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More recently, a new Police or FBI virus is delivered from Android Smart Phones, the devices that are often short of appropriate security protection. Usually, the Android virus fake message claims that the device is locked due to the violation of the local law enforcement agency such as FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Police or FBI virus on Android phone can often permeate onto a victim’s device without asking for any approval. No matter how hazardous or sophisticated an Android virus is, it always has an effective way to eradicate it from device. This is the first attempt for those devices which haven’t been locked by the virus completely.
Similar as the operating system on PC, Safe Mode is the diagnostic environment that you can use to fix some common problems. 3.    “Reboot to safe mode” message will pop up, asking you if “Do you want to reboot into safe mode? 4.    While the device is loading, you are required to long press the Volume Down to boot into Safe Mode. The Police or FBI virus on Android Smart Phone is a new type of ransomware created by cyber criminals who attempt to benefit from victims. To Muslim mosque members in the Los Angeles area, Craig Monteilh was known as Farouk al-Aziz, a French Syrian looking to reconnect to his Islamic roots. Monteilh joined HuffPost Live to share his story and discuss how he went from a criminal to an FBI informant to a witness in a case against the Feds. That "personal information" comprised of emails, cell phone numbers, names of known associates and where they attended mosque. The operation included even more extreme breaches of privacy, with Monteilh going as far as dating and having sex with Muslim women to extract intelligence. The undercover plot eventually took an ironic turn when his extreme jihadist rhetoric alienated his targets, who reported him to the FBI.
Looking back on his undercover operation now, Monteilh said the monthly $11,200 compensation he received "clouded his judgement," making it tough for him to question the practice. Monteilh has since spoken out against the FBI's controversial informant program and even planned to testify in a class action suit against the FBI. Learn more about the FBI's informant program by watching the full HuffPost Live conversation here. Sign up here for Live Today, HuffPost Live's new morning email that will let you know the newsmakers, celebrities and politicians joining us that day and give you the best clips from the day before!

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey addresses the Intelligence and National Security Summit at the Omni Shoreham Hotel September 19, 2014 in Washington, DC. FBI Warning Virus on My Phone Ransom Ware Removal If your Android smartphone is locked, and you are seeing a “ATTENTION!
Another warning (the one you see at the beginging of a movie)this time from the FBI yeah right, it's commical hope you like it.
A retro VHS type logo of the Australian based, home video distribution company Intervision Picture Corp. Authorities issue a new federal warning on the growing trend of American teenagers who want to travel to join ISIS.
The 4:3 version of the FBI Warning Screen that is shown on older Warner Home Video DVD releases. Symantec once made a statement that one certain ransomware campaign had the capability to implement illicit money extortion from victims up to $400,000 in a month; and a huge amount of confidential data, which is equivalent to $5 million, may be stolen by malware distributors in a year. The Police or FBI virus from an Android phone generally attempts to make victim believe that he or she has done some illegal behaviors, such as visit some websites containing pornography or download illicitly acquired software. The common-used way to propagate the infection is the top URLs relative to recent hottest news or events on search engine, which are operated by cyber crooks who are skilled in making use of SEO poisoning techniques. Usually, this type of ransom virus will install a malicious application in your device that may be called BaDoink, a well-known name for online porn service.
Once reboot your device into Safe Mode, additional third party programs as well as virus files should be cleaned up from device. Usually, the infection can often sneak onto a user’s Smart Phone without any permission or knowledge. But behind the devout facade and convincing knowledge of Islam, Monteilh was spying for the FBI, which instructed him to go as far as sleeping with Muslim women to gain information. His familiarity with criminals in Chino prison enticed the FBI to recruit him to root out organized crime and later seek out terrorists as part of Operation Flex. Monteilh said he even placed recording devices in the offices of imams and a local Muslim Student Union. In 2007, the Islamic Center of Irvine filed a restraining order against him, effectively blowing his cover. The only time he heard extremist language was after some prodding and "inciting" on his part.
Although he originally felt it was his "patriotic duty" to help the FBI operation, he had a change of heart.

After one year on the job, Comey outlined his vision for the future of the FBI, including a bigger focus on cyber and the creation of a new intelligence office within the bureau. Naturally, the Android ransomware will demand victims to pay a non-existence fine, commonly $200 or more, in order for the restriction to be removed. People looking for those materials may directly click on those infected links with their default Google, Yahoo or Bing search engine on Android Smart Phone.
Follow the methods bellow; get rid of Police or FBI virus from Android Smart Phone step by step. Once being installed and activated, this Android phone virus will lock affected phone while showing a bogus alert on the screen, claiming that the device has been locked due to illegal activities operated by users. The FBI would then gather the data and share the intel with the Office of Foreign Assets Control for the purpose of thwarting potential terror attacks. Similar as the traditional FBI or Police virus on Microsoft windows operating system, this type of Android ransomware always restricts the access to GUI (Graphical User Interface) by displaying a bogus warning notification on the monitor. If succeed, the Police or FBI virus for Android may secretly install its components on victim’s device without any awareness. To unlock the affected device, the ransom virus will generally require victims to pay a non-existent fine through anonymous approaches, such as MoneyPak, Ukash, Paysafecard and more. Once the device has been locked by this Police or FBI virus for Android, victims should figure out the most effective way to eliminate the ransomware instead of paying the concoctive fine.
Furthermore, this form of ransom virus may trick the users into installing or updating a fake “video player” app for the purpose of running their audio files smoothly.
Victims should never spend money on this hazardous infection, and figure out the best way to get rid of the virus effectively to avoid further damage or loss. However, without the so-called helpful program, the Police or FBI virus may drop and activate its code on compromised device instead.
Manual approach is strongly recommended to clean up the Police or FBI virus from your infected Android phone.

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