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By observing the behavior of a sick goldfish and taking note of any odd behavior or appearance, ich can be identify.
Before treating a goldfish for ich, if it is possible, slowly warm the water of the goldfish tank temporarily to 75-80*F.
Add a .03% concentration of Aquarium salt at one teaspoon for every gallon of fish tank water.
Over a 24 hour span, repeat this every 12 hours for a total of three doses of aquarium salt. Allow the aquarium salt to sit in the water for two weeks, then remove it by preforming a large 50-75% water change. These tiny white spots are the result of a goldfish’s immune system trying to fight off the ich parasite.
You can use Potassium permanganate or formalin in combination with a aquarium salt bath in a quarantine tank.
My fish just died from fish Ike to and that was about a week ago and all of my other fish are fine.
Aquarium salt does work but you can also try an anti bacterial and fungus medication but just in case it’s not ich. I’m sure you could take it to the vet but you are better off buying a broad spectrum anti bacterial medication. is on a mission to educate every animal owner on the proper techniques of how to take care of a pet — everything from the daily care to all the necessary routine maintenance.
You can view our resource guides for information on all the basics of caring for your pets, or, do a search of our extensive national directory of animal shelters and veterinarians.
Raise the temperature to around upper 70F to 80F, there is also a lot of medication available at LFS.

Hazy-white marks can be seen on the body, fins, and mouth of the fish at the onset of the disease. Columnaris usually affects the mouth area but can also appear as yellowish-brown, white, or grayish-white spots on some part of the head, fins, gills, or body which are usually surrounded by a reddish area.
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals General Cure, Jungle Velvet Guard, also, many of the same cures for ich and other parasitic diseases will work. Small pits or holes develop in the sensory regions of the head and body, especially along the lateral line. Different depending on species; goldfish are very susceptible and sometimes cured by discontinuation of diet and salt bath, followed by change in diet to high fiber digestible foods.
The white spots can occur anywhere on a goldfish’s body but sometimes a goldfish sick with ich will have no white spots. Just make sure you do not exceed the total recommended amount of salt for how large your tank is. Fin and tail rot can arise from importation, rough handling, fighting, and fin nipping ? overcrowding, poor nutrition, and bad water conditions can also contribute. Cotton- or wool-like tufts appear in the mouth area, and most fish lose their appetite and appear quite thin. Since the initial leisions look somewhat like cotton, columnaris is often confused with true fungus. Damage to kidneys can occur due to over-use of medication or use of too strong of medication.
Feeding a varied, nutritious diet can contribute to healing and positively affect overall fish health.
Do water changes frequently to reduce ammonia and nitrites will help fish battle this disease.

They usually embed themselves with hook-like anchors in the body wall of the fish, and a raised ulcer can develop where it attaches. Great care should be taken, as these treatments can be very harmful to invertebrates and even some fish.
The Guppys are always with each other but the Golffish i won is still lookong sad and lonly. Note that when examined very closely, fungus has distinct hair-like filaments which shoot out, whereas columnaris is more like fuzz or lint.
Tetras seem especially susceptible to this infection, although other fishes can be affected as well. Recently introduced fish that exhibited signs within a matter of minutes have the worst prognosis of all, and there is often no cure for trauma to the swim bladder. We returned to investigate and nearly all of the fish there were dying or had ick and our guess would be dying soon. People have been using aquarium salt for a long time now to treat ich and few people have had issues with the beneficial bacteria. They take no preventative measures to control ick and once our catfish died both of our goldfish got it as well as our school of neon tetras. I’d go to the pet store and ask them for a treatment for ich and carefully follow the steps provided above. This packaged bacteria is okay but obviously not as good as what you get from a cycled tank.

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