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The swimming pool might be a great place to show off your new belly button ring, but don't jump in the water until your piercing heals.
A belly button piercing takes longer to heal than a piercing in any other part of your body. And if the piercer uses cheap jewelry or misjudges the size of the ring needed for your body, the risk of irritation and infection increases.
No matter how clean the water might look, bacteria and other organisms can enter the wound. You can help the healing process, though, by keeping the piercing site clean, dry and protected.

If you must swim before the site has fully healed, consider protecting the area with a waterproof dressing that makes a tight seal over the skin. While healing is typically complete within 9 months, it can take up to a year for a belly button ring site to heal. Washing your hands before touching the belly button area and following the piercer's instructions about cleaning the site -- typically either with dilute saltwater or soap and water -- can help to prevent infection. When you finish swimming, you should remove the dressing, clean the area, and then dry it thoroughly.
If you notice drainage, redness or swelling at the piercing site, contact your health care provider as you may need antibiotics to clear up the infection.

Wearing loose clothing can prevent the ring from catching on your clothing and reopening the wound. If you usually swim only in the summer, you might also consider scheduling your piercing in early September to allow the site plenty of time to heal.

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