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By the time you finish your gardening, you’re satisfied with the perfect smooth emerald-green lawn. Moles are sensitive to certain scents, such as dishwashing soap, Castor Oil and cayenne pepper.
Although the cause of moles is still unknown but they can be embarrassing and can mar the appearance of your skin.
Though mostly harmless, yet moles should be supervised by a doctor since some moles may be cancerous.
Surgical and laser procedures can be used to remove moles but nothing can be better if one finds out some handy home remedies that could help you get rid of moles naturally. This mixture of baking soda and castor oil can be made fresh for each application or can also be stored in the refrigerator and then re-used for two days. Apple cider vinegar contains a good amount of potassium that helps to break down the skin of the mole and helps to fade it out. A mixture of fresh pineapple and sea salt when applied topically on a mole can help you to get rid of the mole. A thin slice or a paste of garlic can also be applied on the top of your mole in order to get rid of it quickly.

Unlike surgical procedures, these home remedies to remove moles do not leave any mark or scar on the skin.
You should first flatten the raised soil and check which tunnels are raised again the next day to locate the tunnels where moles are active. Place a mousetrap on the active area and cover it with an inverted shoebox to create an illusion that it’s part of tunnel. So, you can use something having a look at a worm as baits to attract moles and then catch them when they enjoy their Food. The OUT O’SIGHT mole trap features malleable iron jaws for superior strength and durability (setting levers are included). Normally round in shape and sometimes raised from the skin, moles are generally brown or black colored. Make sure that the vinegar only covers the mole surface and does not come into contact with the surrounding skin. However, if any irritation occurs in your skin, the treatment should be stopped immediately and a dermatologist may be consulted. But before you remove the moles whether by home remedies or surgical process, it is better to confirm from your doctor that the moles are not cancerous.

The mesh barriers seem to be the most effective way for it prevents moles from gaining access to your lawn. Check the next day to see whether there is a mole being duped and is captured by the mousetrap. The The OUT O’SIGHT mole trap come fully assembled and ideal for any type of soil also includes a safety clip for secure operation.
Stab the shovel about an inch behind the working area to stop the back trail and stick a second shovel quickly in front of the mole.
Apply a thin layer of this substance onto your mole, making sure that the mole is completely covered by it.

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