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And in case I actually have an infection on my pierced lip, how do I clean, heal, treat or get rid of it quickly? However, many people end up with infected piercings, which if ignored, could have serious consequences that might include scarring, swellings, pain among others.Due to the close proximity of a lip piercing to your mouth, this type of a piercing is much more prone to infections especially for people who do not keep good oral hygiene. If ignore, the infection can easily spread to other parts of the mouth including gums and teeth. This therefore calls for immediate treatment of any lip piercing infection, irrespective of how small it might appear to be. It is advisable to visit your physician for inspection and diagnosis of the infection.Infected lip piercing pictures, photos and imagesTo easily help you picture out how a pierced lip will look like when infected, below are some images, pictures or photos. These should serve as an indicator or extra signs to look at on your piercing when it is infected. Red bump on a piercing Infection inside the mouthHow to treat an infected lip piercing, how to heal or treatmentsAlthough treating an infected lip piercing is easy, it can take a long time to get completely healed. Being near your mouth, it is certain that this is one area you do not want to be infected since it might make eating cumbersome depending on the location of your lip piercing. So how do you treat an infected lip piercing or what are some of the good infected lip piercing treatment?A.
Use of antibioticOther than the home remedies to get rid of any infection on your pierced lips we will cover in the next part, you could also opt for over the counter antibiotic.
Home remedies for infected lip piercingBesides using medication, you could opt for various home remedies to help heal your piercing quickly.

There are many at home remedies and we are going to mention just a few common and effective ones which include:1. However, the solution should not be so strong because it can cause lip dryness (2-3 teaspoons of sea salt in about a half a cup of water should be fine). Alcohol free mouth washesIf you do not want to prepare a sea salt solution, going for alcohol free mouth washes will serve the same purpose.4. To do this, you need to dip the piece of cloth in hot water, get rid of excess water before dabbing the affected part for a few minutes, twice each day.C. Ensure you first see a specialist before you make such a decision.How to clean an infected lip piercing or infected lip piercing careWe have seen the various ways on how to heal an infected lip piercing. It is worthwhile to mention something small on how to clean an infected lip piercing so as to avoid further spread of the infected and make its healing much faster.
Do not overdo it.While cleaning your mouth, ensure you remove any foot particles that might be in or near your piercing hole using a very soft brush to avoid hurting your healing piecing. One piercing is done in the groove just above the top lip and the other just below the center of the bottom lip. Your bar should have been longer to accommodate the swelling and the tightness isn’t going to help at all. What should I do?Reply vladmirme Oct 2, 2015 at 8:11 amIt seems like your lip piercing has an infection. The left piercing however, has redness around it, and the hole on the outside has stretched abit, which is causing the stud to go into it a bit.

However, if not fully healed, without a jewelry, it will close downReply Tj Oct 10, 2015 at 1:03 amI got my lip piercing about a month ago and just recently within the past 2 weeks a white bump type thing appeared on the inside of my lip piercing. I’m cleaning it with salt water and mouth was frequently, should I be worried or is this a normal part of the healing process?
No pus but just soreness and stinging especially when I rinse my mouth with salt and water. WjAt to do?Reply vladmirme Nov 22, 2015 at 8:43 am8 days is a long time and your lip should have healed.
Warm sea salt water and I waited and then wipped away the water and I woke up the next morning and I looked at them and they had clear and yellow oozue coming from both sides just sticking around the stud but they weren’t swollen or red what do I do? I brush my teeth five times a day I use non alcohol mouth wash (x5) And I use sea salt letting them soak for five minutes and then swab around on the outside. Am I doing this correctly?Reply Emily Apr 26, 2016 at 7:46 pmI got my snakebite hoops 4 days ago, they are slightly red and hurt to spin.
How do I heal if so?Reply Issabel May 23, 2016 at 8:02 amI have what feels like a ball in my lip peircing what does tht mean?

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