snakes by their tales and throwing them up into trees to see if they’d stick.

Keeping the grass low also means that snakes will feel less comfortable there because they’re open to attack by their own natural predators like hawks and owls.
Garter snakes have no poison, and are considered one of the most common snakes, but they rarely bite—unless of course you’re trying to toss them into trees. On a website that explicitly advertises snake-a-way as the primary solution to snakes, it says that a university study has proven sulfur does not to repel snakes and shouldn’t be trusted. Placing the trap in this way eliminates the possibility of the hedgehog going around the trap, as it must enter the tunnel or turn back to continue along the avenue. What they fail to mention is that Snake-A-Way was the product being tested, which uses 28% sulfur.

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