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Sara Lucas: does this really work cus i got my belly button piercing and its infected badi»?Ibabykiersten: take the ring out? This blog is to show you the progession of my piercing for anyone who is wondering how to take care of it. Also, my dad has absolutely NO idea I have this, so I can tell you how to hide it as I go through this process.
Day 15: The bottom hole seems pretty much healed, but the top one is still kind of red, really easy to move around without any pain. I convinced my dad to do the vacation at the end of summer since I’m doing summer school.
To facilitate healing, it is important that you clean up the piercing thoroughly and regularly. To prevent the area from getting chaffed by your skirts, dresses, pants, shorts and clothes in general, wear them loose. Since the belly button does not heal fast, you will need to be patient enough and give it the necessary time for it to heal. In some instances, you may be faced by circumstances that force you to remove your belly button piercing ring. This is the secondary healing stage and marks the second phase of the belly button piercing healing stages.
In case your clothes keep chaffing the area, cover the area with gauze and tape during the day and remove it at night so the piercing can breathe. If when you sit down your stomach folds and you are likely to feel a pinch after the piercing, opt for curved barbells as your initial jewelry. Do not be tempted to change the jewelry before the belly button piercing healing is complete as you could prevent it from healing quickly. One of the reasons a belly button piercing healing takes longer is because it is near the waist, which experiences a lot of movement.
Remember as far as possible, not to touch the piercing or try to change the navel jewelry before the belly button piercing healing is complete. Allow your belly button piercing healing to be a natural process so that you too can enjoy wearing different types of belly button jewelry!
Within this duration, it is possible to experience to experience a lot of events that could delay healing. Refrain from playing around with it, scratching or poking it if you want it to stay healthy. Avoid those with waistbands that run across the belly button and opt for those cut to be worn low. This means that it will take time before swimming after you have had a belly button piercing.

While getting pierced, talk to your piercer on what to expect day by day so you can watch out for red flags indicating infections, migration and rejection. This means that once you get your belly button piercing, new skin cells will form around the outside of the pierced hole. This phase tends to be a short one and the piercee is advised to be very careful when handling the piercing. While these same signs are normally associated with infections, they are part of the natural healing process and normal in the days following the piercing. Use a mild soap to wash the area once in a day and soak it in a saline solution twice each day.
Like seen elsewhere in this post in our stages pictures, the healing process gets underway.
These will help prevent you from discomfort, scars and constant swelling which are associated with trauma on piercing. Then you probably have a list of do’s and don’ts from your piercer so that you can help with the belly button piercing healing. You will have to take good care of it – sometimes even around six months and up to a year for it to completely heal!!! Not tender to touch and I’ve been doing my best to resist my temptation to play with it! To make sure that the belly button piercing healing is smooth, you need to pay attention to the aftercare procedures. Loose clothes will also ensure that the wound breathes which is essential for its healing process.
Once it has healed, you can change your jewelry and change to different designs, colors and patterns as much as you can. In case you are not sure, you can first settle for retainer jewelry before completely making up your mind.
You should allow the piercing to heal on itself and your responsibility is to just keep it clean to help speed up the process. This is made possible by the production of cells around the piercing which help to strengthen it. Therefore the specific healing time varies from individual to individual based on a few factors. So it is in your hands to ensure that you take good care to clean it during the belly button piercing healing period. Jewelry made of surgical steel, titanium and Bioplast body jewelry are the best options as these are all safe to wear on a fresh piercing. Its nit really that bad it only looks like that because as she soaking it the puss is coming out and the water is enlarging it.

If in the end you decide to get rid of the piercing, you may be wondering how long does it take for a belly button piercing to heal after taking it out? Since the piercing is done within, knowing the stages involved in the healing process can help tell when the piercing has healed.
The signs of a healed piercing include the absence of redness, soreness and lymph and the replacement of these with a smooth doughnut shaped hole on the rim. During the healing process, as much as the piercing is kept clean, it should also be kept dry. Bioplast, in particular comes highly recommended for its flexibility and ability to heal your piercing much faster. We get into the details of these as well as how to rid the piercing off itch, pussing and swelling.
It is also possible for it to swell and there could be production of a mild white discharge.
Use paper towels instead of cloth since the later comes with the risk of transferring bacteria which cause infections. It helps you move comfortably unlike metal, which is rigid.  It is also unlikely to result in infections.
Once you are completely healed you can take as long as you want and there will be no adverse effects. This is determined by the skins’ healing ability and what stage of healing it was at during removal. The area will also form a protective scab and the skin underneath may appear lighter in color than the surrounding. In this second stage, you should continue with the regular aftercare and ensure the wound is cleaned regularly. Avoid swimming as well as pools and water bodies contain microorganisms that could cause infections.
While for some it may take a few days to close up and a few more to toughen and heal completely, for others it may take months. It has to be sterilized to avoid transferring micro-organisms to the wound which could cause infections.

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