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A few weeks ago, every member in our house (five total because we’re living with my in-loves right now) went down with a violent strand of the stomach bug except me. Then, I forgot to be vigilant for a couple of days (and we were around people who had recently been sick), and one night after dinner I didn’t feel so well. How did I avoid the stomach bug the first time, and then only contract a mild, mild case the second time? Activated charcoal works by absorbing chemicals through the entire GI tract, and therefore reducing their toxicity.
When someone in my home or someone I’ve been in contact with starts showing signs of sickness, I pop two activated charcoal pills and drink a huge glass of water. If I become sick, I take one to two capsules of activated charcoal three times a day with water, and my children will sip as they are able. Garlic is most commonly known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. I take garlic because if our bodies are being bombarded with viruses and bacteria, it is a stellar fighter of all things bad. Therefore, we take garlic 1-2 times a day for several days after being exposed to someone sick (or hear it’s going around). To aid my digestive system as it fights off the virus, I rub peppermint essential oil on my stomach a few times a day. I steep peppermint leaves in a cup of hot water for 5-15 minutes and sip on it a couple of times a day.
Mixing peppermint and chamomile is another favorite of mine, and it’s really great for children!
Perhaps you’re catching on, but this is another great immune booster, which is a great way to help stave off any sort of sickness, including the stomach bug. I use the Double-E Immune Booster mix from Bulk Herb Store to make my own immune boosting tincture. I believe my body is created to heal itself, and I believe that God has provided amazing healing elements in His creation. However, I also recognize that we live in a fallen world where sin and sickness still exists.
After the stomach bug has swept our home, we cleanse our home with much cleaning, laundry, and immune boosting supplements and foods. I sipped on warm broth when I was feeling queasy and it always made me feel so much better!
You can see how I stock my natural medicine cabinet here and how we fight the flu naturally here. Thanks for the great post, I have tried a lot of different methods for an upset stomach but none of them really do the trick properly. I like the sound of your Activated Charcoal remedy so am looking forward to giving that a try. When my bowels went crazy about a few weeks ago, I tried drinking two cups of coffee and it got words, that I would love, never drink coffee if you have a stomach thing.

Epstein-barr virus immune system – cures , Concluding our story on epstein-barr virus and cancer, we explore the ongoing research into the virus and how this could lead to treatments in the future..
Stomach flu treatment – brat diet , Stomach flu treatment - home remedies for stomach flu. Stomach Virus Fall 2014, Our experience activated charcoal , We followed some of the recommendations for treating the stomach bug with activated charcoal and had great results!
Stomach Virus Fall 2014, Heal stomach acid naturally - empowered sustenance, Low stomach acid leads to a cascade of digestive problems. Stomach Virus Fall 2014, Best cure stomach bugs flu , Why cinnamon is the best cure for stomach bugs and flu. We’ve all been hit, at one time or the other, in our lives with stomach aches and cramps.
When it comes to digestive issues, like the bad food = bad gas syndrome that we all know too well, I’ve found that the best cure is to lie on your left side, breathe slowly, and calm your body.
Apple cider vinegar, something my mother always swore by, is a great healing agent for stomach aches as well. I know many folks who swear by the goodness of aloe vera gel in treating blemishes and making the skin glow, but did you know that this healing plant is also great for curing upset stomachs as well?
If your condition seems pretty severe then you could consider asking your doctor about which medications will work best. Medical Disclaimer Statements on Get Holistic Health about health issues aren't meant to identify, treat, cure, or protect against illness.
Previous Story Previous post: Confidence In The Modern AgeNext Story Next post: Will America Ever Win the Fight Against Fat? It seems like there are a million strands of this thing and just when you get over one bug, you’re moving on to another one. By God’s grace and a few tactics that I had in my back pocket for weeks like this, I avoided it. I continued filling my family with my natural remedies, and we washed our hands like crazy. I went to my natural medicine cabinet and got straight to work as soon as the first sickness reared its ugly head! Practically speaking, garlic is a natural antibiotic that your body does not grow resistance to, which means it has on-going positive benefits.
We all take proboiotics in capsule form, but we also seek to eat or drink a variety of fermented foods like kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, and yogurt to get even more into our systems. I found bone broth to be the best thing for me as I healed from the mild stomach bug I contracted.
It has a few other ideas that I didn’t mention that you might be able to use as well! She takes joy in spending her days creating memorable moments with her husband, conducting kitchen experiments, researching every natural alternative known to man, and making her little boys laugh. I'm Leigh Ann, and I am passionate about encouraging and equipping women to be intentional.

Lying in this position doesn’t put any strain on the stomach and will allow things to settle a bit. Simply add a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water and drink it before your meal. It’s great for healing your stomach of toxins that come from food or alcohol poisoning.
If your stomach is feeling upset and you’re not able to get comfortable enough to rest, or even to lie down. Ginger aids digestion, helps to ease stomach pains, and even has anti-inflammatory properties. Especially when it comes to intestinal problems and bad gas, constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, and cramps, drinking Aloe Vera juice brings quick relief.
I’ve heard many success stories from people who use Hyoscine Butylbromide, Gaviscon, and other such meds. He kept at it for about six hours or so before he fell into a deep sleep for the rest of the night. We can trust Him with our health as we steward what He has given us to the best of our abilities. Here at Intentional By Grace I bring you behind the curtain of my life and encourage you to live for Him in all you do.
The term itself “stomach cramp” can be used as a pretty broad statement because it describes any pain that is in the abdominal region. Apple Cider has a natural cleansing and antiseptic properties that are perfect for the gentle cleansing of your system.
My unsuspecting kid brother, quite some years ago, ate a gecko egg and he spent the rest of the day being force-feed burnt toast. Hyoscine Butylbromide is said to be really effective in curing irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, and that it goes right to the site of the pain and instantly relaxes the muscles.
Material shown by Get Holistic Health is for educational purposes only and isn't meant to substitute for the recommendation of a doctor and other medical professional. I happen to have activated charcoal on hand for my organic soaps I make so put active little in a glass of water to help absorb any bugs. As a herbal tea, it doesn’t have any caffeine that will keep you up all night, but it will sooth your tummy and your feelings so that you can rest well. Gaviscon is known for its quick soothing and long lasting relief from pain and discomfort that stems from stomach aches. Turns out after he went to the doctor that the burnt toast actually did help as a first step to absorbing and neutralizing toxins in his body. Don’t forget, though, that ginger can be pretty spicy and strong tasting, so if you want your tea to be more mild, then only let the grated ginger steep in the water for a couple minutes, maximum five minutes.

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