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You can help us by becoming an author and submitting articles on Health, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Natural Healing. Women soaking their hair in cow urine was a common practice in Iceland for centuries when soap was a far fetched luxury. Icelandic entrepreneurs are now marketing shampoo with cow urine as one of its ingredients.
The new hair soap is called Q Shampoo (Q literally sounds in Icelandic like the Icelandic word for a cow “ku”). According to the entrepreneurs, who are studying at the University of Reykjavik, the urine is both cleansing and rich of minerals and vitamins.
Anton Reynir Hafdisarson, one of the Q-team, told news site Visir that some think that they detect a slight whiff of urine of the soap. Cow urine contains ammonia, which is the main ingredient in many modern day hair products, and using it for treating hair is known in other countries than Iceland.
From raw egg to cider vinegar, people have long been drenching their locks with bizarre substances in the eternal quest for shiny locks, but this latest ingredient might just take the biscuit.
Urine from a cow, like most other animals, naturally contains ammonia, which is indeed one of the main ingredients in many modern day hair products. You deserve applause and thanks for bringing out and highlighting the importance of Cow Urine shampoo for the women of the world, who can enjoy it now to make them truly beautiful as the beauty of a women without the magical beauty of her hairs is winning only half the battle to win a heart. In Indian ancient civilization and in the writings of Vedas, the importance of Cow keeps the highest place because of such innumerable benefits and blessings the cow can offer to suffering humanity.

Anyone can try a simple thing to have a test of what has been claimed by our ancient Gurus about Cow. Once my friend’ father told me that on farms their father used to throw his white dirty cap during urinating cow and that cap was washed bright and clean, no soap was needed. GoMutra in contact with water creates a ring of divine principle (Ishwariya Shakti) which emits a ring of Consciousness (Chaitanya) further creating a ring of functional energy (Kayashakti). However, if you experienced the pain just this morning and decided to look it up on the internet, before actually rushing to your doctor, try some of the below mentioned tips and suggestions to see if they provide you with some relief. Most people make the mistake of avoiding going to the bathroom from the fear of the pain, don’t do this. These are some very simple tips that can help you if the pain or discomfort isn’t something serious. Manufacturers in India have, for example, a full range of cosmetics made out of the stuff, ranging from toothpaste to skin cream. Only moving your hands with love and affection on the skin of Cow can fill you with the joy and happiness of a different kind. These could vary from urine infections to a more serious sexually transmitted disease or even simple dehydration.If you have been experiencing the pain for over a few days and have been ignoring it, please go ahead and consult your doctor for medical guidance.
If you are someone who drinks 2 to 3 liters of water everyday, try adding a few glasses of barley water to your daily intake.
All you need to do is boil a fistful of barley seeds in about 2 liters of water, reduce the liquid to a slightly thick milky looking liquid, allow this to cool and drink a cup every hour.

Keep drinking water and visit the bathroom every few minutes, this way you can probably wash off the infection.If you are sexually active, it would be a good idea to lie low for a few days.
If after trying all of the above the pain still doesn’t go away within 2 or 3 days, it might be something serious and it’s best to consult your doctor who will be able to give you the required medical guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Avoid buying this from stores as most brands will have ‘lemon barley’ as opposed to plain barley water. Barley water has actually proven to be beneficial in curing a lot of urinary disorders.Avoid spicy or oily foods and load up on salads, the high water content in the latter will help ease the discomfort.
Sometimes, sexual intercourse could aggravate the situation further, even if you are using protection. Most products would use citric acid as opposed to fresh lemon juice and this could affect you adversely.

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