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Honey may sound like an unorthodox treatment, but it is nonetheless an extremely beneficial home remedy to ease the discomfort caused by pink eye condition. To prepare the fennel seed eye wash, boil two heaped teaspoons of slightly crushed fennel seeds in half a liter of water.  Now allow the water to cool down and then strain the fennel seeds. To get temporary relief from the symptoms which are commonly associated with conjunctivitis or pink eye condition, apply a warm compress. The humble potato has innumerable astringent and anti-bacterial properties which is extremely beneficial for treating contagious eye conditions including pink eye.
Coffee is an unconventional, nonetheless effective home remedy to treat pink eye condition. Conjunctivitis, also called sore eyes or pinkeye, is a common inflammation of the eyes, which happens with everyone at least once in a lifetime. Natural remedy for conjunctivitis - Take one part of sugar and three parts of coriander (Coriandrum sativum) and put them in a vessel of water. Take some leaves of the Indian Barberry (Berberis aristata) and mix it with butter and alum. Prepare a cold infusion by putting some leaves of the marigold plant into water and use it as eyewash. Conjunctivitis treatment - One very simple way to treat pinkeye condition when it is just beginning is to take a cloth, dip it in slightly warm water and place it over the eye, like a compress.
Diet for conjunctivitis - Supplement your diet with lots of vegetable juices when you have sore eyes. Both elderberry and elderflower have beneficial effects in allaying the painful symptoms of conjunctivitis. Honey can be effectively used in the treatment of conjunctivitis due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. One of the useful home remedies for conjunctivitis is to add a teaspoonful of yarrow in a cupful of water and allow it to steep for five to six minutes.
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Although pink eye is rampant among young children, even adults can contract this eye infection once in a while.  Pink eye condition can cause a lot of discomfort ranging from epiphora (excessively watery eyes), to excruciating pain, itchiness and redness of the eyes. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of raw honey will kill the infectious agents which can cause pink eye.
Studies have revealed that fennel seeds contain specific compounds, which can be used to treat numerous eye conditions including conjunctivitis or pink eye.
Placing raw grated potato against the infected eye can heal pink eye condition in next to no time. During this condition, the eyes become reddened and may itch or pain, with profuse watering.
Some common allergens are cosmetics used on the face, spectacles, lenses and even certain foods and drugs. However, this is a very rare condition, and it is quite different from the normal pinkeye conditions.
It can spread from one person to other by simple contact especially if the fluids from the eye of a diseased person pass on to the eyes of a healthy person. Though it lasts only for a few days, it causes severe distress to the person, and there is a danger of infection to other healthy people also. An eyewash solution made with chamomile helps in controlling the further infection and treats the condition. The juices of vegetables such as spinach and carrot help in the early treatment of conjunctivitis.
The tea of the elderberry can be used as an external application on the inflamed eyes with positive effects. After cooling this solution, the water in which fennel seeds have been steeped can be used for washing the eyes. At the same time, it is also the responsibility of the patient not to allow the contagion to spread to other healthy people. There are numerous invaluable home remedies to treat pink eye, and few of these remedies are discussed below. For this particular home remedy, simply dilute one teaspoon of raw honey in a cup of boiled and cooled water. An eye wash prepared from slightly crushed fennel seeds can reduce the numerous symptoms associated with pink eye condition in next to no time. Continuing such treatment for three to four times in a day really helps to control the inflammation of the eyes.

This helps in soothing the eyes that have become red and painful due to the conjunctivitis infection. This chamomile eyewash is made in the following manner: Take one teaspoonful of the flowers of chamomile in dried form, and add them to a cupful of water that has been previously boiled.
However, this may prove difficult to do because honey is too thick and may cause discomfort. Now put two to three drops of this solution in each eye, with the help of a sterilized eye dropper.
It is a very distressing condition for the person, as there is a constant urge to rub the eyes, which can cause the infection to spread to the other eye also. The following are some remedies meant to be done at the household level in order to treat conjunctivitis. A cold water compress can also be used in a like manner, but the warm water compress has better effects than a cold water compress. Let it remain for five minutes, so that all the extracts of the chamomile flowers are steeped into the solution. Even though the honey solution can initially cause some discomfort in the form of stinging sensation in the eyes, this home remedy will ultimately ease the inflammation and reduce the pain in the eyes.
Drinking this water is considered to be a very simple and at the same time effective remedy for conjunctivitis. This is a good remedy for removing the pain and the redness of the eyes in condition of conjunctivitis. Yarrow is exceptionally good for the eyes due to its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. This is an excellent remedy for allaying the pain in conjunctivitis and indeed in treating the condition itself. The same solution can also be used for applying as a compress on the eyes by the means of a clean cloth soaked in it.
Repeat the process a couple of times till you experience relief from the itchiness and the pain. You will experience immense relief from the   unpleasant symptoms which are associated with pink eye.

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