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There is a big difference between the products Firefly Kitchens produces and the stuff on the shelf at most stores.
Some of the recipes in the cookbook may seem odd at first glance— sauerkraut in a smoothie?— but O’Brien and Climenhage said that they wanted people to think about the foods they make as more than just a condiment. Kimchee kick-start breakfast jump-starts your metabolism and energy while keeping your blood sugar stable. Take the kimchi out of the jar with a clean fork, letting any extra brine drain back into it.
Note: Add a bit of extra kimchi brine to thin it and stir it into pasta, or add a bit more cheese to make a thicker spread for sandwiches or wraps. While the onions cook, cut or tear the kale leaves from the thick stalks, discarding the stalks (if you’re using Swiss chard, you can save them for another use).
Fry the eggs in the remaining 2 teaspoons of butter for about 2 minutes, or until they’re done the way you like them. To serve, place egg or eggs on top of each mound of kale and arrange the avocado slices right on top. Note: Our secret to cooking over-easy eggs is to add a splash of water— or better yet, kimchi brine— to the pan. Purchase Firefly Kitchens products, like Emerald City Kraut or Firefly Kimchi, at the Sno-Isle Coop in Everett (2804 Grand Ave, Everett). Visit The Dish blog to learn to make your own sauerkrauben, which offers the best of sauerkraut and sauerruben, combining silky fermented cabbage with the crisp bite of turnip.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness associated with a variety of symptoms such as joint and muscle pain, severe fatigue, sore throat, headaches and cognitive complaints. The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome may appear suddenly but there are some cases where the symptoms begin slowly. Serious symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome tend to occur at the beginning of this illness, normally in the first or second year.

If a patient reports that this illness is having a serious effect on their normal day to day activities, they should be assessed with care and compassion. It is crucial for the doctor to build up a relationship with the patient based on open communication and trust. Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome should reduce or avoid situations which are psychologically or physically stressful.
Patients with this illness should get help on the best way to balance rest with activity, set goals which are realistic and have a plan of action to deal with the ups and downs related to chronic fatigue syndrome.
Whether it’s kombucha or kimchi, fermented foods have become very popular on their own or as substitutes in dishes.
Firefly uses raw organic ingredients and a natural preserving process— instead of high-heat pasteurization or a bunch of chemicals— to ferment its food. Cover the pan and cook the eggs for about two minutes, or until they’re done the way you like them. In the cases where the symptoms have appeared suddenly it appears to happen after a bout of flu, gastrointestinal, respiratory or other infections. Apart from the severe fatigue which no amount of rest can cure, there are other symptoms which have been reported. And this is because the patient is suffering from joint and muscle pain, fatigue and a broken sleep.
It may be that a few different approaches in treatment have to be considered before any benefits appear.
Part of the reason is the backlash against heavily processed foods that don’t provide much nutrients and can actually be toxic.
Add the kale to the skillet with the onions, and cook until it’s wilted and tender, an additional 6 to 8 minutes. These include: lack of concentration, short-term memory loss and tenderness in the area of the lymph nodes.

This can mean friends and family, employers and sometimes even the doctor, may experience doubts about the validity of this illness. The patient can also be informed of the harm which may be caused if they choose to try out remedies which have not been tested.
It may be that some counseling sessions help the family and patient adapt to the uncertainty which is related to this illness. Season the kale mixture to taste with salt and pepper, and divide it between two to four plates.
Drizzle 1 to 2 teaspoons of kimchi brine over the top of each dish to add a splash of flavor. This means some patients make a full recovery while for others their recovery is partial or a relapse may be experienced. Treatment for patients should be symptomatic and the offer of emotional support should be given. It may be through a program of physical therapy where an exercise program is specifically designed for the patient. The traditional fermentation methods employed by Firefly Kitchens keep the nutrients in the food and actually help kick-start the digestive process.
At present it is not possible to map the course of this illness, so the unpredictability remains.
This helps to build the patient?s confidence mentally and physically, as they realize they can take part in physical activity.

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