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It was like I couldn't stop the words from exploding out of my mouth: "There are no pioneers anymore!" I yelled. The action of the story moves along quickly through an escalating series of incidents as Gracie moves from one-upping her classmates' stories at sharing time to pretending it is her birthday to falsely accusing Abby of having pinched her. Since the narrative stays closely focused on Abby and Gracie's interactions, the rest of their classmates remain fairly undeveloped as characters. One of the strengths of How to Fix A Lie is the realistic touches that will allow kids to identify with Richards' characters, such as Abby's anxiety over picking the right partner for a class activity.
With its focus on school life and friendships, How to Fix A Lie will have a common point of interest for a wide variety of school-aged readers. Megan Sorenson is an MLIS student at the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies in Vancouver, BC. Whether you gnaw on your nails because of nerves or you do it in an attempt to fix that jagged edge or hangnail, chances are your habit isn't making your nails look particularly awesome. Start out with a regenerating product like Talika – Nail Regenerator Serum, which can help bring fragile, lifeless nails back to life.
School is almost out for the summer, and, in the meantime, she's looking forward to participating in her class's special "Pioneer Day" with the rest of her third grade friends. However, Richards does a good job of balancing these episodes with moments where Gracie's kindness or vulnerability shine through, and there are enough surprise twists and turns to keep the plot from being too predictable.

However, it is good to see ethnic diversity being portrayed very naturally in both the text and illustrations, even when it is not a major focus of the story. While Abby's continuous compassion and maturity sometimes seem a bit idealistic, Gracie's character has an authentic feel; her imagination and high emotions lead her to tell lies, even when she doesn't intend to cause any trouble.
Annabelle Métayer's fashion art background can be seen in the hip hairstyles and poses of the kids depicted in these digital art images. If they're moisturized, filed, smoothed and painted, why would you want to ruin the gorgeousness?
Things take a definite turn for the worse, however, when she gets stuck in the same pioneer family as Gracie, the most unpopular kid in the class. The plot gains good momentum as events lead up to a climactic bartering session on Pioneer Day, when Gracie's biggest claim of all is put to the test.
In a way that is typical of kids in this age group, Gracie also has trouble figuring out her own motivations for acting in hurtful ways, such as when she excitedly pinches Abby but is later at a loss to explain her actions.
While the illustrations mainly represent rather than extend the text, the characters depicted have an expressiveness that adds to the story. A nail trimmer, file and a multi-purpose polish like Sothys – Nail Enamel Multi Action will complete your kit, leaving your nails looking fabulous.
While Abby tries to give her a chance, Gracie's habit of telling lies makes it difficult to believe anything she says.

In fact, Richards does not attempt to resolve these uncertainties by providing pat answers or further backstory.
On the level of language, Richards's lively tone is appealing, although her use of terms like "bummer" sometimes makes the dialogue seem slightly dated.
A small kit in your purse or car will ensure that you always have a quick fix available, so you'll never have to resort to your teeth. In How to Fix a Lie, Nancy Wilcox Richards develops themes of acceptance, forgiveness, and trust, as both girls learn lessons about what it means to be a good friend. Even when it becomes apparent that some of Gracie's outrageous stories have actually been true, the lack of explicit explanation for Gracie's lying problem may leave some young readers with outstanding questions. However, Richards does succeed in giving a level of emotional complexity to her characters.

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