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Mosquito Dunks contains a natural bacterium that kills the larvae of mosquitoes but won't harm humans, pets, fish or songbirds, its manufacturer says.
Unusually warm weather has brought the earliest spring season in recent memory across much of the United States.
Probeer zoveel mogelijk fruitsappen en voedselresten direct weg te gooien voordat de fruitvliegjes kunnen aanvallen.
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Panama Papers show rich will do anything to avoid paying tax We provide the A­education, the workers, the infrastructure to make their companies work.
The fact is the Tories want to keep taxes low for millionaires, turn a blind eye to aggressive tax avoidance and make everyone else pick up the tab. So English taxpayers are funding their free university places, free prescriptions paid by English citizens and other treats to the tune of A?5.3billion a year. William Omar Landrón (born February 10, 1978 in Puerto Rico), better known as Don Omar, is a reggaeton singer.
Storm Katie has brought travel chaos to Britain as strong winds and wet weather bring a miserable end to the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network.
Instead I was struck by the targeted banner adverts that appeared on my personal Facebook page. The issue is not simply about whether what people were doing was illegal or simply evasion. If you do not want to comment with a social network, please consider writing a letter to the editor.
The blinking squares that lined my profile were, without exception, advertising products that promised extreme and rapid weight loss.

Thata€™s less than 10 per cent of the DWPa€™s benefit fraud team trying to stop a problem thata€™s almost two and half times worse! On top of that, the SNP is refusing to implement its new tax powers and introduce a 50p level for high income earners. We call it a levy.a€? As indeed it was, and largely administered by heavy industrial energy users. We now have a tax A­differential between England and Scotland which is designed to encourage people and businesses from south of the border to head north. Now the issue of transparency is clearly in politiciansa€™ minds, nationally and internationally, with Cameron, Osborne and even Jeremy Corbyn publishing their tax returns.
And indeed, all the women between the ages of 16 and 30 I asked said that their Facebook page is, to a greater or lesser extent, littered with these ads. Labour in Scotland has shown courage to raise this issue of fair A­taxation and austerity, choosing to tax to relieve the financial pressure rather than borrow more.
In reality, illegal tax evasion and legal tax avoidance are global A­problems which require global A­solutions and global accountability.
This might sound preferable to the overtly exploitative methods employed by the likes of Google Ads, which admits to using browsing behaviour to inform its advertisers, but the ubiquity of social media in the life of very young women makes Facebook a particular concern.As a psychologically stable adult it is easy to see that the claims made by these adverts are nonsense, but they are not targeted at psychologically stable adults. But the Government can still find billions for Trident nuclear subs, while the NHS is in a state of financial and social crisis.
Since George Osborne became Chancellor, he has DOUBLED the national debt to over A?1.5TRILLION. The Panama Papers helped expose the lengths to which the rich will go to to escape tax responsibilities. It reminds me of when PM Tony Blair rang to tell me he was introducing a a€?climate change levya€?.
Just as we ultimately found a global deal on combating climate change, the only way wea€™ll get rid of offshores is if every country commits to fairer taxation.
Furthermore, Facebook is accessed by almost all 13-18 year-olds, an impressionable demographic and those most vulnerable to eating disorders.All advertising latches on to our insecurities but this has previously been limited large, regulated companies appealing general societal attitudes, not unregulated quackery addressing the specific triggers of those with a predisposition to serious mental illness.

But ita€™s not just the British Virgin Islands and the Isle of Man we should be worried about. I have been a young women; I have experienced the pressure to display my moral character and social worth in pounds and inches. We have an ON-shore tax problem too a€“ the SNP having forced the Government to pay for extra resources under the new Barnett formula. It is a deeply ingrained problem, but allowing advertisers to exploit this is entirely the fault of Facebook.Facebook’s own guidelines state ‘All components of an ad, including any text, images, or other media, must be relevant and appropriate to the product or service being offered and the audience viewing the ad’, all I am asking is that they implement their own policy and remove these ads. Weight loss cranks are shamefully unregulated, but the NICE clinical guidelines are unambiguous on the management of overweight and obese children and adults (to whom these ads are ostensibly marketed) are certainly do not include women of healthy weight or below shedding two stone in two weeks by any method let alone ‘using this one crazy tip’.Facebook, and indeed all purveyors of targeted ads, take pride in the fact that they are woven seamlessly into the fabric of clutter advertising. Jim Anderson, COO of ViTrue social media management claims that targeting is “not going to be discernible to most consumers. The inability to discern what is targeted is actually what makes these campaigns so insidious. Targeting ads at a particular demographic constructs a reality where young women have their latent insecurities about body image confirmed.Eating disorders are not caused by adverts for diet products but they are exacerbated by the images that present weight loss as synonymous with beauty and social standing.
The fact that body shape is still considered an indication of moral character and rapid weight loss as penitence for over-indulging reflects badly on society.The frequent exploitation of this message confirms an uncomfortable truth about the advertising industry.
We cannot solve these problems overnight but what we can do is insist that these parasitic campaigns feeding on the anxiety of young women are stopped.
We can refuse the accept Facebook’s stock excuse that targeted ads can be deactivated by a complex setting on one’s profile. The onus is not on the vulnerable women to avert their eyes, it is on Facebook to remove these ads.

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