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Just so you know, we will be discussing the role of a few different hormones in acne (including insulin, IGF-1, GH) and bacteria. This fact is leading skin researchers to look at dermal probiotic treatments as a form of preventative medicine (as opposed to the traditional heavily antibiotic treatments which may actually be doing more harm than good if this is the case). Nobody is completely sure what causes acne, but we think it stems from androgen issues and now possibly their interplay with bacterial strains on the skin. Oil glands connected to our pores produce sebum, an oil that carries dead skin cells to the skin’s surface. During adolescence, our androgen levels naturally rise which causes these oil glands to expand.¬†Excessive amounts of sebum in these growing oil glands can break down the cell walls of the pores, causing bacterial overgrowth.
Long story short, dairy consumption and hyperglycemic diets (high in sugar, or poorly handled high carbohydrate diet due to insulin resistance) can cause excessive sebum production [Full Text Review], leading to acne (as I mentioned above). For those majority of guys who don’t have a legit horrible genetic issue with this, most of the issue can be addressed by addressing your insulin sensitivity issues through diet improvement and regular exercise.
GH is released from the anterior pituitary, then triggers production of IGF-1 in your liver.

Excessively elevated levels of IGF-1 have been correlated directly with overproduction of sebum and acne [ref]. However, even though acne is considered an androgen-dependent condition, serum androgen levels in the bloodstream do not necessarily correlate with the occurrence of acne. Normal puberty is characteristic of a period of insulin resistance and subsequent rise in androgen levels and receptor activity, however, people run into issues when this insulin resistance is carried over into adulthood thanks to a hyperglycemic diet and lack of exercise. One of the downstream targets of IGF-1 signaling is to repress stress resistance proteins including antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase and heat shock proteins.
Hyperinsulinemia, dyslipidemia, and exaggerated adrenal androgen response to ACTH have been observed in male smokers.
I hope this guide served as a good stepping-off point to help you get rid of your acne once and for all.
I hope it helps those of you with acne who are looking for some solid education and a natural remedy for how to get rid of acne. There are different strains of acne-causing bacteria present on the skin of most humans, however not all strains manifest in pimples, some can actually preserve the skin.

IGF1-mediated increased signaling of androgen receptor results in increased expression of FGF7 and FGF10, the ligands of FGFR2b signaling in keratinocyte. So an increase in IGF signaling may decrease the expression of stress resistance genes and exacerbate cellular inflammation increasing acne. If you have any additional questions, leave them in the comments below and I'll try and answer them! FDA disclosure and warning: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It's designed to be the most comprehensive resource on the web for natural testosterone enhancement information.
The link between caloric restriction and IGF signaling may be that a reduction in food intake reduces the expression of IGF-1, increasing the expression of stress resistance proteins and hence may benefit those with severe acne.

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