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Ingrown hairs affect different parts of the body, and are not exclusive to areas we commonly shave (although there is always the heightened risk).
The Details Style Syndicate features contributions from sites that our editors have identified as best of breed in fashion, grooming, tech, travel, design, food, and drink. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. If your child has tenderness, redness, and swelling of skin surrounding the corner of the toenail on one of the big toes, proceed with this guideline.
If the inner edge is involved, tape a foam pad between the first and second toes to keep them from touching.
If the outer edge is involved, tape a foam pad to the outside of the ball of the toe to keep the toenail from touching the side of the shoe. Michael completed specialty training in pediatrics and sub-specialty training in pediatric infectious disease as well as pediatric and adult asthma, allergy, and immunology. Kate is a cool calm confident part of the Legacy Pediatrics team but that all goes out the window when she roots for the Buffalo Bills. Kristin was introduced to the Legacy team while completing her pediatrics rotation at Legacy in September 2012.
An ingrown toenail is caused when a toenail grows sideways into the bed of the nail, causing pain and swelling. If your pain is so severe that it keeps you from everyday activities, it is time to see your podiatrist. If your podiatrist feels it is necessary, he or she may make a small incision and remove part of your toe nail. For the most part, your best course of action is learning how to avoid the problem in the first place, but chances are you have stepped into the unknown and could do with some pointers on treating ingrown hair. If your child’s cuticle is just red and irritated, an antibiotic ointment is probably not needed.
Have your child wear sandals or go barefoot as much as possible to prevent pressure on the toenail. Casey is a partner at Legacy Pediatrics where she practices primary care and as a sub specialist consultant.

Pichichero is smitten by his first and only grandchild, Clea Marcelle, born to his daughter Christy. Taylor has been in private practice in Rochester for 16 years as well as serving as Medical Director of the Special Care Nursery at Highland Hospital. Taylor has a mild obsession with MacKenzie-Childs and can be found every year in July in line at their annual barn sale. She can be found on Sundays yelling at her TV in an uncool, uncalm, & unconfident manner, scaring her husband and 2 young sons while doing so. In her adult life, this has translated into skydiving, backpacking thru Europe, and most recently, completing her first (and only) Tough Mudder. Cutting your nails too short, participating in sports, diabetes, being overweight, or having a fungal infection of the toe can all cause ingrown toe nails. Also, if you see a red streak running up your leg, or if your infection is spreading, see a podiatrist immediately. If the cuticle becomes swollen or oozes secretions, though, apply Neosporin ointment (no prescription needed) 5-6 times daily. Therefore, we have to cut this corner off so that the irritated tissue can quiet down and heal. She has published numerous articles and chapters on ambulatory pediatric infectious disease topics.
Pichichero, MD is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester, a Research Professor at RIT, and Director of Research at Rochester General Hospital Research Institute. Her special areas of interest are newborns and adolescents; but she loves all ages in between!
Many people are genetically prone to ingrown nails and it can often be related to genetics. If you do develop an ingrown nail, soaking the toe in hot water will help prevent infection and lessen pain.
There are many quick treatments that can lessen your pain and have you walking with comfort. Often the problem can come from wearing ill-fitting shoes, or even from shoes that keep the feet slightly damp.

You will be advised to stay off your foot for a day or so, but can then carry on normal activities. The main purpose of treatment is to help the nail grow over the nail cuticle rather than get stuck in it. Cut the nail weekly to prevent pressure on the end of the nail, which can drive in the corners.
Wrapping the affected toe with a Band-Aid will prevent infection and also keep the nail from growing out at painful angles. When to Treat an Ingrown Hair Whether you get them after shaving, or on your face, back, thighs or arms will vary from person to person. What you can do is work out what is causing the ingrown hairs, and aim to treat the hairs plus the source for effective results. Invest in a skin care routine, and learn how to shave correctly, to reduce the risk of ingrown or infecting hairs. Shaved hairs often have a sharp slant cut into them, which is ideal for growing back into the skin. Those who have thick, coarse, or curly hair are at a higher risk as ingrown hairs can also occur without shaving (where hair naturally grows back on itself), knowing how to identify and treat this common complaint can save you a lot of hardship. If you begin to see redness and irritation you can start treatment by cleansing the area (preferably with antibacterial gels), and keep an eye for progress.
Recommended After Care Consider using tea tree oil, which is a natural antiseptic to cleanse the areas after showering or shaving, and avoid baths during this time. You should also wait for the hair to grow back in a little before shaving again if you have suffered from ingrown hair. Add tea tree oil to a carrier oil (such as Jojoba oil, or Almond oil), or dilute with distilled water and apply a few drops to the area twice a day as needed to relieve the inflammation.
Another product you can use for a less invasive treatment, and as an after care preventative measure, is Tend Skin, which reduces the redness and swelling, and helps to alleviate ingrown hairs and razor rash.

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