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How rid possums house , From rid easiest alternatives rid possums yard. We may not mind a few tunnels, but when it gets to be too many, it can leave an unsightly mess of molehills, uneven soil and brown ridges in the lawn.
As for voles, they’re the ones that eat plants directly (as do gophers), so can cause even more of a problem (moles just eat insects and earthworms).
If you don’t know what you’re dealing with, moles leave the big volcano-like mounds, whereas voles leave 2 inch wide paths, but no mounds (and gopher’s leave a horseshoe-shaped mound). Before we talk about getting rid of moles and voles, in terms of prevention, both of them like moisture, so if you don’t irrigate, the soil will be less attractive to them. They also prefer sandy soil over clay, but it’s almost impossible to change soil texture, so we can’t do much there.
You may need to try a few methods because what works great for one situation may not, for whatever reason, work for you. Feel free to add your experiences with getting rid of moles or voles in the comments section below.
Moles are usually portrayed as friendly, funny, and furry underground dwellers in animated films and cartoon series. In order to keep the moles from destroying the aesthetics of your lawn and prevent them from turning the soil and grass in your property into possible walking hazards and potholes, you should brush up on the many methods of getting rid of them. If you’re not sure if a tunnel is active, cover the hole with a bit of soil and see if the mole or vole clears it away within a couple of days.
Some people have success getting rid of moles and voles with garlic or onion, fish, rotten food (especially cheese and yogurt), or walnut leaves.
If you already have a cat, some cats are good mole and vole hunters, or sometimes the cat’s smell will repel them.

One of the reasons I wrote this post is because during my research for last week’s post on neem oil, I learned that it can work indirectly to dissuade moles. This oil comes from the seeds of the castor bean plant and can sometimes be effective for moles. Hardware cloth or any similar kind of wire mesh can be installed vertically around the garden, like a short fence, to a depth of 30 inches and a height above ground of 6 inches for moles (or 24 inches above ground for voles). Wash a traditional mouse trap or live trap with soapy water to remove any smells, because moles won’t get near it if it smells like you. Sometimes the only solution for how to get rid of moles and voles is to trap them with a mole trap, which you can purchase online or from a hardware store.
Some people have success with sprinkling moth balls over the lawn and in the tunnels of moles and voles.
Surgery and laser treatment is usually enough to eliminate prominent (but mostly benign) mole growths, but you probably don’t have enough ray guns or scalpels to eliminate a mole infestation in your barn or home.
I wonder if a dog’s smell can be similarly helpful if they spend a lot of time hanging out in the yard. Mix 1 cup of castor oil with 2 tablespoons of liquid soap per gallon of water and spray it monthly over the lawn and soil and into their tunnels, and again after each big rain. Or if you can’t do the whole garden, you can install it around certain beds or even just your trees. Then put an earthworm, insect or peanut butter into the trap and place it in a mole hole or right beside the hole with a shoe box to cover it and a brick or rock on top to keep it from blowing away.
It is a chemical pesticide, so I don’t use them, and there are more effective solutions up above.
You can also go into another extreme in case you don’t have pets by using chemical agents and gases on these moles in order to kill them. It will probably not flush out the savvy mole, which has enough sense to go to higher ground if you do go ahead with your plans. There are even products available that won’t damage your plants and can preserve the overall look of your yard when everything is said and done. Cayenne is also mixed with garlic, vegetable oil, soap and water to make a natural insecticide. Certainly just having animals in the yard can keep moles away because they don’t like noise and vibrations.

I’ve also read about solar powered devices that send out signals, but the reviews are mixed on those.
Castor seeds can also be sprinkled in the garden in strategic places, but they contain ricin which is a highly toxic poison, so handle with care. Make sure the trap is specifically for moles.Select the best time to set the trapsPlace the traps during times of the year that are the most effective. To wit, the integrity of the soil in your home will be compromised with the continued digging of the moles, making it erode and collapse unto itself. It can be useful to keep pets out of your gardens, too, although it is a bit of a mean tactic. A simpler noise maker is to cut the top off a few glass bottles and stick them diagonally into the ground around mole hills so the wind causes noises the moles don’t like.
Neem oil can be effective against grubs, including the larval stage of Japanese beetles, so if you have a mole problem and a grub or Japanese beetle problem, neem oil may be the solution for you.
Spring and fall are the best times because moles thrive in moist soil and are most active.Set the trapsFollow the instructions on the mole traps to set them up. That being said, using beneficial nematodes for grubs is a more tried and true strategy, so I recommend that over neem oil for now. You need to check below-the-ground or tunnel traps regularly, moving them daily until the mole gets caught.
Unfortunately, both are poisonous, so if you have children or pets, you’ll want to avoid them.
In order to get rid of moles permanently, you should take away their food source, which is usually whatever vegetables you might have in your garden. Moles typically live alone and only to the lifespan of 3 years, so your mole problem may resolve itself if the traps don't work. Moles are only cute when they’re in cartoon form—heck, even cockroaches can be made cute animated—but their real-life counterparts are every bit as pesky as any other rodent, sometimes even more so.

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