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Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 is the next fake anti-virus that is the successor of Security Essentials 2010, Security Essentials 2011 and Internet Security 2010. Please be aware – this rogue application penetrates to PCs via malicious trojans and other system vulnerabilities. One of the features of Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 is that it create obstacles for using other programs. This rogue will present various security alerts in the form of pop-up windows or little balloon-like alerts generated from Windows taskbar.
To make the long story short, Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 is a virus that only aims to steal your funds. We provide one-on-one technical support, extended online documentation, security advisories, and tools for resolving technical issues to ensure customers have maximum protection.
It seems like lately I have been dealing with an enormous number of malware and virus issues ranging from fake virus scanners to debilitating trojans that are darn near impossible to remove. One of the best ways to get rid of malware and viruses is to put your hard drive in another computer and then do a full scan. After installation of these Trojans you are encountering Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 immediately. These alerts will state that active infections representing risk to your personal and personal data on your PC have been detected. Although it is incredibly frustrating to deal with, I also secretly enjoy the puzzles created by these malicious software developers and can usually figure out how to remove them without having to wipe the hard drive and reinstall everything.
If you can remember when the problem started, you can use System Restore to go back to a previously good state in your machine.

The reason for this is that when you try to treat an already infected computer, it’s like trying to change a flat tire on a moving vehicle.
This guide will tell you how to get rid of their direct clone – Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 malware. Hence, Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 will be brought to your system without your knowledge or authorization. In other words, once you try to start some exe-file it will present a message that will state that the executable is infected with virus and then the rogue will terminate it. Please take time to read the below-mentioned guidelines on removal of Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 – either automatically or manually. When your computer is infected with a virus or malware, one of the more common symptoms is that you suddenly cannot run anti spyware scans or even antivirus scans.
I’ve been able to use this method in the past with other fake virus scanners, but it seems like recently it does not work at all.
You’ll constantly be fighting with the malware or virus which, by design, is actively working to prevent its removal. Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 will be tuned up to be launched automatically as soon as you log into Windows. I’ve seen malware that prevents the software from loading and even recently encountered one that uninstalled both the virus scanner and Windows Defender from the computer’s hard drive.
System Restore is great when it actually works, but sometimes it can become corrupted and fail even when there’s no virus or malware at all. By putting the hard drive in another machine and using it as a secondary drive, you can run a full scan without having to worry about all the other stuff loading because you’d be using a different operating system than the one on the infected drive.

Just as with all other rogues, Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 will demonstrate as if it scans your machine and upon completion will state about availability of lots of infections on your system.
Furthermore, some of the malware I’ve encountered in the past couple of months had actually disabled System Restore from working.
This is all done for the only goal – to prevent you from running any programs that may assist you in removal of this rogue from your PC. The reason behind this is that the malware and virus developers (who should all burn in hell, by the way) deliberately disable your protective software so that you can’t easily remove the infection. Since all these detected viruses are all false and this application is just another scareware you should by all means decline to purchase it.
They also disable other tools used to clean up your system, such as the Task Manager, System Restore, Regedit, and MSConfig.
Please also be advised that many files it states to be threats are legitimate Windows files and applications that should not be removed, otherwise your PC will not operate as it should.
I often have to try a variety of things in order to get rid of some infections, and it seems like each one is a little different than the last. Unfortunately, time constraints (as dictated by my boss) force me to format and reinstall the system, such as with the case of the one I mentioned that uninstalled the virus scanner.

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