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Sometimes I come across something so bizarre, so utterly wrong, that my mind reels in confusion and amazement, not to mention horror, that anyone can actually think or write something something like it. In brief, as far as can be reconstructed, Bridi da Costa developed a urinary tract infection, which isn’t so uncommon for a young woman.
Sepsis is the number one cause of death in the world and happens every day at Intensive Care Units, Hospitals and Medical Clinics! Yes indeed, to Young it has to be those evil doctors who killed this beautiful young model with their reductionistic science, pumping her full of IV fluids containing 5% dextrose (which many IV fluids do) and antibiotics! The reason that sepsis activates a systemic inflammatory response is that overwhelming bacterial infection activates the same sort mechanisms that generalized inflammation does–with the same sorts of physiological changes in terms of vascular dilation, increased cardiac output, and metabolic derangements that lead to inadequate organ and tissue perfusion and oxygen utilization, which in turn lead to acidosis, the common end result of metabolic needs outstripping perfusion. Actually, the pleomorphism theory that Young clings to is the 19th century theory–a 19th century theory that was correctly discarded based on science.
Currently, medical science perceives there is no early diagnostic test nor effective treatment for sepsis and severe sepsis or over-acidity. None of this means that Brida da Costa must have been immunosuppressed before she got sick. Truly, I fear Young’s next effort that reaches my attention will turn my brain into one of his acid liquid viral tumors. Keywords: acidosis, alkalization, germ theory denial, Mariana Bridi da Costa, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, quackery, Robert O.
Isn’t the production of that gross Natto stuff a contradiction to his theory that food rots and then bacteria show up? Bacteria, yeast and mold appear as the food is spoiling and are not the cause of the spoiling. So how does he explain the incontrovertible fact that sterile growth media don’t grow anything, whereas inoculated growth media do? But I wonder if the woomeisters and their followers know that one of their favorite treatments, vitamin C, is actually ascorbic ACID! I’ve never heard of Young but I have run across the theory that dietary acid load from Western diets may be a risk factor for osteoporosis. Because I deal with breast cancer, and tumor lysis syndrome is pretty rare in breast cancer. For their advocacy of lifestyles that depend less on magic pills, I could (almost) hug woo.
It is impossible for a sane person to consume enough alcohol and controlled substances to make this rubbish up. Why do these morons seem to have the same aversion to paragraphs and punctuation that they have to vaccinations ? Hey, don’t believe the alka-LIES of Big Acid (aka Big Pharma and Big Food), acid causes all bad things.
It has been a very long time since I took chemistry, but isn’t litmus paper of limited use in measuring ph?
All good useful stuff, but (as already noted by a bunch of people) jacksh*t to do with the pH of your body as a whole. If I might clarify Orac’s cryptic remark about O2 levels being higher but the body being unable to utilize it. It turns out that NO is a signaling molecule that many bacteria (Gram negative and positive) use to initiate biofilm formation (including Pseudomonas). If the doctors treating Ms Bridi had treated her sepsis by adjusting her pH, she would have died in less than a day. I’m going to start preventing those out-fections by watering my scotch down with a nice splash of lye!
Sometimes, it feels like you’re arguing with people who think the Earth is a tetrahedron. It’s as if they understand knowledge as something that rests not on empirical observation (accessible to anyone) but is handed down as holy writ from godlike authority figures.
I had one guy tell me he wouldn’t drink brand name soft drink, because it contained phosphoric acid. Granting for now his idea of acid as badwrong and anti-life, he seems to have neglected the real, beneficial anti-life properties of acid that keeps botulism from growing in preserved food. It is hoped the bank of faeces will help the effort to find a cure for hundreds of patients with C. It's an unusual cure for a deadly disease - but swallowing human faeces could save hundreds of lives, scientists say.

A frozen faecal bank has been established at a hospital in Portsmouth, which researchers believe could provide hope for thousands of patients with Clostridium difficile, also known as C.
The bank, at Queen Alexandra Hospital, gives patients across the UK access to frozen faecal material, which is taken from pre-screened volunteers. Faecal transplants are extremely successful and the impact on people’s lives of such a simple treatment is difficult to overstate. The pilot bank service also opens doors to new research, which we fully intend to take forward. Dr Porter had previously been operating a much smaller service, but was not able to treat all patients with the condition due to lack of resources.
The cost of treating C.diff using traditional methods is estimated to run well into the tens of millions across the NHS. Clostridium difficile is a bacterial infection that affects the digestive system - causing recurring bouts of diarrhoea so severe that most patients lose their jobs, stop seeing friends and family, and refuse to leave their homes. Bacterial Skin Infections are due to the presence and growth of microorganisms that damage host tissue.
It is a bacterial infection of the deeper layers of the skin, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue.
The skin becomes red, swollen and you can see a clear border between normal and infected skin.
A bacterial skin infection that occurs in areas where skin touches skin, like between toes, in armpits, or groin.
If you have a fungal infection that isn’t getting cured with an anti-fungal treatment, it could be erythrasma. A bacterial infection of certain sweat glands found in the armpits, groin, buttocks, scalp, and under the female breast. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. In fact, for a moment I considered offering up this one bit of horrifically inspired craziness up as an installment of Your Friday Dose of Woo, but I decided against it. Apparently in late December she felt ill and was hospitalized but was misdiagnosed with kidney stones.
An out-fection, in the body, is the cell breaking down from the inside out from an emotional or physical stress or disturbance giving rise to increased acidity.
Basically, they take a valid idea based on science (in this case, that lifestyle and diet can predispose to disease) and extrapolate it to the point where they run right off into the deep end of the stupid pool with it.
Bridi da Costa, at the young age of 20 died from systemic acidosis from the lack of proper alkaline treatment.
Germ theory, although it originated in the 19th century, has advanced considerably since then. Any time someone so young dies unexpectedly of what is now an uncommon cause of death in the young and healthy (sepsis from a urinary tract infection), we naturally want to know how this could possibly have happened. Probably what happened is that she got a urinary tract infection, possibly due to a different bug or possibly due to Pseudomonas.
I can prove this argument wrong with two culture bottles, and indeed I do every time I add a new strain to my yeast bank. Theories are proven right or wrong on the basis of fact, and not on the basis of personal prestige of the proponent.
To me this is just another way for them to excuse themselves from thinking with their own head. It’s just so utterly vile when quacks use tragedy to advance their deadly WRONG AND DISPROVEN hypotheses. Pseudomonas aeruginosa was common in UTIs, but if it gets out of the bladder, or accidentally into a wound it can run amok. Proof positive (if it were ever needed) that if you believe in one form of specious drivel you will believe in anything.
I would prefer him to be a candidate for a Darwin Award (his children probably will be – by proxy). Frozen samples, which can be stored for three months, can be transported anywhere in the UK within hours. The extent of infection is generally determined by the number of organisms and the toxins they release.
Moreover, there are relatively few indications for alkalinizing the blood, which, when it’s indicated, doctors usually do with sodium bicarbonate.

