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What are some of the symptoms of this infection and which are some the treatments you can opt for? An infected button belly is a relatively common problem that affects many people especially those who have piercings or keep poor navel hygiene.
NeemNote: Hydrogen peroxide and alcohol useThe infected belly button symptoms that will be shown when you have an infection will occur in stages and vary depending on what causes the infection. For instance, a bacterial infection might have slightly different signs when compared to a fungal infection.Furthermore, different signs of belly button infection might show up at different stages if the infection is not dealt with immediately.
When you notice any of the sign, ensure you begin treating it.Belly button infection picturesWhat do you expect to see when you have an infected navel?
Below are a few navel infection pictures (images and photos) to give you a visual impression. Bacterial nfection – Staph or strep DischargeWhat causes belly button infectionWhile looking at the causes, we will focus on what actually cause the infection (the harmful microorganism involve and not how it occurred. So what are some of the common causes of navel infection?Yeast infection in belly button and pictureYeast infection (candidiasis) in human being is caused with over 20 different species of candida with the candida albicans being the most common one.
Occasionally, bleeding might occur especially if you scratch the area, which will be itchy, and the discharge might be malodorous. Yeast infectionDiagnosis of navel yeast infectionBelly button yeast infection diagnosis is by physical inspection of the rash which if it is suspected to be the likely cause, a swab is taken and sent to the laboratory for testing where general tests can confirm presence a fungus while specific ones will identify  it is candidiasis. The obese should manage weight and go for loose absorbent clothing.Finally, to cure or treat it, an antifungal, most probably a cream, powder or lotion will be prescribed by your doctor to treat it.
If the infection is a bit more serious, antibiotic creams or oral antibiotics might be prescribed.
Severe cases accompanied with fever require you see a doctor immediately.Infected belly button piercing Infected navel piercing without jewelryFor those who have piercings on their navel, the piercings could be the cause of infection especially if you do not clean them well.

Furthermore, poor aftercare can lead to navel piercing infection, which could bacterial, fungal infections. However, this should not be confused with the normal healing process a time during which, It is very common to have small amounts of clear discharge and some bleeding.
This is part of normal healing process for the umbilical cord stump.Good care should be taken for the first 7-21 days after which the stump dries and falls off. These are all signs of umbilical cord infection to watch out for.Baby navel infections are caused by mainly fungal and bacterial (especially staph) infections if you fail to take good care of the umbilicus. When it happens, they are going to have some of the various signs and symptoms we have already discussed. Navel infection in adults should not be ignored since it can spread or cause blood infection in case of a bacterial infection – sepsis can occur.How to clean a belly button infectionBefore we look at general ways on how to treat a bellybutton infection, let us mention something.
The most recommended way to clean an infected navel is using saline water (about a half a teaspoon of sea salt added to a cup of warm water). Use cotton balls slowly to clean the area with this solution and dry it well with a fresh paper towel. Keep good belly button hygieneShower regularly; drying it well after each time, you shower. If you have an ‘innie’, you have to be a little more aggressive and wash inside after wrapping a piece of clothe on your finger.
Apply a mixture of a few drop of dilute tea tree oil to a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil using a cotton ball and wash it off after 15 minutes.3. Aloe vera juiceApply freshly extracted aloe vera juice and let it stay on your navel until it dries before washing it off.
Rubbing alcoholUse it to clean the area since it will sterilize your navel and help stop the infection from spreading.

TurmericThe use turmeric powder for treating an infected belly button at home is a good idea since it has antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Furthermore, drinking a glass of milk with a teaspoon of turmeric and some honey will promote internal healing.7. To use it, extract some juice from candela flowers and apply it on your navel 2-3 times a day.9. NeemFinally, you can make a paste from a few leaves of neem (Indian lilac), mix it with a small amount of turmeric power and apply it on your navel. Button belly, for example, is an example of how this site is using spam tactics to get search engine rankings. Do not take anything you read on this site as anything but garbage that some person stole from legitimate information sources.
Way to trick Google!Reply vladmirme Jan 26, 2016 at 9:04 amWe have references at the end of the post which were used during research and writing of the post.
I don’t have a belly button, complications after a surgery that had me under for 14 hours resulted in all the flesh on my abdmon becoming necrotic and removed, after some time I had surgery to close the serving plate sized wound. It broke open in the middle leaving a much smaller wound, again I had surgery to close the now desert sized plate, which also drone back open, now the hole is about the size of a pea, I have no feeling there, the scar is smaller than your ear cannal, IDK how deep pin sized hole is.

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