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The treatment for this on humans (and possibly dogs) is a course of prescription medice (Diflucan, Fluconazole, etc,), so you likely can't treat at home. You have to give your dog prescription medication from your veterinarian - the dewormers sold in department stores in the United States are not effective against tapeworms. How rid yeast infection fast naturally home, How to get rid of a yeast infection fast best way to get rid of yeast infection naturally how to get rid of a yeast infection at home how to home remedy. 4 ways rid yeast infection home – wikihow, How to get rid of a yeast infection at home. Yeast infection natural treatment - 5 ways rid , 5 ways to get rid of a yeast infection.
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You almost never see a thrush infection without a compromised immune system, so this disease is a harbinger of other problems.
I strongly suggest you get this dog to your vet and have her work the dog up to find out what the underlying cause is.
I am going through this right now with my first child and last week, I couldnt even nurse or pump because my nipples hurt so badly.
Also, diagnosing Thrush requires culturing it, so you may indeed have thrush or something similar but not the same. They are somewhat better now, and the Thrush in my son's mouth is almost gone with the help of the nystatin drops. ALso, there is Nystatin cream for your nipples which is what the dr perscribed me, BUT a lactation specialist I talk to regularly told me about something called tripple nipple cream which has the same thing as the Nystatin cream, plus an anti-inflamitory which TOTALLY helped with the pain.

It needs to be compounded, so it will need to be called into a pharmacy that does that sort of thing. Its also more expensive if you dont have insurance-(I had to pay 40 dollars) but when you have this infection on your nipples, you know that ANY amount is not too!

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