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If you were looking to lose fat, you would have realized that stomach and thigh regions are probably one of the most stubborn places to shape up. There are several viral or bacterial infections that can infest the various organs of the digestive system. Cancer is known to affect any part of the body and so is the case with the organs of the digestive system. Infestation of the stomach with parasites is a medical condition that can cause discomfort and health loss to the patient. Cancer of the stomach, also referred to as gastric cancer is characterized by the development of cancerous tumors in the lining of the organ. The presence of these intestinal parasites displays the symptoms of irregularity in bowel movement, excretion of bloody or greasy stool, diarrhea, cramps or pain in the stomach, flatulence, giddiness, decreased appetite which eventually results in weight loss and malnutrition.

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The symptoms of this infection include cramping in the stomach, mild fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Unfortunately, the disease has poor prognosis owing to the fact that its diagnosis is mostly delayed. These parasites are generally contracted by the individual through unhygienic living conditions, weak immunity or exposure to the causal agent.
The norovirus is highly infectious in nature and can therefore spread as an epidemic infesting a large number of people, usually stationed together. The disease demonstrates such mild symptoms that it is often misunderstood for lesser severe health disorders.

Consequently, by the time the cancer is actually identified, the malignancy has reached a much more advanced stage. There is considerable inflammation of intestines and the gastrointestinal tract causing severe pain and discomfort in the region. This leads to improper digestion of foodstuffs decreasing their transit time significantly. This will force undigested food to pass through the intestinal tract and be excreted without proper metabolism or absorption.

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