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Some infections may also lead to conjunctivitis (pink-eye), skin rash, diarrhea and bladder infections. This includes young children and infants, elderly, pregnant women and those with a suppressed immunity (HIV AIDS patients, those on cancer chemotherapy drugs or immunosuppressant drugs after organ transplants etc.). The virus can be carried in airborne droplets that are released when an infected person coughs or sneezes. This spread is also possible if the objects used by an infected person are touched or an infected person handles food or other items used by un-infected persons. There are however laboratory serological tests that help in the diagnosis of adenovirus infections.
For example, the core of the particle contains at least 4 proteins called the TP (Terminal Protein), V, VII and Mu, a small protein.

Adenovirus typing is usually done by hemagglutination-inhibition and neutralization with type-specific antisera or by molecular methods. Use of Aspirin in viral infections raises the risk of liver and brain damage called Reye’s syndrome in children. In patients with asthma, if there is difficulty in breathing medications (inhalers) that can dilate the airways are prescribed. Cidofovir should be stopped when adenovirus is no longer detected in the blood by PCR in two consecutive samples. These measures include:- Hand washing before and after eating or handling material used by an infected person. The commonest time of an outbreak of adenovirus infection is during late winter, spring, and early summer, but infections may occur all year round.

Conjunctivitis due to adenovirus may spread to large populations like an epidemic in a very short period of time. For example, when an infected person touches a surface with his or her hands that have touched his or her eyes and have not been washed adequately, he or she leaves the virus on the object.

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