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What they did for the acne market with ProActiv, they are doing again for the Anti-Aging market.
Along with an Anti-Aging line they also have products for erasing sun damage and dark spots, soothing sensitive skin, as well as products for acne. I immediately saw the potential of the business model becoming a blessing for my family financially, so I jumped in feet first and have enjoyed every moment sharing the products, caring for other’s skin care needs, and training other consultants to do the same.
I used REVERSE to get rid of my sunspots and uneven skin tone then added the complete REDEFINE regimen to decrease my wrinkles and minimize my pores.

Each regimen is created to work in the right order, in the right formulations, in a multi-medicine therapy for specific needs.
It’s a product I have tried for myself, I quickly saw amazing results and now I firmly believe in it and want to share it with others!
I have heard great things about Rodan and Fields but I am hesitant to buy because it is expensive. It fits into my schedule as a working mom, my family wants to support short and long-term mission trips, we want to bless families who want to adopt with the funds to do so, and we want to financially be able to give ANYTIME we feel we are called to.

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