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Often times, I see people in the gym slugging it out with the bar on bench press as soon as they enter on chest day.
2) Make the priority in the rep the bottom portion of the movement – this is the number 1 reason people fail to grow their chest.
The whole point of lifting weights is to get your muscles to reach fatigue, so they can repair and grow stronger for the next time. Doing weights you can’t handle, and thus going down half way, is not going to give you the optimal workout, even if you think it does. Bodybuilding deals with creating an illusion, and if your upper chest is big, your whole chest will (even if it’s really not big overall) seem big. Although not absolute (you can do higher inclines if you feel it better), a good incline is around 30 degrees up from flat, no more. For the majority, however, you have to follow physics and the natural way the muscle moves in order to get the best results, and that means using a full range of motion, or focusing on where the chest does the most work (bottom half).

First and foremost, make sure that you are using the Mind Muscle Connection to enhance training, regardless of the exercise you do. Plus, it’s the meatiest part of the chest, so more often than not if your upper chest is big, your chest as a whole should be at least pretty darn decent.
You’re just trying to get the chest in a slightly elevated position, but not overly so.
The reason I mention this for this article is because people most often crack on form when it comes to benching.
Drop the weight all the way down to your chest, feel the stretch, and come back up half way (if you want to exhaust your chest before your triceps get exhausted).
They try to lift as much weight as possible, but they wind up using their shoulders and triceps just as much as their chests (if not more). Again, from the article linked above, feel your chest working, try to not involve the other muscles.

To get an expansive look into overall chest development, also visit our Eliminating The Bird Chest article. If you’re just doing the movement, your shoulders and triceps will come into play more than they have to. The top half of the movement involves the tricep, why people go down to parallel (at best) and back up is beyond me (short of actual physical limitations, which are fine of course).
Here’s two quick tips I want to give those who are looking to slap on some meat on their chest and overall increase chest size.

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