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I posted about this last week and received a lot of tips on using vaseline and other creams on the area, I also went up a diaper size from 4's to 5's which are kind of big on him but work. Until about age 7, a child absorbs the basic rituals of spirituality she's exposed to with little understanding of their significance.
Are there foods that your child is still reluctant to try -- or that have never touched her plate? This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Anyway it has NOT got better, well it has and it hasn't it seems that in the morning it is better as he has been sleeping and not moving around all night, and by the end of the day it is at its worst.
DS had some little pimple looking things on his butthole and it happened to be at a well baby visit. It could be a yeast infection or the begining of a mild form of measles that babies occationally get. I tried the walmart brand and she ended up with quarter sized open wounds as WELL as a rash like that.Have you tried letting your little one run around nekked for a day? We haven't taken him to the doctor, I am giving this other brand of diaper a try and then will see.
Today the DCP put some diaper cream on it which didn't seem to help, I have been using vaseline which isn't doing much it seems.

I forget what my pedi said it was exactly but she prescribed bactroban for it and it went away.
Anyway tonight I had DH buy a completely different brand of diapers to see if that might help, if it is maybe something 'in' the diaper, I just don't know what else to do? If it's the diaper rubbing on sensitive skin he should clear up which SHOULD give you a better idea of how his diapers are affecting him.
To me I think it is a contact reaction as it is just right on the diaper area and this is only one side it is on both sides. He did have something similar right above his butt crack at the back, but then it cleared up. I swapped out all the diapers at the DCP this morning with the new ones and will see how it is at the end of the day. At home we do do alot of nakey time, but it has been work all week, so in the evenings he doesn't get as much as he would on the weekends. If it doesn't get better this weekend with trying out the new diapers, nystain and nakey time, I will have to take him in next week.

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