She ultimately became septic from her infection, and went into septic shock so profound that the blood flow to her far extremities led to gangrene of her hands and feet, which ultimately led physicians to amputate them. What he’s arguably not unreasonable about is saying that sepsis itself is not an infection. The details are too complicated (and some of them controversial) to be discussed properly here.
Acidic drugs, such as antibiotics and metabolic acids ravaged her body which forced doctors to perform amputations of her extremities and extract part of her stomach as well as both kidneys. Alt-med quacks like Young remind me of creationists in a way in their obtuse refusal to recognize that the 19th century theory that they hate has moved on since it was first proposed. What bothers me the most about Young is that he is actually convincing enough that he fools people into believing his quackery, and the result can clearly kill.
The goal is to keep the urine alkaline and prevent the precipitation of certain types of crystals that form stones, not to alkalize the blood.
To get any kind of sensible value you would have to stimulate flow, and then you would expect to record a moderately alkaline value because saliva contains significant amounts of bicarbonate (HCO3-). In fact, Shelley and I came very close to losing one of our own children from septic or acidic shock due to antibiotic IV’s. Charles Darwin and Louis Pasteur suffer the same sort of abuse at the hands of pseudoscientists spewing burning flames of stupid in geysers that obliterate any sign of intelligence, reason, or science. For example, if a patient develops fever and symptoms suggestive of a significant bacterial infection, but foregoes antibiotics in favor of lots of alkaline treatments to raise his saliva and urine pH to the levels Young advocates, that patient runs the risk of being a corpse with alkaline urine and saliva.
There usually has to be some sort of preexisting wound, inflammation, or immune suppression decreasing the body’s ability to keep the Pseudomonas that naturally lives on it and in it in check.
To me, it would make sense if Brida La Costa had a kidney stone, and that predisposed her to a UTI. The general view over the last couple of decades has been that this bicarbonate is there to neutralise the acid produced by metabolising bacteria in the dental plaque layer. To Young, Bridi da Costa died not of massive bacterial infection, rather of the consequences of too much acid brought on by bad lifestyle choices and, yes, intravenous antibiotics. Indeed, resistant Pseudomonas is very common, and even sensitive strains of this bug are hard enough to eradicate. This theory, although somewhat plausible sounding back in the 1870s, given the relatively primitive microscopes of the time (compared to 20th century instruments), the much less sophisticated knowledge about how to grow and stain bacteria, and the newness of germ theory, was abandoned in the face of the massive amounts of evidence that Pasteur and others ultimately marshaled in favor of the germ theory of infectious disease. Sepsis can actually be viewed as the body’s response to massive infection, not the infection itself. Bridi da Costa would be alive, healthy and strong today, if, the prevailing 19th Century germ theory medical dogma and subsequent acidic treatment protocols of antibiotics would have been simply replaced with alkaline fluids of sodium, magnesium and potassium bicarbonate and alkaline water and foods. In any case, the infection progressed; and when it got serious it probably resulted in sufficient immune suppression to pave the way for Pseudomonas to go from being just a localized bladder or kidney infection to becoming a systemic infection in the bloodstream. Patients such as these often get straight sodium bicarbonate IV infusions (although the benefits are certainly debatable).
Here, he is once again denying germ theory, sounding in fact a bit like Bill Maher, channeling arguments that date back to the late 1800s to Antoine Bechamp, Louis Pasteur’s rival.
Assuming doctors isolated Pseudomonas from her blood, she was clearly septic–very septic. The bacteria produce a very distinctive and not entirely unpleasant fruity smell and also can make a greenish fluid. Another huge blow to germ theory denialists in this story is that it shows that a bacterial infection can cause an infection that can kill a young, healthy adult. If several of these organs start to shut down at the same time, it used to be called multisystem organ failure, although now it’s called multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, and if three or more organs shut down this way the mortality is at least 80%. That sepsis is the response to a massive bacterial infection can be inferred from the existence of a sepsis-like syndrome from which no infectious agent is ever isolated. This syndrome, called the systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), looks all the world like sepsis but may not be caused by an infection.

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